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Thursday, June 23, 2011


So yesterday I was working on my post. I had everything worked out on the subject of what I wanted to write and all of it went out the window when my oldest daughter logged me out because she wanted to use the computer. It seems though that my original post was just not meant to be which is fine with me because there was something else I wanted to talk about anyway as of last night.

Everyone knows how much I value my kids and hope that they just grow up smarter than I was at their age. So far so good I've had 1 graduate and they both still live at home so they're already beating me in that aspect. Now we have an extra child ( another girl ) under our roof because her mother kicked her out at 15 into the street. I know what she has told me about leaving home but I'm pretty sure I don't know everything about it and that's ok! As long as she's straight up with me and shows some respect in my house it's all good.

It baffles me how any parent especially of a young girl can just throw them out into the street to fend for themselves in this day and age. I left home at 16 mostly because I was scared to death of my mother and had to do things and saw things that I hope my girls NEVER do. Even though things were so different back then, I put myself in stupid situations, one involving almost being forceibly recruited by a pimp. I haven't been back to Kits beach since for fear of running into those people again. BIG wake up call there but I digress... I found out that my 2 young girls ( my 15yr old and the newly 16 yr old) were out half partying when they ended up in our old neighbourhood disturbing the people who live there.

Now I was told that my 2 girls were not a part of what was going on by the people that live there, they were just there with the other kids so that was comforting but she doesn't realize still to this day that she was raised in that town and between me, her father and sister that we know almost everyone here or they know us. Someone will see her somewhere at some time and we'll find out. The good thing about her is that once asked she owns up to anything she did and is confronted with. Again smarter than me at her age. So now I have this 3rd seragate/foster sort of daughter, one more person to be worried about, you know how she treats people and how she conducts herself but I'm glad I can lend a hand in her life and give her a safe place to go. I'm glad the Watchers as I call them are out there to tell me when something is not right with my kids. I always have this fear that something will happen to them and I won't be able to find them but, I always do.

Things change so fast that before you know it they'll all be gone and I'll be sitting in the dust that was them, smiling ( hopefully ) and satisfied that they'll all be ok.

That took a bit of a serious turn... but looking back at the nightmare that was my life, the good, the bad and most definitely the wierd...

I think we turned out alright.