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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Taste Test Request.

Hello Lovlies!

This will not be a big post this week.

My monday post was delayed for Family Day YAY! Here it was -1 or something stupid that we're not used to so I was curled up on my couch with my favourite fleecy blanket that T and Craig gave me for X-mas, watching a marathon of something I can't even remember right now and although I had started one I scrapped it for loss of interest in my topic.

Besides that I'm just trying to figure out a recipe or 10 that I can make and feed to Salt this weekend. I think we're going to come up with some interesting things and both Blog from different perspectives. They don't have to be complicated or gross recipies because I actually have to prepare ( cook, blend, light on fire ect ) whatever it is that she's going to try, so we both get to try something new!

Thank god she's up to this!

So if any of you can think of anything that is reatively normal that I can get her to put in her cake hole that would be great!

Cake hole is her mouth you sickos...

I know you guys like to E-mail or FB me but don't be shy!

See Ya

Monday, February 3, 2014

I Didn't Mean to Rant...It Just Happened!

Well it's Monday again, the days go by so fast!

It was an observation week, you know people watching, trying to figure out what some people are thinking when they do things like a few of these I noticed...

Rude Train Guy - I've been watching this guy for years and it never fails ( I might end up in a commuter rant so I apologize now ) Everyone has a place they generally stand in while we wait for the train to show up and this guy ALWAYS stands off to the back and out of the way of commuters passing by until...the second the doors are about to open! Then it's like a mad dash to beat everyone he can onto the train.

Is this a game or are you just one of the rudest commuters ever?

Now for those of you that have to ride the WCE know they have all of these funky westernlike posters and even a contest once a year to educate people on riding the train in a non-rude fashion from people that have there headphone volume so high we can hear your music, talking on the phone while people are quietly SNORING and DROOLING, Chatty ones and Seat Savers.

Headphone volume?? If I like your music I'm not complaining and might even sing along. If I don't then I'll just try and tune you out.

Phone Talkers?? I don't mind so much as long as the conversation isn't full of "OMG I know!" and "Like" 50,000 times and it would be so much nicer if you put them on speakerphone so we could hear their side of the conversation instead of guessing. Although it does lead into a fun game of Mad Libs Vocal Style.

Snoring & Drooling?? You guys are actually enertaining, we've played the how long until it breaks game ( gross I know, but fun! )and I've had the person next to me do the head loll and rest it on my shoulder it's kinda cute...unless you drool on me then all bets are off.

Chatty ones?? It's all good! Unless it's Monday and I'm sleepy which equates to cranky and you sound like a hyena when you laugh then please just...shut...up...

Seat Savers?? Now you guys piss me off because when I make it on the train with 5 mins to spare and there are no seats except the one that has your rolling luggage ( UGH ROLLING LUGGAGE ) sitting on the seat, you're asked "is anyone sitting there?" and you say yes I'm waiting for someone and then!.. AND THEN!!! No one shows up and your fucking luggage has a seat of it's own!!! ( Ok breathe...) you should just be bitch slapped have your bag thrown out the open doors when it stops and let the rest of us commute in peace with a seat.

So this stuff applies to The Skytrain or Bus, they come with smells too though that no one wants to deal with so I try to stay away from them.

Ok enough from me I got sidetracked from the main purpose of today's blog...maybe next week!

See Ya