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Monday, August 18, 2014

NOT Just Another Manic Monday

Happy Monday!

You think I'm drunk don't you? I'm not though, usually Monday's are just the 'get back into the rhythm of the work week' transitional day that almost always sucks and since I work this week and then I'm off on holidays...this is a Monday I can handle. Next Monday though Bean will be 19 and I might cry or maybe sniffle a bit.

Yesterday we went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy and considering all of the murmurs and uncertainty about the release of the film I enjoyed it! Alot actually and even some people cried...not me but sitting in between Blondunicorn and Bean if I had a box of tissues they would have been gone. I can't wait for the sequel and at least I'll have many other movie releases to keep me occupied until then.

It was a good time though!

We noticed though who the true Marvel believers are in the theater. Once the credits started rolling Allan and Bean got up to leave me and BU stayed firmly planted in our seats along with about half the theater until the final credits were done and the cut-scene was shown. I'm not going to spoil it but it you grew up in the 80's the final scene will remind you of something that was surprisingly big back then and now I don't know why! On the same trip down memory lane on Sat night I fell asleep watching Masters of the that was a flashback.

It was also a week for people to get over their fears like I watched BU get over her fear of Snakes by holding Zena the largest of the 6 Bean has! She must be about 4 feet long and a thick girl but she did it and we were proud of her for it! My other Blonde bestie is about to embark on home ownership and although the fear is more her husbands than hers that's a big giant step to take and it's been a long time coming. I can just see him with the pen though to the sign papers and in his head he's chanting "Omg Omg Omg".

That's it for me right now! I'm on my own in the office this week and my lunch break is over just like Monday almost is!

Have a great week!
See Ya

Monday, August 11, 2014

What To Do, What To Do?

Hello Lovelies!

As most of you know I have a job that I don't think is for me anymore and in trying to find out what is for me I have found so many options that could be good for me moving forward. I ran into someone I used to work with on Friday one of the few I really miss from my old company and she reconfirmed that I should just go for what I want and do what I have to to get there. She said it was too late for her but it wasn't too late for me. That had me thinking alot over the weekend about what it really is that I want to do, that I'd enjoy doing and feel good about so I thought I've always wanted to be in the TV and Film Industry, not in front of the camera but instead doing things that make a story come to life in pictures. At the same time I want to be a writer so why not combine the two and look into Script-Writing...again.

I had looked into it years ago but never went any further than staring at the application forms for various programs. I did read books on the subject that's when I realized there is a whole lot more to writing something that people are going to act out than what people are going to read and envision inside their head. There is a degree of difficulty in each just on completely different levels. You really can't compare the 2.

I guess I figured I didn't have the time with the kids and everything to do it but as I've said before... I have the time now. There is a certain degree of fear though and I always tell people to go after what they want in life and fight for it if it's going to make you happy so I guess I should take my own advice!

Sometimes though you have to do what you don't want to do in order to find a way to do something you'll love doing in the end.

OK that's that so now what?

The hunt is on for classes or online courses to get this done because this ( what I do now ) is not what I want my life to be full of. These are happy thoughts! As much as I come home form work looking for the whiskey bottle for that 1 shot that burns away the awful day sometimes. ( It's probably good there isn't one lately ) Most of the time I can leave the office at the office and that's a good thing right?

Time to start the new phase now. I get a week off at the end of this month and my efforts will be concentrated on finding what I need to move forward. I know it won't be an easy road, I can't give up and let it slip away either though so I'm going to dig my heels in and make that shift in an otherwise comfortable life and show my kids ( all of you ) that if you want can get it.

It might take awhile though...Bring it on...

See Ya

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I Owe It All To You

Morning Lovelies!

For those of you that had a long weekend this Aug, I hope it was a good one! It sure was WAY TOO HOT but it was good!

We BBQ'd on Sat in 35 degree heat or something stupid like that and for a cooling down dessert there was fruit soaked in Strawberry Vodka. I wish the pic was better so you could see that Marilyn Monroe is the main focus of this bottle but regardless it was pretty good! Kind of Strawberry Shortcake flavoured really...

                                                                                                                                                                            Anyway it was a good time! After a recovery period the next day, not a hangover ( for me anyway ) but more like just an exhausted feeling all day, I started thinking about how busy I am. Do you know that feeling of having so much to do and not enough time to do it but it doesn't seem like you have that much to do because you don't really need to leave the house to do it?

 I don't even know if that made sense... 

Between Writing, Blogging and Crafting along with managing everything else it all piles up. There is social media maintenance too and I put that pressure on myself though so now I have to manage it. Like the websites I was going to talk about...I went and looked at them and was interested but I can't draft a blog. If I draft it, I won't post it and as much as people say blog often I find that if I do so more than once a week that it throws me off. As long as the information is fresh in my mind or they have interested me in a way that they stay on the forefront of my brain then they get lost in the draft section.

I can Tweet it like a mad woman though because it's right now, this second!

So now I've been starting to seek out the advice of other Writers and Bloggers now I find that quite a few of them only have the 2 situations going on at once. They write and they blog but there is so much more going on in my world that it will never be just the 2. The urge to experience life, see new things and just generally be happy drive me these days and I am happy with the chaos swirling around me like a Tasmanian Devil, I'm inspired everyday by people that surround me as well as thoroughly confused by some others and their need to be cruel. the Morals of some baffle me and used to make me angry but I've chosen to be happy and their decisions don't run my life...I do.

You guys inspire me everyday. My friends and family, the people I don't know other than commenting on shared interests. People I've known for years and only Poke once in a while help me strive to be more.

All of you drive me. Crazy sometimes but still drive me...

So for now I can try to keep you entertained and promise that if I'm going to review something I'm just going to do it and post it right away no if and's or but's. Keep sending me your words of encouragement and randomness! 

I love the randomness and the craziness and the weirdness.

Keep it coming and thank you for helping me

See Ya