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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

So it's the last day of 2012 and the hope of starting a new year always excites me!

I always have the same resolution which is to try something new, be open to different things and put myself out there little by little so that's what I'm doing yet again.

So as I sit here with my New Years cocktail ( which I need to do this... ) I hope that my new venture will if anything create some fun. Everything starts out in fun for might not end up fun by the time it's over but it starts off that way.

Most of you know that I want to be a writer and have been working on projects for what seems like a very long time. Being shy about my work, I don't talk much about it because I almost feel like I'll jinx myself. Instead I had the bright idea to put that out there as I put myself out here and see what happens.

There is a tab above that is a link for my series Continuous Flow. Chapter 1- Waking will be posted Jan 1, 2013 only a few hours away!

*Please note that my writing is at a novice level and while being open to opinions and suggestions, if you feel the need to criticize harshly then I would rather not have you read it. It's all a part of the process I know but still be gentle with least for now.

So Happy New Year
Enjoy your evening and be safe.

See ya soon!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Short Update...

Hello Lovelies!

Just a short lil drive-by post today!

I have some things coming up next week for you and 1 I am particularly nervous about so be gentle with me!

Christmas was...not too bad! I get excited on Christmas Eve and bake, then do the usual on the day in question but boxing day Brunch was my most exciting moment ( if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you would know what I'm talking about ).

I made Potato Pancakes and didn't destroy them! leftover mashed taters were not getting thrown in the green waste this time!

I triumphed over the unimaginative Brunch meal and my fam was happy...couldv'e used a bit more salt though maybe next time!

See ya soon!

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Awfulness Continues!

Now is the time for a month of Christmas parties, I had my work party on Friday where we have a Christmas buffet dinner and were then led into the Comedy Mix! I had never been to a comedy show so I was very excited about this years party.

The MC Charlie Demers was funnier than the main acts. They were all very funny but Charlie had us to the point of our faces and guts aching from laughing so hard. Next up was Phil Hanley who would use the audience in a fantastic way which was unfortunate for a woman named Beth in the front row. Our Headliner was Rory Scovel who got of to a slow start with the audience but in the end had everyone laughing. It was a great evening even when we met a guy named Dave who was ready to stab another guy with a pen if he was attacked and figured out that Purple Haze Martinis are my new favourite drink.

Unfortunately I missed the Hen Party for my Irish love to celebrate her upcoming wedding in Ireland this month. I heard it was something to be seen and they all had loads of fun, wigs and 100 Santa's.

So with that, let's bring on the badness as we continue with the awful Christmas gift parade!

Let's get right to it, shall we?


These Are the Year's Worst Christmas Presents

This is the gift that says Christmas has broken you and now you have no place to live.

These Are the Year's Worst Christmas Presents

Nothing says Merry Christmas like Baked Beans and Pringles!

These Are the Year's Worst Christmas Presents

A Duck Dynasty gift for sure...


These Are the Year's Worst Christmas Presents

In my nightmares...there is only one word for this one...Creeptastic!

All of these I found on


The Belly Button Brush

For all of those uncontrollable belly button lint problems.


Chum Bucket Mints

So gross I can't even say anything else...


Le Whif Breathable Chocolate

Would smelling it really stop the craving? Especially at Christmas when chocolate is everywhere? I'm thinking it might intensify it but who knows.

You can find them at

So next weeks post might be cranky seeing as I have to do all of my Christmas shopping the coming weekend and if it's one thing I hate the most, it shopping too close to Christmas even though that's what I end up doing EVERY year.

Oh this is going to be bad...

On a good note, our Christmas tree is finally up!

Yay... seriously needing Christmas cheer here.

See ya soon

Monday, December 3, 2012

Awful X-mas gifts a countdown to D-day.

There is no counting, it will just add to my Christmas anxiety but December is upon us and that means weird gifts so as I was looking for gifts for the family I came across a few that were not... quite right?

Prank Packs - World's Worst Gift Boxes

Sure because we all want fresh brewed coffee while we're in the tub and suicidal.

Pull My Finger Santa  Snuggly Farting Santa Pillow

Every boys dream gift here... who puts snuggling and farting in the same sentence and Santa shouldn't moon people!

Bacon Candy Canes  Pickle Candy Canes

As much as I love bacon, ewwww... pickles...double ewwww.

All of the above are courtesy of

Every member of your household could use this during the Yuletide season!

Just what every Zombie Fanatic wants! Especially if you saw last night's mid season finally of The Walking Dead. ( Damn you AMC )


 The Trucker's Friend was actually intended to be an all-in-one tool for truckers, but folks in the zombie-hunting community have decided that this device is also good for killing the undead. Who are we to argue.

Not the ideal Christmas present??

Can't you see it...everyone happy Christmas morning, opening presents and drinking mugs of hot chocolate but there.. in the corner by the door... is little Timmy from next door drooling after he just ate his parents and he's still hungry.

What would a Zombie Christmas look like? I don't think I can remember a Christmas Zombie movie?

Some investigation is needed now!

See ya