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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oh a week to be had!

Well it's back to business for me after a week off with our dysfunctional weather and people, kids and pets running rapid, not in that order. I did get a few things done off my to do list...put my curtains up (given to me from a friend) got more plants in the house which is great because I was down to one poor Dragon tree that's about 15 years old and in need of some serious TLC so I chopped the tops off of it and replanted the two tops one there own in separate pots, now I have two! After a trip to the dollar store, 2 Ivy's, an African Violet and a couple retrieved from work and brought home I have a tiny jungle going in my house again with two empty stalks in a window praying that they shoot out new tops.

There were visitors in and out for most of the week, friends from out of town and a running commentary going from a friend on her way to Sturgis North in Salmon Arm and I got this which made me laugh,

Can you see the similarity? The dog rides in his jacket and apparently enjoys every minute of it.

After the tornado of friends and teenagers I had time to work on my script somewhat anyway. My focus has been on character development and trying to find the appropriate software that can help me put everything together. I have a couple of strong characters going and the story is embedded in my brain and on paper since it started out as a novel I was writing. After the battle of my brain the script won vs the novel and I'm really excited about getting this off the ground. There will be more to come about that in the future.

Shows like Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad fuel my love of writing. The Walking Dead, Mad Men, Dexter... I could go on forever. Oh and True Blood! One of my faves due to it's humour, storylines and the fact that everyone must agree to be half naked ( fully for some cast members) for each episode. I read the books and found that the show is VERY loosely based on them which is fine and I'm very team Eric and loving the story with him so far in Season 4. The viking vampire sheriff is gone and a cute little boy trapped in a really nice body has replaced him. Pam is a rotting walking corpse and funny to watch, Sam is still trying to find something to love that will love him back, Tara is still Tara who I thought that changed but alas I was wrong, Jess, Hoyt and Jason are comic relief right there along with Terry, Arlene and the lovely Lafayette. Bill... I still don't understand why he does the things he does but don't really care and Sookie without her there would be no one to save on a weekly basis.

With that said I'll see you next week!

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Weekend Away

OK so...not really away but away from my house periodically which is usually where I am on weekends maintaining the monsters that that are my family.

I went to a Bridal Shower on Sat out in Langley for a friend of mine and although it was an extremely long day which would usually make me kinda cranky, it was a good day and I had fun! Hopefully everyone had fun especially the bride to be. We started out decorating a beautiful Clubhouse in the complex that she lives in and then waiting for the festivities to start. Once the BTB got there ( fashionably late since we picked her up late ) I think we spent more time talking than doing what most showers do. Playing bridal games...don't get me wrong sure they're fun... sometimes... maybe ya not so much but thank god I didn't have to get wrapped in a toilet paper dress. Sorry Lisa the only dress I'm wearing is the one you're forcing me to for your wedding. If I don't wear a pantsuit just to mess you up!

So after some chatter, some food and lots of rolling laughter and dressing up the bride she was blindfolded and led to the second half of her evening at Tantra Fitness for a stripper pole dancing lesson. Can you imagine my shock when she got really excited about it? I actually thought she might panic and bolt for the door. Apparently that's what I should have done, if I hear one more person ask me to show them my moves they're going to get my signature move, a pole right up the ass. All in all though it was great fun and I think we all had a good time. We didn't even need booze before hand!

After 11hrs of frilly girly fun vs the dirty girl fun I'd say the latter part of the evening has the staying power.

The next day...the MOPAR show! Really not as exciting with a monster headache and 2 men that are like boys in a toy store looking at Hot Wheels. I'm not kidding there was a table full of Hot Wheels and they were looking at them. So we wandered around in the on again off again sun, until they had seen every nook and cranny of every car they liked... and some they didn't while I found myself off to the sidelines looking at the motorcycles that caught my eye near the horses that caught the other eye.

It was an eventful weekend, more than usual. Hey, maybe I'll start a pattern.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bus Driver Abuse

 This is my rant for the month;

For the bus driver of the 4:55 pm C37 Prairie via Lincoln from the WCE, you are an asshole... We watch you everyday speed past people yelling for you to stop and pick them up. The elderly lady that was about to get on the bus might have need a hand into it instead of you telling her she was too slow and shutting the door in her face then, driving away. Another woman asked you to hold up for possibly 30 seconds for I believe it was her daughter running to get on the bus as well and since you leave the station early everyday there should have been time for them to get on but you shut the door and drove away on her too.

When confronted by that same woman the next day you told her that you thought you were a bus not a taxi when in reality you kind of are a taxi of sorts, you take us from point A to point B and we pay for that service. You pretty much told her to fuck off. We commute daily and try to be green and it's hard when the drivers we see everyday are completely rude. Most of the drivers I have encountered have been respectful and even chatty with passengers but if you don't like your job that much then don't do it!

A man got on the bus yesterday and then saw a ride there to pick him up so as he was getting off you said something derogatory to him and looked like if you could lift you fat ass out of the seat you would have kicked him off so he'd leave quicker. The other people asking you if you were the Prairie bus you again so rudely said something along the line of 'what your eyes don't work?' then it turned out that your sign wasn't on which pissed you off even more.

   It angers me mostly where the elderly are concerned, I've seen it too many times with this one driver intentionally driving past them as they stand there trying to flag him down. That is an asshole thing to do. If anyone confronts him...the gloves are dropped ( verbally ), again asshole. How can Translink employ someone that is so blatently rude to people? I've seen some cranky drivers and everyone has their bad days but NEVER one that is so disrespectful and yet everyday when I get off the bus I say 'Thank You!' and all I get back is 'ya ya' with an implied 'whatever' so to that I say FUCK YOU bus driver, I pay for the service and even if I only go 4 stops at least I know you'll have to stop for the people there and pick them up.

You're not just an asshole you're a fucking asshole.