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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Those Were The Days!

As Fall approaches and the weather gets cooler, I start thinking about the cozy times ahead as we head into the dreaded holiday season. What comes before holidays though?... Thanksgiving and Halloween! OMG OMG OMG.

This year we have a plan for the kids...if you can even call them kids anymore.

 Remember when we were young and Halloween was one of the best days ever! When we'd ourselves dress up in silly costumes and raid houses for candy! Then as we had kids of our own we dressed them up in silly costumes and raid houses for candy! I can't even remember all of the costumes but I remember walking up the street in a massive pack with 11 kids and about 8 or 9 parents equipped with thermoses and toques trying to stay warm. At least it was dry that year. Bean was about 5, dressed like a witch and scared to death of the Scream mask. That was really evident when we got to a house and a guy dressed like that opened the door.

  Bean screamed and cried, we couldn't even get her to walk up the driveway until he took off the mask and apologized profusely. Sese was always a didn't matter what she was she wore a smile ( who wouldn't getting free candy ) even if she was covered in purple balloons dressed like a bunch of grapes and couldn't see in front of her.

  Next came the parties where we almost didn't let T out of the house in what she was wearing. I can't even tell you what it was and neither can anyone else because all you could see was cleavage. Did we let her out of the house like covered up...then uncovered at the party...of course...bad T.

  So this year we have a surprise for the youngins that will hopefully give them some good solid memories. Not like it matters there will be film and pics so they'll never get to forget. They know nothing and they'll have to work but it'll be fun!

  Be afraid though guys, be afraid.

  Besides that Salt and I are going to try something with duct tape and the newlywed, Salt and I are going on a semi spiritual quest! What could possibly go wrong?!

  Maybe we should be afraid...

  I've been having trouble getting the next video uploaded but it should load, eventually. I hope...

  Ok Lovelies, we'll talk soon

   See ya,

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Off and Running!

Hi Guys!

It's been a busy couple of weeks!

After a good time at the 80's party everything moved really quickly from my battle with Employment Insurance, a call to my local MP, Fasttrack courses, a Wedding in Campbell River and the job hunt it all seems like a blur.

All of the employment crap is a jumbled mess that should not be this hard but I'm not letting it get me down. The job hunt is on and at this point my only worry is taking something that I don't really want but have to take.

This year has been one of reflection. Looking back at the years gone by. Where some of us wanted to be by now and where we actually are. My kids are grown and I don't need to worry as much about them. They have all been great and helpful especially during the stressful times. We lost power one night and I was so upset about it that the kids went above and beyond.

While the house was lit up with candles, they made sure I never went outside onto our back deck. When I finally got to go out there they had an extension cord running from the neighbours house to a projector and screen! It was the coolest thing. Sorry to the neighbour that tripped over it in the dark. They BBQ'd, we had chili cheese dogs and started our movie. ( Stay Alive ) just so we could freak out Salt ( which worked ) 15 mins later she was gone. Unfortunately the weather decided to be a jerk and pour down thunder showers so we scrambled and pulled everything in.

Now we want to make the outside viewing and Annual thing!

A few days later I was off on the trek to Campbell River, A Ferry and a bus up Island was easy breezy...on the way there. The Wedding was great and I hope it was exactly what she wanted and expected. On the day I left I trusted Google Map and apparently my decisions for stupid things. Google Map said 6 mins driving to the Greyhound station, I figured 6 mins! I could walk that and make it in about a half hour 40 because I'm a fast walker. The Bride, my bestie told me to take a cab...I should have listened.
Did you know Campbell River has lots of hills? Walking up them with 50lbs of crap on your shoulder makes walking much slower so with 6 mins to spare ( cruel joke ) and covered in sweat I made it to the bus on time.

So back to reality yay...

All in all though everything happened so fast! Now...I have work to do. Some of you are asking for the next Craig's War video and I'm working on it for you! Another Chapter is on the way as well so I'm off now to submerge myself and hopefully bring you something good!

Thanks guys!
See Ya