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Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's Monday, Blog day and just so happens to be my Birthday!

Now in the days building up to it I felt a bit horrified at times but as time went on it was more like *meh* I'm OK! It's like you think that everything will fall apart or gravity will mysteriously grab hold overnight! Well it didn't and I feel just like I did yesterday except that it was Sunday and I could stay in my PJ's all day.

I had a great day at home with the family on Saturday with balloons and streamers and CAKE and food and CAKE!

How surprised was I when I came into work and saw my little cubie space decorated in my favourite colours with tiny star confetti and tiny tiny 40's everywhere! I mean everywhere, even stuck to my ass and feet and tracked all over the office.

I read a blog this morning over at  Mama Pop that pretty much summed up a new view of life after 40 but for me without all the crying.

The kids are grown, now what?? Apparently Geo Cashing a girlfriend of mine we'll call her Salt because she's the Salt to my Pepa ( good grief, not dating myself at all) told me of this Global Treasure hunting thing, not that we really get treasure but we get to find shit and get out of the house!

Just the time I'm 50 there will be people living on Mars!

As for the photo for this week I had a previous one but I choose a new one click the tab above to see!

Thanks for sticking it out with me!

See ya!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Stoners to Geeks what could be better!

Welcome back to to Gong Show!

   A little less of a show this weekend due to the beginning of the Spring events that will draw my zoo far and away as the weather gets warmer.

   Even if you are not a pot smoker, unless you have breathing problems you have checked out the 4/20 celebration at the Vancouver Art Gallery where people get to break the law and the cops just watch. For the first time in I don't know how long, my house was empty except for me and Choo and... I ...was...kinda bored! I puttered around not quite knowing what to do with myself and then...I went plant shopping because...I love to plant shop!

   I found one that even the plant lady at the store couldn't identify and that led to me getting it for half price, so the search is on!
Sunday was the Vancouver Sun Run and the Vancouver Fan Expo! I was supposed to be at the Sun Run but didn't feel well and I wish I could have gone to the Fan Expo! Embrace your inner geek people! My house was practically empty again!

Sese texted me from the line up waiting to get an autograph from Amanda Tapping ( Stargate & Sanctuary ) who's booth was right next to Robert Knepper ( T-Bag & Cult ) Now I would have beaten down any ailment to go see Norman Reedus ( The Walking Dead ) but due to a scheduling conflict he couldn't be there. Lucky for me Sese brought me back a Darryl Bobble head! His tiny crossbow makes me smile!

Included in her grab bag was a Tardis bathrobe to match her Tardis blanket and the mug and the 2 Sonic Screwdrivers among other things Dr. Who. Allan came back with an Italian Stallion bathrobe from Rocky. They all had fun and I wished I was there!

For the Sun Run, runners and walkers in honour of the Boston Marathon where sporting Blue and Yellow to show their support.

My photo for this week will be posted under the 52 Week Project page above!

That's all for now guys.

See ya

Monday, April 15, 2013

My Own 52 Week Photo Project!

Good Morning Lovelies!

   Another week gone and we're back again this Monday Apr 15th and so starts my own 52 Week Photo Project! I was reading about it last week and approached a fellow Blogger Aimlessly Average to do the project with me!

   Now I was thinking of ways to kind of make the rpoject a bit different. At this point we're going to take a picture once a week and some part of our body has to be in the photo. Doesn't matter what it is as long as it's in there.

  This is Beaumont! He's just a dog  that visits our office every now and then.

He's teething... and his baby teeth hurt.

I'm hoping that by the end of all of this you'll be able to see the changes in techniques and perspective! At the same time you'll see lots of crappy stuff I'm sure because I'm no Pro.

I have added a Page up top to kind of keep track and hopefully there is a story that will go along with each photo. I can't promise that though depending on what kind of trouble my Gong Show gets into int the coming weeks.

That's it for now guys!

See ya,

Monday, April 8, 2013

I Promise I Won't Laugh is... not... me...

Back again I see!
Good stuff glad to see you!  

I received a strange text message last week from one of the boys simply saying " I got stabbed in the ass today at work. I just wanted to let you know that " Panic set in...for a second. As I asked questions like "How?", "Are you OK?" and "Did you go to the hospital and get stitches?" I got back...

"No, my boss hot glued it." HOT GLUE? I asked again to make sure he didn't really mean Crazy Glue and he reiterated that it was HOT GLUE. Who the hell puts hot glue in an open wound? Who would agree to have hot glue put on them? Have you touched hot glue? That would hurt like..well you know what it would hurt like. Is that toxic? He said he was up for a promotion and wanted to keep working. Yay good job! stabbed, glued and a renewed work ethic!

That's when the giggles started. Not because he was hurt but the image of him when the glue hit his skin. He said he was OK so full blown laughter took place. Have you ever laughed so hard that no sound comes out?

Yup that was me.

Sese came home from LA a day early last week and as happy as I was to have her home it sucked that she couldn't stay the extra day...( and get me jewelry made by Mexicans ) So because she flew in around 2pm I left work early to go to the airport. Thank god for the Canada Line to YVR it was an easy breezy transit trip to pick up my baby. When I dropped her off the airport was empty because it was so early, not this time though...PACKED! That's when my rage sets in, I want to find my kid and there's way too many people in between me and that objective. For the most part I was OK until 5 Min's before her plane landed Choo asked that we go to Tim Horton' the airport...with a HUGE

By the time we made it to the till I was aggravated that I was going to miss Sese coming out mind you I have NO idea of how disembarking works. Anyway the whole time I'm in line I'm watching the ad for the NEW Vanilla Bean Latte. Yes I have a dairy allergy but I was willing to suffer for to try this. We finally get to the till and the cashier asks me what I want...

ME: Can I get a large Vanilla Bean Latte?
HER: A what?
ME: A Vanilla Bean Latte?
HER: Oh I don't think we sell those...
ME: Um...(points to the TV screen above her head)
HER: you want an extra shot of chocolate mint?
ME: @_@ Chocolate what? No... Vanilla Bean Latte

So after going back and forth for a minute I decided to screw the Latte and just get my usual.

ME: Never mind the Latte I'll just get a large Double Double
HER: OK and an extra shot of Chocolate Mint?
HER: A double double, OK one sec...

We pay for our coffees and 2 cookies. Pick up my coffee then hurry to arrivals to wait for Sese. Open my coffee cup and damn it I smell chocolate mint. Choo backed up 3 steps when he saw the steam coming out of my ears.

All I wanted to do was walk back over there and loose my mind but then I saw oldest walking out from baggage with her little cow print luggage ( rolling luggage at that ) and the coffee fiasco went away.

If the distraction is good enough all the bad stuff goes away for a minute.

Anyway, Thank s for sticking with me for another week!

See Ya

Monday, April 1, 2013

She's Gone and I Caught the Chicken on Fire

Well Lovelies, I have to start off this post with my trip to YVR to drop Sese off for her flight to LA to see a friend.

We had a BBQ send off for her with some friends and I'm surprised I slept Friday night because I think I was more anxious than she was about the whole thing and she only got about 2 hours of sleep. I almost slept in! I had 3 alarms set and not one went off, that being my fault because they were set for Mon-Fri and this was a Sat wake up. I got up though only 1 min after the alarm was supposed to go off so we were all good.

5 am  we're out the door and on our way to Richmond someplace that I never go and I've lived here all my life but that's OK. After calling our driver a douche bag for stopping for coffee before he picked us up then getting in the car to see my double-double Tim Horton's cup beside my seat I apologized with doe eyes, sat back and shut up...


At least the roads were clear of traffic that early in the morning. Once we got out of the car in front to the airport the mom panic started to set in. OK yes she's 20 and able to do all this stuff on her own but she was going to another country. Not so much of a stretch because they are our neighbours and at least it wasn't Scotland which is where she wanted to go this summer for 2 months. That's next year now oh...yes.

We found the check in and went to get her boarding pass. Neither of us really knowing how the airport check in went we checked her bags way too early and I had to leave her there in security while she went through but that's OK because she called me when she was done and I talked to her almost all of the way home. At 8am when her plane took off I was in a slight panic. Craig helped though by telling me to check the news repeatedly to see if her plane crashed.

Shut up Craig...

She called after she landed and my heart took a well needed rest!

 It's strange without her here but the zoo has kept me occupied since ( this is for you Jessie ) First if you text me when I'm drunk I'm not going to make sense and catch chicken on fire while drinking and BBQing ( not advised ) Man it went up fast! He promised me shots and umm....where were they? Besides that he's a good kid works hard at pimping himself out ( just kidding ) but he needs to find a nice girl to keep him in line. Is that mothering? Too bad that's what you got and if they don't pass pack approval you can't date her! ( Not Kidding ) Choose wisely... and I'm still waiting for my book, I'll harass you for it until it's in my hands.

The weekend was beautiful! Lots of sun, much needed warmth and time outside.

Season Finale of the Walking Dead!!! ( No spoilers )Things happened that I was hoping for but I didn't expect to be sad about 1 of them ( go figure ), now we have to wait forever for it to come back, but I had the Season Premier of Game of Thrones! Very excited for that and didn't realize the stuff I forgot that had happened but yup still hooked and looking forward to it every week!

That's it for now as I try to figure out how to make it the rest of the week until my kid comes home safe and sound in BC.

See Ya!