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Friday, December 27, 2013

2014...I'm At Your Mercy or Maybe You're At Mine?

2014 is almost here!

You guys know me and how out of the Holiday Season, I love New Year's Eve. The idea that everything can start fresh and you almost get a clean slate for the next however long it is before I screw it up and the year goes to shit.

Now I don't set out to mess it up and the universe doesn't always work with me in these instances so I just fix what I can and ride out what I can't. Unfortunatley every year you hear stuff like:

I'm going to eat better!...Ya right, for a week.

I'm going to excercise!...When you get off the couch to go to the fridge.

I'm going to quit smoking...Then it's like the excorcist and your possessed until people are throwing lit cigarettes at you.
Ect, ect... you get what I mean. Then you hear stuff like:

You need to set realistic goals for yourself in order to accomplish them...

True, but shut up!

I'm entitled to try and fail right? I mean at least I tried! Not that I want to complain for another year about my body shape or the fact that for 1 week a month I'll consume enough gummy candy that my stomach hates me and there's another 10lbs of gelatin and mineral oil cascading through my body. (So, ok that's not a good thing)

If I ate right for the 3 weeks before that and then ate that crap, you'd have to put me in a corner until the shakes passed and hand me things you'd like shaken not stirred.

Little doses people little doses, moderation is the key!

Don't get me wrong...I admire those people that can set their mind to their goals and get them done! I wish I had a smidgen of that discipline but just a smidgen. I like spontaniously deciding that I'm going to attempt to eat a whole cheesecake to myself, even though I'm allergic to dairy and I get so itchy I want to rip my skin off. That's what Benadryl is for! (I only try that like once a year)

Every Year I tell myself I'm just going to live better, less stress and try new things. That's general enough right? Get the courage to break old routines/habits and start new ones, better ones? So thinking that way, I do accomplish my New Year's promises to myself. It just has to be interesting enough or I lose the motivation to continue. Now I have some things that are at a lull but not given up on yet they've just been on standby so to speak.

So this year I'll try again with something new and something old that I haven't accomplished yet and drive myself and everyone crazy with it.

I'm glad the people in my life just roll with it and know that when I do end up in the padded room I expect them to come visit me.
..with candy, lots and lots of candy.

See Ya!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Is It Over Yet? No?...Crap...

Hello Lovlies,

Usually I would have some really awful Christmas gifts for you now but with starting the new job and fighting off the cold from hell that has not happened. For the first time ever I have lost my voice! It's still not back yet and the troups at home know how hard it is for me not to talk or laugh...not being able to laugh is the hardest part because they make me laugh constantly!

They are enjoying that I can't yell at any of them though but that's ok, I'll store it up and have it all ready for you when my vocal cords are in proper working order again. Thank goddess 2 of my 3 dogs understand hand signals! The 2 Terriers good job taking mama's flailing hands as me saying "Come on get inside!" unlike the Cattle Dog that thinks "If I just don't look at her, I can stay out longer... Avert My Eyes!" until I chase her with a rake then she moves really fast.

And the kids understand my facial expressions, like Peanut for instance he's been with us all week and when I'm not in the room he's biting and headbutting his parents! I come into the room and a tiny halo sprouts out around his tiny horns while he flashes that tiny toothy grin. He's not even a year yet but he's an Eddie Haskle in the making for those of you that remember him in Leave it to Beaver.

I bet most of you are shaking your heads NO right now.

Since my head is still foggy and my voice is still froggy I'm going to say goodbye for now and I plan on having something special for next week since it will be my last post of 2013 and hopefully 2014 brings mended fences and familiar faces...maybe some new ones too!

See ya!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Oh How I've Missed You!

Hello Lovlies!

Oh how I've missed you! I didn't realize how long it had been and just noticed today that it's been almost 2 months since my last post and that hasn't happened for a long time...if ever?

I'm back at work thank goodness just before the Holidays and that's great! Almost everyone in the house is working now. Bean had something temporarily but it wasn't the right fit for her. At least she got her shopping done with what she earned doing pretty much nothing because her boss was so OCD that she wouldn't let her touch anything anyway for her to learn the job. On top of that only working 1 maybe 2 days a week for 4 hrs just wasn't enough.

So out of our household of 7 only 2 now are out of work and that's awesome compared to 2 months ago when only 2 were working! Now I'm into week 3 doing the same thing I used to do but for another shifting gears did not work for me. Not because I didn't want to but because I couldn't find anything with the experience I had.

I had interviewed with the Company back in Oct. and although it looked good they went with someone else, someone green to the job and a month later that person had to leave and I was called in for a second Interview. Nice!

You should have just went with me in the first place!

I had stayed pretty much off the grid lately since I was trying not to lost my ever loving mind and not to go bat shit crazy trying to find ways to support my family and deal with too much time on my hands.

Want to know the kicker though...

Employment Insurance penalized me a total of 15 weeks on my claim... 15 WEEKS! 4 weeks because of my severance, ok sure and then 11 f*&$@#g weeks for what they classified as a Job Refusal. As someone that has never collected EI before I had no idea you could be that delayed for something I hadn't even realized I'd done. For months there was nothing. Once I hit the end of the waiting period ( looking for work as I went )I had still received nothing. Called freaked out and they said they would back pay me that week...YAY! I got the call back for the interview that same week and then 2 weeks after that...I was hired.

So in the end I got what I was owed, got a job and I didn't loose the weeks that I was entitled to. Oh happy day. Now my stress level has receeded and the flow of social media and the keyboard under my fingers has been re-established.


Thanks to you guys that helped out so much! Hopefully this never...happens...again.

See Ya