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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Really? The fires of Hell?

Talking to a friend this morning inspired this post. Today is supposed to be the day of the Rapture. My oldest daughter asked me last night, " what happens if nothing happens? What will all of those believers do? "

Really I don't know...don't have a clue actually but it does prompt me to phone my mother and find out if she's still there, seeing as she is an avid Christian. I told my daughter not to worry that the whole thing will be spun so that in their eyes this was supposed to happen and if I'm wrong then my lazyboy in Hell willl be there waiting for me, ( there are horns under my Halo you know ).

When I was talking to my friend this morning I said that my oldest would go to Heaven while me, her sister and their father all went to Hell and the poor thing was lucky she wouldn't have to eat up there because she would starve without me or a microwave for that matter but God helps those who help themselves and figuring that I have to help her...maybe she'll be down there with the rest of us anyway. Family and a few close friends roasting marshmallows over the Fires of Hell, although I don't really like marshmallows so maybe a hot dog instead.

Then she said " I'll be on the mandatory nude beach when I'm there!" Must be too hot for clothes anyway so she'll feel right at home.

I don't know where we'll be but if I get swooped off to the underword, God can you take care of my dogs and cats cause once we're gone? Whiskey will loose all his fur being scared and Cali will pace the house looking for us barking, Bast will have no one to feed her ( maybe she'll lose some weight because she's REALLY fat), Bosco won't come out from under the bed and Oz... well he just won't care cause he's an asshole.