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Monday, March 19, 2012

Facebook I love to hate you.

Need I say more? Of course...

As much as Facebook was intriguing years ago when it came out and everyone was caught up in re-acquainting themselves with people from the past and checking out new things, I have to say that for the most part I'm a FB gamer, really a gamer in general. On FB I only play 1or 2 games at a time mostly because at the time I thought oh!... this is cute, then got sucked into the whole thing.

Then came the invites of friends to play, next the sending of requests for various things for the game and then... the postings which annoy the crap out of a lot of people but hey WE ARE SOCIALIZING. Yes we can find that little slot of time between sleeping, eating, working, writing and the other hundreds of things we do in a week to be dedicated to the cute little avatars with the giant round eyes.

Slowly I weeded out many of the games and only played 1 after I got sick of another and tried to keep my postings down as much as possible. Until... my youngest said "Hey mom can you except my requests for Hidden Chronicles? I need a paint can!" A paint can?... it was over right then. Just to except the request you have to go through the tutorial. I had played the game before at HP games but there were no other players involved. Just me and no time limit, well FB changed that so that you need every person on your friends list to help play the game and you must play if not only to further other players as well as yourself.

So in trying to keep my usage down and wean myself off of the FB games for less socially interactive games but way more destructive on the PS3, I find out last night after I watched the season finale of The Walking Dead ( brilliantly brutal! I was yelling at my TV ) that in April they are launching a Walking Dead FB game. O...M...G...

Seriously...FB you are killing me!

I already know that I will have to play this game! Have to and for any of you that know my zombie or clown phobia ( yes clowns are creepy ) you know I will have to check this out and see if my zombie survival skills are good enough. One of the kids even has The Walking Dead board game, which took sometime to figure out and we still haven't played a really good round of it.

So as the title says Facebook I love that you keep me connected and hate that you keep me addicted to your cute yet cheesy games.

Good Job.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What are we turning into?

Well with the end of RRSP season I can come back to my multi media world!

I read an article today that made me think about jobs and the way we work theses days. How so many people have more than 1 job.

Now at first my blog post was going to be about, how it's true that many people have 2 or 3 jobs going on with no foresight into long term employment...

but then Aimlessly Average sent me this,

And it all went out the window.

there is nothing else I can all