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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

So it's the last day of 2012 and the hope of starting a new year always excites me!

I always have the same resolution which is to try something new, be open to different things and put myself out there little by little so that's what I'm doing yet again.

So as I sit here with my New Years cocktail ( which I need to do this... ) I hope that my new venture will if anything create some fun. Everything starts out in fun for might not end up fun by the time it's over but it starts off that way.

Most of you know that I want to be a writer and have been working on projects for what seems like a very long time. Being shy about my work, I don't talk much about it because I almost feel like I'll jinx myself. Instead I had the bright idea to put that out there as I put myself out here and see what happens.

There is a tab above that is a link for my series Continuous Flow. Chapter 1- Waking will be posted Jan 1, 2013 only a few hours away!

*Please note that my writing is at a novice level and while being open to opinions and suggestions, if you feel the need to criticize harshly then I would rather not have you read it. It's all a part of the process I know but still be gentle with least for now.

So Happy New Year
Enjoy your evening and be safe.

See ya soon!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Short Update...

Hello Lovelies!

Just a short lil drive-by post today!

I have some things coming up next week for you and 1 I am particularly nervous about so be gentle with me!

Christmas was...not too bad! I get excited on Christmas Eve and bake, then do the usual on the day in question but boxing day Brunch was my most exciting moment ( if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you would know what I'm talking about ).

I made Potato Pancakes and didn't destroy them! leftover mashed taters were not getting thrown in the green waste this time!

I triumphed over the unimaginative Brunch meal and my fam was happy...couldv'e used a bit more salt though maybe next time!

See ya soon!

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Awfulness Continues!

Now is the time for a month of Christmas parties, I had my work party on Friday where we have a Christmas buffet dinner and were then led into the Comedy Mix! I had never been to a comedy show so I was very excited about this years party.

The MC Charlie Demers was funnier than the main acts. They were all very funny but Charlie had us to the point of our faces and guts aching from laughing so hard. Next up was Phil Hanley who would use the audience in a fantastic way which was unfortunate for a woman named Beth in the front row. Our Headliner was Rory Scovel who got of to a slow start with the audience but in the end had everyone laughing. It was a great evening even when we met a guy named Dave who was ready to stab another guy with a pen if he was attacked and figured out that Purple Haze Martinis are my new favourite drink.

Unfortunately I missed the Hen Party for my Irish love to celebrate her upcoming wedding in Ireland this month. I heard it was something to be seen and they all had loads of fun, wigs and 100 Santa's.

So with that, let's bring on the badness as we continue with the awful Christmas gift parade!

Let's get right to it, shall we?


These Are the Year's Worst Christmas Presents

This is the gift that says Christmas has broken you and now you have no place to live.

These Are the Year's Worst Christmas Presents

Nothing says Merry Christmas like Baked Beans and Pringles!

These Are the Year's Worst Christmas Presents

A Duck Dynasty gift for sure...


These Are the Year's Worst Christmas Presents

In my nightmares...there is only one word for this one...Creeptastic!

All of these I found on


The Belly Button Brush

For all of those uncontrollable belly button lint problems.


Chum Bucket Mints

So gross I can't even say anything else...


Le Whif Breathable Chocolate

Would smelling it really stop the craving? Especially at Christmas when chocolate is everywhere? I'm thinking it might intensify it but who knows.

You can find them at

So next weeks post might be cranky seeing as I have to do all of my Christmas shopping the coming weekend and if it's one thing I hate the most, it shopping too close to Christmas even though that's what I end up doing EVERY year.

Oh this is going to be bad...

On a good note, our Christmas tree is finally up!

Yay... seriously needing Christmas cheer here.

See ya soon

Monday, December 3, 2012

Awful X-mas gifts a countdown to D-day.

There is no counting, it will just add to my Christmas anxiety but December is upon us and that means weird gifts so as I was looking for gifts for the family I came across a few that were not... quite right?

Prank Packs - World's Worst Gift Boxes

Sure because we all want fresh brewed coffee while we're in the tub and suicidal.

Pull My Finger Santa  Snuggly Farting Santa Pillow

Every boys dream gift here... who puts snuggling and farting in the same sentence and Santa shouldn't moon people!

Bacon Candy Canes  Pickle Candy Canes

As much as I love bacon, ewwww... pickles...double ewwww.

All of the above are courtesy of

Every member of your household could use this during the Yuletide season!

Just what every Zombie Fanatic wants! Especially if you saw last night's mid season finally of The Walking Dead. ( Damn you AMC )


 The Trucker's Friend was actually intended to be an all-in-one tool for truckers, but folks in the zombie-hunting community have decided that this device is also good for killing the undead. Who are we to argue.

Not the ideal Christmas present??

Can't you see it...everyone happy Christmas morning, opening presents and drinking mugs of hot chocolate but there.. in the corner by the door... is little Timmy from next door drooling after he just ate his parents and he's still hungry.

What would a Zombie Christmas look like? I don't think I can remember a Christmas Zombie movie?

Some investigation is needed now!

See ya

Monday, November 26, 2012

All grown up...sure they are.

Hello again my lovelies!

Another week gone and the memory to go with it.

Friday was Sese's 20th birthday and it was a mellow event which would be surprising but it's Sese and she's mellow all the time. She never makes a big deal of stuff like that until a few years later when she'll say " hey, remember that birthday that sucked?" We caught her early this time though and she gets a do over. I don't remember 20 being a big birthday in general though.

19 - legal to go to the bar!
20 - meh
21 - legal to go to the bar across the border!

It was emotional for me besides the obvious reasons of my baby getting older, then memories from her being so tiny and me talking about how old I would be when she turned 20. Now that's happened... and wow time really does fly! It's hard to see her as a full fledged adult since I still see her as a little girl.

Only my 20 year old would consider a floating Tardis from her baby sister Bean as one of her fave gifts. I think that was a bonding moment until the next time they argue over who took/did/said what.

Saturday was the baby shower for T and with less than 2 months before baby Parker is due to arrive, his mommy was glowing the whole time. The nesting has definitely begun and she's excited about every bit of it. She's going to be a great mom.

Seeing the little babies that were there made me almost want another one...then, I smacked myself in the face and shook off that disturbing thought.

My girls are grown...

What was I thinking?

Freedom is just around the corner!

What am I going to do with myself?

But they were so cute!

That's ok though I'll steal T's baby boy and when I've had enough I'll give him back...maybe.

So it just a mini update this week as I work on the next few chapters of the novel. I'm not sure if it's taboo or not to maybe put a sneak peak of it here? That's something I'm wrestling with as I continuously second guess and rewrite things... all the time! That might be something I add on to my list of things to do in the new year.

Before that though next week begins my countdown to Christmas and the countless ways I can deter my children from trying to stuff the spirit into me for another year.

See ya!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I don't get it ( Translink Rant )

Hello my lovelies!

Ok not feeling so lovely today but trying to understand what's going on here in my fair city.

 I'm going to tell you right now that a lot of this is based on hearsay and assumption on my part so trying to make sense of this is harder. ( Should research it but it wouldn't be as fun )

Translink has been putting in a new pass system for the Skytrain, Buses and WCE which consists of a system not unlike what they have in London. You receive a card that you have to load with funds in order to ride transit and they don't get ripped off anymore by people that ride the skytrain and don't pay a fare...


We knew that Translink was going to need to recoup what they are spending by raising fares beginning Jan 1, 2013...


but... 12%? Seriously?

not understandable

We can't afford that! At least I can't afford that! Especially if you have other members of your family taking transit on a regular basis and their fares as well are increased. I'll have to get a second job just to be able to afford to get to work!

First off my WCE pass right now it $178 after Jan 1st it will be $201. I almost died. It doesn't sound like much but when you think that a WCE pass is only good for 28 days and a bus pass is good from the beginning of the month to the end of the month that means that WCE commuters pay even more because they can sucker 2-3 extra days a month for the whole year out of each person that pays monthly.

That's not to mention the other commuters that have to go further outside of the city than me paying upwards of $335! I have no idea how they will work with the Compass cards...all the scanning makes my brain hurt. Scan to get on the bus and if you don't go 3 zones then you have to scan to get off and it takes MasterCard and American Express??? WTF

Have you every been at the skytrain station during rush hour???

Once the turnstiles go in and are activated it's going to be chaos! Rolling luggage and ragers everywhere. OMG rolling luggage getting stuck in the turnstiles until people get used to it.

Again I get that Translink needs to get their money back but for people like me with pedestrian & Commuter rage this is going to be a nightmare. Not to mention the positioning of the turnstiles at a place like Burrard Stn., it'll be backed up the escalator... rolling luggage???? OMG I'm light headed.

I've heard "take the bus it's cheaper!"...what by 20 bucks and another 30mins earlier I'd have to wake up to do it? No thanks...

In the end I'll pay the money that I can, with a full house it was hard enough to come up with $178+$46 per month soon it'll be $201+$52.


Now my friend Dubs tried to explain this to me as far as she has investigated and it still makes no sense. She has to commute from Langley into the Vancouver which takes her 2 hrs in and 2 hrs out. Yet she's still sort of rational about the whole thing were I am...not.

Well 2013 is going to start off just great...


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Whatever I want?

I'm late with this post this week. Lots of things have been going on, some I can talk about and some I can't...yet.

Last week was a bit mixed up and kind of all over the place with the extra long weekend and the torture of the dentist as per this tweet,

Stephanie Wellington @StephWell
Oh Dr. I'm here for my torture. Replace a filling my ass you know I hate it here!

I was good for a whole year! Not a single cavity ( HUGE sweet tooth and coffee addict ) and yet I still had to get needles in my face. Extra ones too because my face is stubborn and takes extra freezing, then to have no one tell me that I had goggle lines on my face for about 2 hours so I looked fabulous with that and a frozen droopy mouth on my way home. Thank god I didn't stop to do any Christmas shopping!

So I have a lot coming up in the next few weeks! I have some new things to launch ( notice how I said launch? ) in the new year, a few new projects that I have seeding right now. A highly anticipated photo shoot with a talented young lady that will feed all of my anxiety about being in front of a camera and some fun projects that are going to need a lot of my dwindling brain power.

I'm on the journey to find me! I had my girls young so all I've really known is how to be a teenager and how to be a mom.

Soon they will be gone, off on their own...then what am I going to do?...

Whatever I want!

Oh! I did NOT forget about the T-shirt!

I stare at it all the time!

I'll have to get one of the girls to put it on though so you get the full effect. I can't get it on because somehow small became extra tiny and I have some... extra up top that would not fit in it. So I think going to incorporate that into the shoot too.

The thing about it is that I made it myself and that's one of the reasons it's taken so long.

Anyway I am super excited to share this with you guys! Updates will be coming, probably more via Twitter and Tumblr so I can ask the questions that are undoubtedly going to get me in trouble.

See ya!


Monday, November 5, 2012

It's all over...or is it?

The weekend is gone goes by so quick.

The week was really mellow with all the wet weather we've been having, here we have to embrace it because we live in the Lower Mainland and for the next few months it's all we'll see. I don't mind the rain too much but when monsoon season hits it seems even harder to stay dry.

After a less than thrilling Halloween ( one bumblebee kid ) and very little in the way of fireworks ( rain beat us down ) it was a quiet evening. Whiskey didn't end up tramatized for the first time!

Now it's about that time of year where I choose something new to do for the next year. Some stuff sticks and some doesn't but at least I'll give it a shot. I'm still deciding on the next new venture, on the direction I should go. Gotta live a little and might as well start now since my kids will be leaving me soon and I'll be left to my own devices anyway!

I had them young so now it's time for Mama to go exploring.


I should have thought of that when the weather was still nice.


Wait a sec? you know what I totally forgot about? The T-shirts! Next week I'll put a pic up! An it might be a hint into my next experiment!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The World is full of Kings and Queens

After a very wet Halloween I'm glad it over only because poor little Whiskey doesn't fare well with the fireworks that come with the night of terror for him. So after his shaking and panting he's calm now and I can write this post.

I don't really know why I thought about this but the title of this post reminded me of high school and a couple of things were brought to my memory.

1. The world is full of Kings and Queens that blind your eyes and steal your dreams.

So true! Don't let that happen.

Someone wrote that in my Annual ( Yes Annual ) not a yearbook like you kids call it now. I wish I still had it so I knew, but it's gone.

2. Twas midnight one the ocean not a streetcar was in site.
    The sun was shining brightly for it rained all day that night.

    Twas a summers day in winter and the snow was raining fast.
    As a barefoot boy with shoes on stood sitting in the grass.

    On one dark and story night, 2 dead boys got up to fight.
    Back to back they faced each other,
    Drew their swords and shot each other.

    A deaf policeman heard the noise and came and shot those 2 dead boys.
    If you don't believe my story's true, ask the blind man he saw it too.

That might not be completely right but that's the way I remember it also written in my Annual. It's not much this time but it came to mind so I wrote it down.

I hope you had a Happy Halloween!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's Smarter Now

I'm not sure where I'm going with this one today?? 

I was going to talk about how my daughter Sese is amused at the way I can butcher actors names when I try to pronounce them like for example Famke Janssen who I call Femky Jemky. 

 I don't know it's just rolls of the tongue and is more fun to say!

So I had this post all planned out and then I got a new phone. A SMARTPHONE! 

I've never had one and although almost everyone I know has one of these magical devices, I've never  had the chance to own one and thanks to Sese, now I do! Trying to figure this thing out is crazy because it does way more things than any phone I've ever had the pleasure to touch.

It has a touchscreen! So I touch it...I touch it a lot.

It's exciting except to my kids because they are old pros at this stuff and shake their heads at me as I walk around telling them to let me take their pics. The zoo had no choice and they were posted on Twitter, Tumblr and FB in a matter of seconds.


Sese says she created a monster. Maybe a little bit so between the Voxing and Instagram there is CUSTOMIZING!!!! 

OOO I love that part! 

I'm excited! 

Can you tell I'm excited??? I'd take a picture of my excited face but that's not flattering and nobody needs to see that. :s

Now I have a full plate. Still writing not as much as I should be but still plugging forward so there is constant progress.

Working on something for a writing contest, looking into volunteering for a shelter nearby and still trying to be a Supermom on top of my day job.
Halloween is coming up fast though and we have half decorated the house. I still can't put anything in the yard because of the dogdozers meh...maybe next year! All the kids can talk about is Christmas anyway and that's when I tuck myself under the covers and wait til New Years Eve.

Anyway back to the phone of my dreams and discovering it's ins and outs because now I can be everywhere...all the time :)

That might not be a good thing...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Goodbye Thanksgiving, Hello Halloween!

Happy After Turkey Day!

If you have recovered from your Turkey coma then the long weekend is over! We were super busy this weekend, it's like instead of Spring cleaning we Fall clean  hide stuff until Spring.

Lawn moved-check
Hedges trimmed-check
Blackberry bushes cut back ( evil spawn of a plant )-check
Taking advantage of the extensive weather-check
Now that all of that is done,

Let the winterizing begin!... that means I need umbrellas.

As the leaves are changing colour and there is a chill in the air we get ready for the darker days and here in BC what I like to call Monsoon season! We’ve been pretty lucky so far with our weather. After a hot Thanksgiving ( not normal ) and a Hockey lock out ( also not normal ) we’re left with Halloween my favourite day of the year!

Since my kids have been grown we haven’t given Halloween the treatment it deserves but I’m hoping to change that this year a bit. I would love to have a graveyard on the lawn but I’m sure that 1 of the zoo inhabitants would destroy it somehow unless I can think outside of the box on this one.
California would be completely scared of the yard if there were tomestones in it and Smokey well…he’s kind of like a Bull and would probably wreck everything in his path just for curiosities sake and well like I said he’s a bull…dozer. Oz would feel right at home while Boscoe would retreat to some hiding spot until everything is over. Bast and Whiskey will be cautious until the fireworks start. Poor guy he already has a bald ass and once Halloween is here I’m sure he’ll drop the rest of his fur. I might have to start buying him sweaters or doggie pants since his butt will be cold and even though he hates them he won’t be able to anxiously chew himself.
All the kids are already planning their costumes for parties I'm assuming anyway and I can't wait to see what they come up with. Might have to put something together for some adults this year too maybe a good game of Ramoli or something else like Poker??? Nope suck at that ! I like Ramoli because as calm as the game sounds some people are quite competative and that makes me giggle.
I'm excited...maybe too excited
Ideas... I need ideas and craft projects! Google here I come.

hmmm spellcheck not working for if there are spelling errors you're stuck with them.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What happens when I get motivated...

This time of year I tend to get more motivated and sadly more creative.

I've now realized that there is so much more I can do with what I have. Like my camera for example it sits and gathers dust most of the time...well a lot of the time really.

After talking to Dubs at work about Whiskey and how he's short and scratches his hairless ass using my coffee table. ( He's hairless because he has anxiety and losses his fur at the drop of a hat ) She suggested that I take a video of this so she could see it. I'm like that a great idea!

After I found the camera that I hadn't seen in months I turned it on and the batteries promptly died, so off to the store I went to get batteries. I went to our dollar store because they are cheap there. Picked up a package of 4 AA's and headed home smiling because I got batteries and I was going to do something constructive!

I get home and am about to open the package, flip it over and see on the back it says ' NOT FOR USE IN DIGITAL CAMERAS OR OTHER HIGH DRAINAGE ELECTRONICS ' Great... When I tell Sese about this she says ya you shouldn't use Cabon Zinc?? You know that how? Sure whatever so back to the store I go and pick up Alkaline plus!

woo hoo!

OK so now I'm all good and I go home to put batteries in the camera and try to film what I think is going to be hilarious!

I get home put the batteries in, wait for about 2 mins and there Whiskey goes scratching his butt. I film it repeatedly trying to get at least a full 20 seconds of this because that's all I need to make my point. Now it's time to download the video and pics I've taken into my laptop where I have just recently decided I'd play with photo shop to be more creative.

Problem 1

Memory card from the camera  from 1998 does not fit in my HP laptop... After many times of trying to convince myself that it would almost fit if I made it.

Problem 2

The USB cord that should have fit into my camera from 1998 didn't fit and again me thinking that I might be able to make it fit but nope, no such luck.

After having a mini temper tantrum Choo gave me this's an USB all in one card reader also
 from the dollar store... need I say more.

I plug in the USB get everything connected. Driver software is installing, when it's done I put in the memory card and can't find the pics and video I had just taken. I couldn't open some of the picture files...also there from 1998. Confusion set in so I pulled out the memory card and put it back in.  Clicked on OPEN FOLDER TO VIEW FILES... it said there were none so I took it out again put it back in the camera and there they were all the pics??

Hmmm interesting.

When I put the card in again I got the same message no files but this time when I put it back in the camera there were no files...what???


oh no...

Everything was gone from the memory card 14-15 yrs of photos gone. After bantering about whether this was my fault or not a friend of ours we'll call him Eddy ( cause that's his middle name and he hates it ) told me to test the cam take a pic and see what happened, I did and it worked uploaded and posted on my twitter feed as a tester. A pic of my Coyote survivor Oz looking all mob cat like the girls say he does.

Fortunately I have most of them saved to disk. I am still going to get this video though and then put the camera back where I found it to not be touched again.

At least not by me.


Friday, September 28, 2012

Bring on the Netflix...eventually.

It’s Friday! So in an effort to be more present and just because I had something interesting (at least to me) happen I figured why not!
So last night I’m in the kitchen trying to make Lipton Sidekicks Broccoli and Cheese rice, which isn’t even rice anymore but vermicelli (drives me crazy). Sese was looking for something one her cell phone and found a new show she’d never heard of that’s a NETFLIX EXCLUSIVE show. Obviously she wants to see what the show is like but we don’t have Netflix and have never really considered it.

Sese: Mom we should get Netflix!
Me: (Stirring gingerly) uh huh
Sese: No really we should get it!
Me: (hmmm that looks like too much water) You need a credit card…
Sese: I have a credit card!
Me: (still trying to figure out how to not turn the crap to mush) Well there you go then!
Sese: Alright! Let’s do this!

She proceeds to turn on the PS3 and connect to install Netflix, however you’re supposed to do that and her excitement turns to something not so cheery when she realizes that she will need to update the PlayStation first.
I don’t know how many updates it had to do but all I heard for the next 10 minutes was “ Oh my god! “ , “ come on!” , and  “If you load again, I’m gonna be sooo mad!” The frustration is making her straight hair curly in my opinion but the worst thing was the big deep sighs and groans coming from her.

Patience my dear it’ll be over soon.
Shortly after that, the cheeriness returned as she subscribed and used her credit card to get the family some more TV viewing! Not that we need more but I guess it’s nice to have more variety. Expecting that her sister Bean would be excited about Netflix, Sese told her with more excitement than I’ve seen this week since she’s been fighting off a cold. Unfortunately Bean was not as enthusiastic as Sese hoped with barely a grunt about it. Obviously too concerned with raiding the fridge to make some weird concoction right before dinner.
So after all of that, Sese scrolled through the menu and promptly turned it off to watch regular TV and then go read a book.
Remind me to never buy that rice again because cheese and broccoli covered vermicelli does not appeal to me at all. It did turn out fantastic though on the texture side!
 I didn’t burn any of it!!

Monday, September 24, 2012


My very favourite season of all the seasons! Warm filling comfort foods that mark the beginning of the weight gain for the rest of the year. I'm excited because all I want to do is bake and fatten up the kids since the weather was too hot for eating anything except freezies, Slurpee's and DQ Blizzard's for a month. Among all of that is the odd salad or two because it was just to hot to cook.

Fall also brings out my creative side.

I got quite a bit of writing done this weekend! Go figure, the sun goes away and I can focus. Adding the changes to the storyline actually came easier than I thought they would. There's still more research involved but it's fitting together better now. I was having this insane problem of separating one of my characters from my youngest daughter. I didn't realize how her drama queen ways had flowed in it.

I love you Bean but you know you are the Queen of the Dramatic! Oh besides T, you both go from 0-60 in less than 3 seconds.

When I write the angst of the character she comes to mind which is fitting because in some way shape or form some of the characters are loosely patterned after certain people in my life and I'm enjoying testing their fictional limits now that I'm into the core of the story.

I'm still trying to weed through and edit Choo's late mother's story too but I feel like I'm hacking it to pieces. My biggest problem there is that there are just way too many characters. She named and gave a voice to almost every character she has... and there's A LOT of them. Her story is and end of the world si-fi story so we have many, many people in a small contained area. I wish she was here so I knew who could be faded more into the background than others. Unfortunately along with the editing comes the rewriting. Sometimes I just have to tuck it back into the case and walk away.

For those that asked about Oz, He's fine a tough kitty he is!

Now without bells all of them have gone back to rat hunting but now as a team...



Monday, September 17, 2012

What does it take to stay asleep around here?

The end of Summer in sight and my favourite season is about to start! The kids are back in school for their last year and the weather cools down to become to cozy comfort zone that I love it to be. The weekends are full of baking and filling foods that make any house a home.

Before we get to that stuff though, the summer officially needs to end. That doesn't seem likely with the heat we still have here in Vancouver and as much as I love animals (wild and all) I have a couple of Coyotes that I hope will freeze to death ( I know they won't ) because they almost killed my cat a week or so ago.

If it wasn't for California barking I would not have woken up in time to save Oz's ass from the 2 Coyotes trying to rip his precious face off! Now I've heard all of the "keep your cat's inside!" speeches already and the fact is, that they are cats and I'm allergic. Litter boxes are not a good thing. So why do I have cats??? 10 years ago my beloved dog died and Choo gave me Oz for mother's day shortly after. I was not expecting that seeing as I'M ALLERGIC.

The kitten stage seemed to be the worst of the allergy phase for me but, I knew he would have to go outside. Later on after we had to move and give up our other dog, I couldn't have Oz be alone so along came Boscoe as a buddy for him. Bast..? Well she's Bean's baby. When threatened to be left outside to fend for herself B brought her home and there she stays.

I didn't go back to sleep and spent 2 hours looking for Bast on Coyote night to make sure she wasn't their next meal. Only to find her sitting pretty on the porch when I went to let Smokey out to do his morning thing.

In Oz's 10 yrs we have never had an issue with any animals except other cats. He promptly kicks the crap out of them and they then avoid our yard. So coming in and out of the house has never been a problem besides that... they are hunters and they should hunt. He had a couple of puncture wounds but he's ok and really seems unfazed by the whole thing. I can say I'll never own another cat after these guys pass on.

A few days later while trying to catch up on some missed sleep from the Coyote fiasco I'm woken up at 1:30am to the sound of an explosion that scared the shit out of me! I had to think for a second about where I was and if I was dreaming. Nope...a transformer blow up outside of my house knocking out the power. Then just as I'm about to tumble back into dreamland the fire trucks start rolling slowly up the street which is almost louder than driving quickly, next comes the flashing lights of BC Hydro to fix the damage.

I drift off finally, and get woken up by the buzzing sound of my DVD player coming back to life as the power comes back on.  So sleepy once again I wake up and go to work.

A few days after that I get a frantic phone call at work from home saying that there is a swat team next door and they are kicking in the back door because... drum roll... well go figure it's a GROW-OP! I'm sure I've mentioned them before, the neighbours with what I call the Red Neck swimming pool? Maybe not but their pool was a wooden box about 4' x 6' with a pool liner in it. I wish I got pictures of that.

They're old-er-ish? Since my landlord owns about 5 properties on the block, now all of our houses need to be inspected and that's fine but for some reason my world gets turned upside down because of their stupidity.

A guy I work with says that in PoCo every other house has a dog or a grow-op in it.

So much happened and all I wanted to do was sleep. I didn't even mention the other little things that caused me aggravation but that's another blog post waiting to happen.

So for now that's it and as for the coyotes...I'll get you little bastards.


Monday, August 20, 2012

A Tiny Weekend Review

As far as the weekend went it wasn't too bad...HOT, but not bad. The temperature here has been crazy and during the week I work in the city so it's about 5 or 6 degrees hotter where I live compared to where I work.

The office is air conditioned and since the office is so close to the ocean it's not bad downtown, then the West Coast Express has air con but when to door's open at my stop, you get hit with a wall of heat that makes you want to pass out as soon as you step off. That's not as bad as some places around here. The Fraser Valley is even worse.

A few weeks ago we had and intense storm though that cooled everything right down except for Whiskey who was a basket-case through the whole thing. I'm sure I didn't help him by opening all the doors and screaming EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE every time the thunder rolled across the sky. I was really excited! The thunder shook the house so hard the cat bounced off my head, Smokey started barking, Cali hid under the bed and just when you thought it was almost over, Whiskey had FINALLY stop panting like he ran a marathon, a second storm passed over then the shaking and panting would started again...for 5 hours!

Wait, I wandered off there...where was I?

Oh ya,

So Friday night it was too hot to sleep or even think and that makes it hard to write, especially when I constantly make changes to the story. I re-motivated myself thinking of a new angle for my main character and I was up until after 2am thinking about it. Unfortunately every time I picked up my laptop to write though, the heat coming from it was crazy and completely unwanted so I closed it and went to my trusty pen and paper. At least I didn't lose anything in my head.

Sat night I went out for Greek food and to see ' Campaign ' with Smassin and Panda. The movie was funny! I'm not a big Will Ferrel fan but Zack what's-his-pickle was funny doing absolutely nothing! When I got home T and Craig were there with full on baby bump! I mean FULL ON BABY BUMP! I asked her if there was 2 in there and I think she went a little pale. Thank god she took out the bellybutton ring though I was getting worried that someone was going to lose an eye if it popped out of there.

Sunday was overcast and mellow. There was a car show in town so we took off and went to that. I could not believe how many people were packed into our tiny downtown core, it seems like more everyday. Lots more people with dogs and kids because the weather was cooler. I'd have pics but somehow my camera got jacked or my house sucked it into a vortex to a place that collects crap, which is possible because we're always losing things to find them in a completely different place than we remember leaving them.

Well that's how the weekend went and I heard rumours that we're in for another Thunder storm sometime this week which means I'll be trying to lure Whiskey out from under my feet...again.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Fun Never Stops!

Well again it's been a little bit since I've been here. I had some vacation time and tried to unplug myself for a bit which was easy because it was just way too hot to even think. If you read
Facebook I love to hate you. you would now how hard that is!
It was sooo hot it was like you could feel your skin start to blister as soon as you stepped out into it and that was at 9am!!

So in the spirit of some fun in the sun I found this and if I could get any member my zoo to be as friendly as these two it would be a barrel of laughs!

I'm sure this is how my cats feel in the sun which is why they hide in my room all day.

I will never understand how my dogs can lay on my skin melting deck and survive but meh... they do!
I will add pics of the ever growing zoo especially now that Sese has brought in 2 fire belly toads
Pasty and Eddy although... the Patsy is constantly being pinned down by the Eddy and the noise they make at night sounds like squeaky bed springs. Kind of disturbing at first coming out of Sese's room.

Guess what ( drum roll please )... Smokey is back!!

He is such a good boy and now the socializing begins with Whiskey and Cali. So far so good except when walking all three, Whiskey squeals like a dying pig, ( I have no idea if they do that ) if one of the other 2 is anywhere in front of him and Cali does doughnuts practically taking out my knees because Smokey comes up behind her and tries to sniff her butt.

I snuck this post in on my break but more will follow!

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Show Never Ends

After a 2 post week previously I thought I might have nothing to say...

ya right!

Although 2 weekends have gone by now so there's almost too much!

It was busy for us. golf ball size lump in his face. Great... we think abscess, vet says spider bite gives him a shot of Benadryl. His face is fine in 24hrs.

Family came in from out of town, I went to a friends BBQ for her birthday, a Dodge car show to bake in the sun while the heat of hot asphalt made me park my butt on the outskirts in the grass by a shady tree, after I looked at all of the cars first of course. I learned that for being a whiskey girl, 1 glass of White Zinfandel can make me tongue tied and Hanna Barbara's Dick Dastardly's dog's name is Muttley. Say that 10 times fast.

I had some Woodpeckers hanging out with me on my deck! Baby ones it was a weird but cool experience because they did not seem bothered by me at all.

Then the work week as usual!

This weekend was busy too! actually a blur. I don't remember what I did except that it must have involved shopping and plants. I have hit my green thumb mode!
The Dollar Stores always have plants in need of saving for cheap and leave it to me to find them and save them. The worse off they are the better the reward when they come back lush and green for me. There is a death ratio though but out of the 3 plants I had die in the past few months, 2 of them were growing new foliage under the dead stuff. I think I have about 9 new ones now. I suck at outdoor planting. I have lilies in the garden that Choo constantly seems to step on and destroy before they can bloom. My indoor garden though is where it's at.

Sat. I went about my usual trek out to Maple Ridge to pay a bill and see my friend Kris and that perked me up after giving away money.

Just because I owe it to you doesn't mean it hurts any less to see it go.

Went home figured out how to make more plants out of existing ones and got really excited when T and Craig came over to spend the night! We watched an awful movie ( Joyride... for Steve Zahn and Paul Walker it was awful! ) but we were together again! Hmmm minus Smokey who we haven't seen since they left. That saddens me but they say he's good!

Sun Red Couch Day!!!!

Ohhh I didn't tell you about the red couch?

Well the weekend before at the BBQ a friend said she had a couch she was getting rid of on Craigslist. When she said it was red my interest was piqued. I have found a fondness for red lately and when she showed me a picture of it I was in love! It's in good condition and has a little bit of cat love but that's ok because at least 1 of my cats will be giving it love too. So after a trip to the dump to get rid of other stuff it was back out to Maple Ridge back to see Kris because her boyfriend had the truck to move my lovely red couch! It was a complete shit show of weather but we got the couch and took it home.


 Now I just have another couch to pick up and a Foosball table then my living room decor might actually match. The table will be somewhere in the basement and the boys are excited.

So go figure that I get the urge to write late last night after I wind down from the busy days just to fall asleep with storylines swirling in my head. That led into a really strange dream and finding some of the cat love on my living room floor as one of them brought me a gift.

A dead gift but a gift none the less.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sometimes I'm not quite with it...

I occurred to me last night that my last post was titled Weekend Wrap up. Apparently I said nothing about what I did on the weekend.

Friday after work we got off early at 2 and since the first WCE Train doesn't run until 3:50pm a few of us stopped at Malone's Bar and Grill where I tried, for the first time a Grapefruit Beer.

It was definitely interesting I'm not sure how to explain how that tastes? Not like a beer with Lime and not like one with Lemon kinda strange. Who puts grapefruit in beer? I know they have so many flavours these days and even weirder ones like pumpkin...

I think I just threw up a bit there.  I have figured out though, I am developing a taste for beer where I never had one before.

They say your palette changes every 7 years so maybe it's that time.

Saturday must have been sort of boring because I don't even remember what I did except run errands that never go away and it was mildly crappy out, not the summer we've been waiting for but slight on rain. No zoo like chaos like in  Catching up June 9 - 17or  First the Skunk now a Raccoon?

What I did do was prepare for the next day...Canada Day!

Sunday was food day Bean picked some new recipes for us to try and we had T and Craig here ( T moved out a couple of weeks ago because SURPRISE I'm going to be a step...TBA. T's having a baby but that's another story ) so we were about the food makin'!

Bean and I set about the food prep from about 1pm on for the rest of the day. Why does she always pick the " you think we're simple but, we're not " recipes? We had 2 kitchens in use and thank goodness for that because we made a mess. Then just when I think it's going to be a simple get together I find out that 7-8 more friends of the kids show up. Ok great at least we have enough food but do I need more? I lost my train of though when I saw 3 of the19-20yr old boys, men, or so I thought play a game like hacky sack but without the hacky sack. They called it the Shin Kicking Game.

HOLY CRAP! You're kidding!

They actually attempt to kick each other in the shins. At full force. I'm going to need a beer for this...


and I got one!

How entertaining was that? More entertaining than watching them try to hit or purple nurple each other for 20 mins. When all the fun was over they took off to watch the fireworks and for the first time in a long time the house was empty. So I set on picking out the phrase for my t-shirt er shirts.

I had to pick 2 because I have to because it sticks in my head and that one is,

Welcome to The Gong Show and the second is picked out of an e-mail sent to me,

Try It You Might Like It!

So simple yet so many different interpretations this one could have. Next week I should have both of them ready and a volunteer to a friend said 'Strut' them!

That was my weekend.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Weekend Wrap up.

I had to throw this in there just because...

I love dogs. Really love dogs! I do love ALL dogs but won't OWN some types of dogs.

My oldest daughter and I go go round and round about dogs all the time. First it's...

Me: I want another dog

Sese: No...

Me: but I want another one, a Husky!

Sese: No, not until one of these other animals dies.

Me: That could take years! Cats live till their what, like 20? I might be dead by then!

Sese: I don't care.

Me: OOO but when you move out your taking Whiskey with you and Bosco!

Sese: MOM!

Me: What...What'd I say?

 Then sometimes it's...

Sese: Mom I want a Scottie dog!

Me: No...

Sese: Mom I want a Corgi!

Me: more little dogs

Sese: Why?

Me: Cause they're little, what do they protect??? You're ankles???

Sese: but their cute and they stay that way.

Me: No they don't! Well some don't.

Sese: but they're cute!

Me: They're hors d' oeuvres...

Sese: MOM!

Me: What...what'd I say?

So Sese wants a Corgi and I want a Husky! Big dog, big paws, big love!!!! That can also rip you leg off if you break in my house, so a friend found this... a Corgi/Husky X.

You poor thing! The call of the wild is wasted on this poor pooch.

Or this one... German Shepherd/Corgie X ( German Shorgi )

It's just wrong...

So! After seeing that and still not wanting a small dog now I just feel sorry for the little buggers!

Ok this will be a 2 blog week. I have some Canada Day shinanagans and the T-shirt phrase I picked...oh sorry the 2 phrases I picked to reveal.

See you soon!