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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The World is full of Kings and Queens

After a very wet Halloween I'm glad it over only because poor little Whiskey doesn't fare well with the fireworks that come with the night of terror for him. So after his shaking and panting he's calm now and I can write this post.

I don't really know why I thought about this but the title of this post reminded me of high school and a couple of things were brought to my memory.

1. The world is full of Kings and Queens that blind your eyes and steal your dreams.

So true! Don't let that happen.

Someone wrote that in my Annual ( Yes Annual ) not a yearbook like you kids call it now. I wish I still had it so I knew, but it's gone.

2. Twas midnight one the ocean not a streetcar was in site.
    The sun was shining brightly for it rained all day that night.

    Twas a summers day in winter and the snow was raining fast.
    As a barefoot boy with shoes on stood sitting in the grass.

    On one dark and story night, 2 dead boys got up to fight.
    Back to back they faced each other,
    Drew their swords and shot each other.

    A deaf policeman heard the noise and came and shot those 2 dead boys.
    If you don't believe my story's true, ask the blind man he saw it too.

That might not be completely right but that's the way I remember it also written in my Annual. It's not much this time but it came to mind so I wrote it down.

I hope you had a Happy Halloween!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's Smarter Now

I'm not sure where I'm going with this one today?? 

I was going to talk about how my daughter Sese is amused at the way I can butcher actors names when I try to pronounce them like for example Famke Janssen who I call Femky Jemky. 

 I don't know it's just rolls of the tongue and is more fun to say!

So I had this post all planned out and then I got a new phone. A SMARTPHONE! 

I've never had one and although almost everyone I know has one of these magical devices, I've never  had the chance to own one and thanks to Sese, now I do! Trying to figure this thing out is crazy because it does way more things than any phone I've ever had the pleasure to touch.

It has a touchscreen! So I touch it...I touch it a lot.

It's exciting except to my kids because they are old pros at this stuff and shake their heads at me as I walk around telling them to let me take their pics. The zoo had no choice and they were posted on Twitter, Tumblr and FB in a matter of seconds.


Sese says she created a monster. Maybe a little bit so between the Voxing and Instagram there is CUSTOMIZING!!!! 

OOO I love that part! 

I'm excited! 

Can you tell I'm excited??? I'd take a picture of my excited face but that's not flattering and nobody needs to see that. :s

Now I have a full plate. Still writing not as much as I should be but still plugging forward so there is constant progress.

Working on something for a writing contest, looking into volunteering for a shelter nearby and still trying to be a Supermom on top of my day job.
Halloween is coming up fast though and we have half decorated the house. I still can't put anything in the yard because of the dogdozers meh...maybe next year! All the kids can talk about is Christmas anyway and that's when I tuck myself under the covers and wait til New Years Eve.

Anyway back to the phone of my dreams and discovering it's ins and outs because now I can be everywhere...all the time :)

That might not be a good thing...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Goodbye Thanksgiving, Hello Halloween!

Happy After Turkey Day!

If you have recovered from your Turkey coma then the long weekend is over! We were super busy this weekend, it's like instead of Spring cleaning we Fall clean  hide stuff until Spring.

Lawn moved-check
Hedges trimmed-check
Blackberry bushes cut back ( evil spawn of a plant )-check
Taking advantage of the extensive weather-check
Now that all of that is done,

Let the winterizing begin!... that means I need umbrellas.

As the leaves are changing colour and there is a chill in the air we get ready for the darker days and here in BC what I like to call Monsoon season! We’ve been pretty lucky so far with our weather. After a hot Thanksgiving ( not normal ) and a Hockey lock out ( also not normal ) we’re left with Halloween my favourite day of the year!

Since my kids have been grown we haven’t given Halloween the treatment it deserves but I’m hoping to change that this year a bit. I would love to have a graveyard on the lawn but I’m sure that 1 of the zoo inhabitants would destroy it somehow unless I can think outside of the box on this one.
California would be completely scared of the yard if there were tomestones in it and Smokey well…he’s kind of like a Bull and would probably wreck everything in his path just for curiosities sake and well like I said he’s a bull…dozer. Oz would feel right at home while Boscoe would retreat to some hiding spot until everything is over. Bast and Whiskey will be cautious until the fireworks start. Poor guy he already has a bald ass and once Halloween is here I’m sure he’ll drop the rest of his fur. I might have to start buying him sweaters or doggie pants since his butt will be cold and even though he hates them he won’t be able to anxiously chew himself.
All the kids are already planning their costumes for parties I'm assuming anyway and I can't wait to see what they come up with. Might have to put something together for some adults this year too maybe a good game of Ramoli or something else like Poker??? Nope suck at that ! I like Ramoli because as calm as the game sounds some people are quite competative and that makes me giggle.
I'm excited...maybe too excited
Ideas... I need ideas and craft projects! Google here I come.

hmmm spellcheck not working for if there are spelling errors you're stuck with them.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What happens when I get motivated...

This time of year I tend to get more motivated and sadly more creative.

I've now realized that there is so much more I can do with what I have. Like my camera for example it sits and gathers dust most of the time...well a lot of the time really.

After talking to Dubs at work about Whiskey and how he's short and scratches his hairless ass using my coffee table. ( He's hairless because he has anxiety and losses his fur at the drop of a hat ) She suggested that I take a video of this so she could see it. I'm like that a great idea!

After I found the camera that I hadn't seen in months I turned it on and the batteries promptly died, so off to the store I went to get batteries. I went to our dollar store because they are cheap there. Picked up a package of 4 AA's and headed home smiling because I got batteries and I was going to do something constructive!

I get home and am about to open the package, flip it over and see on the back it says ' NOT FOR USE IN DIGITAL CAMERAS OR OTHER HIGH DRAINAGE ELECTRONICS ' Great... When I tell Sese about this she says ya you shouldn't use Cabon Zinc?? You know that how? Sure whatever so back to the store I go and pick up Alkaline plus!

woo hoo!

OK so now I'm all good and I go home to put batteries in the camera and try to film what I think is going to be hilarious!

I get home put the batteries in, wait for about 2 mins and there Whiskey goes scratching his butt. I film it repeatedly trying to get at least a full 20 seconds of this because that's all I need to make my point. Now it's time to download the video and pics I've taken into my laptop where I have just recently decided I'd play with photo shop to be more creative.

Problem 1

Memory card from the camera  from 1998 does not fit in my HP laptop... After many times of trying to convince myself that it would almost fit if I made it.

Problem 2

The USB cord that should have fit into my camera from 1998 didn't fit and again me thinking that I might be able to make it fit but nope, no such luck.

After having a mini temper tantrum Choo gave me this's an USB all in one card reader also
 from the dollar store... need I say more.

I plug in the USB get everything connected. Driver software is installing, when it's done I put in the memory card and can't find the pics and video I had just taken. I couldn't open some of the picture files...also there from 1998. Confusion set in so I pulled out the memory card and put it back in.  Clicked on OPEN FOLDER TO VIEW FILES... it said there were none so I took it out again put it back in the camera and there they were all the pics??

Hmmm interesting.

When I put the card in again I got the same message no files but this time when I put it back in the camera there were no files...what???


oh no...

Everything was gone from the memory card 14-15 yrs of photos gone. After bantering about whether this was my fault or not a friend of ours we'll call him Eddy ( cause that's his middle name and he hates it ) told me to test the cam take a pic and see what happened, I did and it worked uploaded and posted on my twitter feed as a tester. A pic of my Coyote survivor Oz looking all mob cat like the girls say he does.

Fortunately I have most of them saved to disk. I am still going to get this video though and then put the camera back where I found it to not be touched again.

At least not by me.