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Monday, July 28, 2014

Is It Fall Yet? Please, Please, Please!

A whole new week and Photo I love that!

This past one has been interesting. tis the season for my cats to bring home presents none of us wants, the dogs to continuously bark at things they should know by now NOT to bark at. Bean has upgraded to 6 snakes and won't give me one, the selfish little brat. There's still a hedgehog and the frogs are still alive...I...think anyway!

 They are not in my care but I'm sure I hear Eddie and the Cruisers hooting at night.

Hmmm I forgot the spiders...I'm sure many of you are glad for that.

 I think the zoo rundown is because last week when I was getting ready for work I could hear chittering, very loud chittering out back. It turned out that our neighbours have been catching the Raccoons that have been running around the area. Now usually I see Bandit, the one who's scared of everyone but me. He seems to like me actually, anyway after going out onto the porch looking into their yard I could see 3 Raccoon's One large (Mama) and 2 babies hugging her, looking very worried.

Well they were worried because the chittering was coming from the cage that was holding her 3rd baby and every time Mama Coon walked away this poor thing screamed for her. The week before that they caught the Father Coon ( I'm thinking that was Bandit ) and relocated him but how do you relocate a baby without it's mother?

It made me so sad, almost as sad as not being able to adopt EVERY SLED DOG UP FOR ADOPTION IN PEMBERTON!

OK sorry that got away from me.

I need to win the lottery or something and build things to house them all!

My family is mentally and virtually slapping me right now.

I'll stop...but they were cute...soooo cute!

So I know we're still in the middle of Summer but Fall is my favourite season and so many things are going to happen!

1) My youngest will finally be old enough where I am no longer legally responsible for her. 19 not far away.
2) We get to start planning for our 2nd Annual Halloween Party! Very excited about that.
3) That means putting together a costume ( Woooo Hoooo) Steampunk Pirate Aye
4) Moving...which excites me to no end!
5) Anything else I can fit in between now and the end of Oct.

Lots of changes ahead, things to do and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it!

That's it for now!

See Ya

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Am I Still Mom?

Hello Lovlies,

My question this week is Am I still Mom?

The weekend was entertaining as Bean and her man Allan showed me and Lo how to play Mario Kart...the drinking game. Now there was a time when drinking games only consisted of games like Caps, Quarters, Asshole ect... now these kids can turn anything into a drinking game like 10,000 or Crib and they strive to do so! The rules for Mario Kart Don't Drink and Drive ( that's what I call it ) are few but in the end it makes you drink your beverage so fast that after the first couple of rounds you just can't drive. In this game you can't physically drink while driving your cart. If you stop your cart, get shot out of a Cannon, fall of the edge or are stopped in any fashion you can drink but besides that you are not allowed.

You guys are young, Mom and Auntie have not been get hammered drinkers for some years now. We know how to pace ourselves and drink socially on occasion and thus the hangovers are few.

 Unless you're Lo and the Viking in her raises it's head and accepts the challenge. Which it did and she felt it the next morning just a bit.

So to prevent us from being useless afterwards they changed the game to Mario Party! A bit slower but still fun! Why Mario and his gang of friends are used as something to get your drink on to I don't know but apparently the kids or young adults think it's the perfect lead into blissful alcohol annihilation. On top of that more than one of them can be sleeping and still win *cough Allan and Danny cough*

Besides that the Zoo always gives me some entertainment whether they are there or not. Like the King of Random Mr. Fluffy who was randomly trying to make me offers on my soul, now that's not an offer you get everyday and as he went on Lo determined that he must have been a used car salesman in a past life. You know the ones that looked like Herb Tarlek from WKRP In Cincinnati? I agree! Paige has quickly become part of the fold and  is working on a film set doing makeup and building exciting things that make me so giddy and I can't wait to see how far she goes.

T is working in her element...a BAR were she can be her positive, fun social self and smile the tips right into her pocket. My girl Sese is coming into her own and blowing people away with her new sense of self and that's a long time coming.

Some of you have fallen along the way but picked yourselves up and kept moving forward and that has made me proud. I love it when you prove people wrong because in essence you're proving me right and my faith in you that you can achieve what you desire which makes me all warm and fuzzy inside...except the for the one who wants to buy my soul.

Give up there is no offer you can make me!

Hmmm...I guess I answered my question...I am Mom

See Ya

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Grimm Season Finale Review by Fluffy

This is not normal but could be if I get stuff like this often.

This was sent to me by an VERY BIG fan of Grimm who just watched the whole season in a weekend and decided that he didn't like the way it ended, was VERY opinionated and vocal about it so if you sensitive to the language don't read any further. ( Ya right )

I know your not but I'm calling this a review by unedited review I have to say...

Dear Writer Of NBC,

I have just finished watching Season 3 of Grimm and am writing to tyou to say WHAT THE FUCK. How can you end a season like that, dont clarify anything, the fucking least you could do was show how Wu reacted after he saw the book with the Wesen in it, or end it with Trubel Being ripped apart shes the worst character of them all you could have made hellen kellar a grimm and she would still be better then TRUBEL, how can you end with I DONT KNOW. that has to be the worst fucking ending in all of history you leave us with nop clarity and have to wait till fucking october to find out, I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD i will make it my lifes goal to FUCKING END ALL OF YOU if season 4 has a terrible premier like the ending like season 3. You can mess around with any characters you want why pick the two most popular character, Hellen kellar could have wrote a better season ending then all of you have. You deserve to be Tar'd, Feathered, shot in each knee caps and then publicly hung. please just go die and let someone else write the rest of the show.

That is all.....

P.S do us all a favor and just jump off a cliff head first

Fluffy breathe...take a pill and calm down ( take a pill? I haven't said that in forever! )

Fill your mind with shows like Game of Thrones and Orange is the New Black to ease your crazy Fluffy mind. It'll be OK.

See Ya.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Fun in too Much Sun?

Hi Lovelies!

   I hope you had a great week!

   Not much all because it is just too HOT. Days are OK especially when at work because there is air conditioning all day and in the city it's not too bad as I've said before.  Although on the Skytrain it was so hot I felt claustrophobic and just wanted to get off. When you get on the WCE there's air con again Woo Hoo! Until you get off of that and get hit by a wall of heat that makes you sweat in 2.3 seconds but still, you get home whether you walk or drive and it's kind of bearable because it's the cooling down part of the day, now if you don't have air con in your home it's the nights that are the worst and if you do have it well then... I just hate you, you lucky bastards.

   I'm also one of those people that no matter how hot she is, has to sleep covered up... and why you ask? I HAVE NO IDEA! Probably because as a kid we never had screens on our windows and would sleep with them wide open and you know what... "I hate bugs!" and with an allergy to mosquitoes I would stay covered to avoid being dinner and just can't kick the habit. As soon as the sun goes down they come out like a squadron, flight pattern and all and it's like they know I'm allergic because they attack swiftly and repeatedly. The next thing you know I have welts the size of golf balls and you have a bunch people smacking each other and themselves until they can't take it anymore just because inside is 10 degrees hotter than outside.

   Let's not forget there's always that one that while you're trying to fall asleep it buzzes around your head all night trying to eat your face but you don't hear it until it's almost IN your ear or your eye then there you are smacking yourself in the head. Wake up and go to school with bruises on your face and they think your parents beat you.

Oh ya those were the days my friends.

  At least if your cold you can layer stuff on and warm up but when your hot you can only go so far. It's not like you can peel your skin off or anything and that would just be gross but so is too much heat.

Enough bitching about the heat! I love that it's so beautiful and dry and bright even through the heatstroke and the possible West Nile.

   You might get 2 blogs this week because there are the websites I was talking about last week that I'm going to tell you about and for a young man that has a fascination with Grimm who finally watched the season and LOST HIS MIND. He wrote a letter to the writers and as soon as I get the whole letter I'll show you how much of a fan Fluffy is.

He's a big fan....a big fluffy fan.

Oh Boy...

Have a good one!
See Ya

Monday, July 7, 2014

A Little Bit Of Everything Even Clowns...

Oh it's Monday again, although I posted last week on a Wednesday...I think anyway. Now it's Monday!

I'm surprisingly chipper today even though most Mondays are a stay away from me zone until I've had about 5 cups of coffee. Maybe the weekend rain helped before we go back to the hot temps making for a beautiful July.

Ugh...I'm even too chipper for myself to handle.

How were the last few days? Pretty good! Lazy yet productive not necessarily in that order.

Bean brought home 2 more snakes, like the other 3 weren't enough but they are pretty cool and one of them is the biggest one yet in the house and her name is Xena ( yes I used to LOVE that show ) and Damien not Damien as she says because she wants to change his name so he's DND to me now, so they reside with Dr. Kinky MD, Julius Squeezer, and Matilda ( Big Mama I call her ). Now though she is not the biggest one anymore, but come on B the Spiders are being neglected. Not that you should get more because your Auntie Lo might jump out the window and run screaming into the night and straight into the arms of carnivorous Squirrels. (Long story)

I spent time writing and editing yesterday and that felt really good because I've been neglecting that part of my life as new things I'm interested in, want to learn and explore in regards to costuming and fabrication. When you watch shows like Heroes of Cosplay and Face Off it makes a girl want to get messy. So crafting and playing with different mediums has been leading the way. My laptop got so much use yesterday that I think it had a stroke and needed a rest. I was almost scared when I went and turned it on this morning thinking that I was just going to see a blank screen but I didn't. It's all good.

Oh and to my boy Craig who posted a video of a guy in a terrifying clown suit that purposely scares the crap out of people with his creepy clown face and creepy music box. F**K You! That was disturbing and I hate you for it because after it started I COULD NOT look away and found myself screaming RUN and NOPENOPENOPE to everyone that encountered this guy in the video. You know what I want to see though...

The one person that didn't go running and chased that psycho down instead! You know turn the tables and see if he got scared. To see the look of shock on his creepy face would be awesome!

Where's that video?

Oh something new! I have a couple of sites I was asked to check out and one that wasn't but I will anyway because it was mentioned to me and I'm curious. That is super cool because they asked me which is also super odd because they asked me, whatever I'll go with it and I'm glad to. So besides all of the work I'm piling on myself it feels like I have 4 jobs.

I guess I do.

OK Guys have a good Monday and stay out of trouble or get into it and tell me about it.

See Ya

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Monsters, Make-up and a Hotter Than Hell Canada Day

Yesterday was Canada Day!

As well as Holy Crap it's HOT Day! Maybe not as hot as the title but close enough.

With projected temps were 30+ and waiting for the scorching sun to frankly stop scorching me when I poked my head out the back door was a long and boring affair and then I remembered that I was asked to check out a website and blog about it.

So I did!

A few days ago while perusing Twitter ( my fave Social Media outlet ) I had favourited a tweet from @monstermagicmag  where I'm sure via auto reply they said thank you for favouriting their tweet. Linked in the tweet was a website   and they asked me to cruise their page.

There I would find places to submit fantasy horror videos, stuff from many Cons ( Comic Con, Wonder Con etc...) and games. So today I registered and logged in for full use of the site. Are also videos related to make-up artistry that I'm sure a few people that I know involved in that industry would love to see and would find useful. I saw many Cosplayers I recognize/follow too.

I'm a Fantasy Horror fan so you can bet I will be checking out many videos that can be submitted to them if you register and it's free!

 So @monstermagicmag I have bookmarked you and added you to things I like to look at and I'm sure I will have more to say about.

After taking that break and attempting to go out back again I noticed how quiet it was. We have a back yard that faces South so we get the sun all day and the deck get HOT. You can feel the heat through your shoes so walking on it barefoot is not an option but yet our 3 dogs are all laying on the deck ( there was shade available ) panting and drooling. As I'm shaking my head at the dogs I see the 3 cats are all ripping their fur out as they lay on the hot black shingles that cover my roommates Harley shed. Even as I tried to get them in the house for a drink of water or anything to lay in front of a breezy fan they just laid there baking, panting and blinking at me.

The thing with our house is that it's not too bad during the day but you want to rip your skin off at night. I'm one of those people that has to cover up with a blanket no matter how hot it is and then swelter. That's only the beginning! That was the first really hot day we've had yet and I saw almost full body sunburns, ( Sorry for laughing Lobster boy! ) because they were NOT protected.

After the sun disappeared behind a cloud for a bit it was safe to go outside and apparently catch the BBQ on fire and almost melt the table. Glad to say it wasn't me this time! After dinner and a couple of the kids went to the fireworks, it was quiet time in the house

I hope you had a good Canada Day and for my American family and friends I hope your 4th of July is awesome. For the rest of you wherever you are if you have days of celebration coming up in the next week I hope it's a good one!

See Ya