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Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Premiers, Fall Monsoons and Chicken Dogs!'s Monday and the Monsoon season as I call it has started here in the Greater Vancouver Area!

This is the time of year where you pretty much have to be a duck in order to survive the Fall months. For me though it just means that it's time to be more creative with my time spent indoors as well as my mindset.

Ok that and it's FALL PREMIER TIME!!! Oh ya I'm always excited for that...

There were a few last week like Gotham and I'm a huge Batman fan so I was excited to see where they are going to take this series because it's not actually focused on Batman himself but the eventually named Commissioner Gordon and seeing Ben Mackenzie go from shows like the OC and Southland means it might just make it, for a while anyway but I myself like the show so far and Jada Pinkette-Smith... I love that I can see her every week for a while.

We know how fickle though the audience and the networks can be and we could be blindsided by the cancellation of shows we thought were going to survive. You know what I'm waiting for...besides Sons of Anarchy that as of tomorrow we are almost 4 episodes into the last season and I'm a bit horrified and confused because I don't know what's going to happen, is American Horror Story Freakshow starting Oct 8 and The Walking Dead Oct 12.

Why do they put everything on Sundays? My PVR might throw up because there is so much going on. I'll miss you Ray Donovan your season finale last night opened the door for Revenge my guilty pleasure.

One thing I love about the 10-13 episode seasons is that they have to pack as must story, action or drama into each episode that it keeps you hooked and very few shows can do that. I still have my full season shows too that I love and sadly I've heard that this will be Supernaturals last season as well. On a recent website posting  though I read that if the ratings hold then the show could go on!

That would make me very happy!


So as I look out at the rain, lots and lots of rain and hope that my basement doesn't flood because of a poor drainage problem out back. I picture my dogs acting like giant chickens that will melt if touched by rain ( especially the Terriers the pansies ) I can't wait to get home, dry off and be warm because anyone who's been here in BC at this time of the year knows that even with an umbrella we're getting soaked no matter what.

You guys that have to work outside are Superstars! I would hate it.

Ok back to my cave I go and hope that all of you everywhere are having a good Monday!

Next week and for the month of Oct it's will be the costume parade! Cute, weird, scary!! They'll be here.

Have a good week!

See Ya

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Whatever Doesn't Kill Me.

Hi Guys,

I've been sick this week so there was a lack of entertainment on my part. There have been ups and downs and you know me I try to stay away from the downs! So besides the fact that my stomach tried to kill me things are pretty much exactly like that trying to kill me.

I saw a meme the other day that said

Dear whatever's trying to kill me,
I'm strong enough now

I can relate! Way too closely.

I promise to have something entertaining for you next week like maybe we can talk about...oh...I don't know something safe? Non nightmare forming? Maybe a little nightmare forming? The voices I'm apparently hearing in the room that are not coming from anyone in the room?

Maybe whatever's trying to kill me isn't done trying yet!

I've seen too many trailers for the movie Annabelle.

Who knows what will come up though..

Ok this sick girl is going to drug herself into an 8 hr coma.

See Ya

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Queefing...You Asked, I Told!

Alright...yes this is a random blog post!

Only because of yesterdays horrifying introduction to "Queefing" which until yesterday I had no idea that this existed on purpose with a official name.

Let me start by telling you how I came across this in the first place...

On Wednesdays I scan to web for Weird News now after posting about cool Inventions and some ledge jumpers dressed like priests I cam across something about a Queefing Competition. So I opened the link thinking "OK this should be weird because I've never heard of it."

Biggest...mistake...of my life... I will never get that time back and never unsee or unhear it. You know how as kids, boys would but their hand in their armpit and make farting noises? Well Queefing is the equivalent  of that only... not using a hand and being a woman using her Vajajy to make farting noises.

K... I get that sure, air travels... everywhere but what woman thought "Hey! ( As per Stuart from MAD Tv ) Look what I can do! I'm going to make a sport out of this!" and then grabs her closest girlfriends teaches them how to suck air into their vagina and force it out AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE! Now it's one thing to hear that this is done but to see it as I did...

Let me explain...

Like I said I was cruising sites looking for weird news ( this qualifies ) so I open the link and I see 2 women standing in Howard Sterns studio ( first clue that I shouldn't have been there ) . Everything is fine and they're talking about themselves and what they do ect. Next shot one of the girls in her bra and panties we'll say, lightly squatting. What caught my eye though was the guy holding the microphone, between her legs and wearing a surgical mask because really... who wants to be in the blast zone unprotected.

 Thus the fun ( for them ) began!  This tiny girl half naked on stage starts well... bluntly Vaginal Farting and does this 93 times in 30 seconds! I have no idea if this is impressive or not and I'm sorry but I have NO FUCKING CLUE what I'm looking at here because frankly I'm stunned that this cute lil thing is doing something soooo...boy like? But boys can't do this hence the hootin' and a hollerin' from the largely male audience. So lil thing turns around to face the TV screen behind her and lo and behold the cast of Entourage is also watching her! Even they looked confused like their image of women has been shattered. She was mildly embarrassed um but why when you just did that in front of Howard Stern and friends!

On to the next woman...the competitor. She's was a bit larger than the starter girl but she had to have different positioning as in she laid down on the floor, legs spread facing the camera and the dude with the mask was also getting in position and THAT'S when I turned it off! I'd had enough. I mean I'm not one to really care what people do and I try not to judge. Even in this case I'm not judging them I just don't know why any woman would want to do that?

Because they can I guess?

 I ask again though what woman figured out she could control that function and decided to run with it? The masked guy killed me because he looked like he really didn't want to be all for this. asked...I told and there you have it. My introduction to Queefing...

may we never discuss this again.

See Ya!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Girls Day Out, Pulled Pork and a Meteor?

Hello Lovelies!

This is more of a Weekend Wrap Up! Only really concerns one day but meh...whatever.

Saturday was a stellar day for me and with those being so few and far between I felt I had to share. Saturdays are the only day of the week where the men are gone and the girls have the whole house to ourselves. So with that we start our day out with morning coffee out on the deck and usually me, Sese, Bean and Blondunicorn having our morning chat.

What happened last night?
What's going on today?
Who's doing what to who?
and for some reason we always end up talking about this normal?

It is for us it is!

So our day started out with a plan. I had been talking all week about making Pulled Pork in the slow cooker so we set out to go shopping for ingredients. We had a plan to stop at the neighbourhood PUB for lunch but oh look... There's McDonald's! So that's what we did.

On the way back full of giggles and food we headed for home, once we got there though hmmm...mommy lost her shit!

Our dogs are never ever not that they haven' been left alone before but it's very very rare that there is no one home. That being said I opened the door and they had garbage trailing from one end of the house to the other. I knew which dog started it ( Whiskey ) which dog aided ( California ) and which dog thought screw it I'm in ( Smokey ) needless to say...within seconds they were all hiding under something when I saw it. The 4 of us cleaned up the mess...everywhere and then Bean and I started on the Pulled Pork by the seat of our pants. All I can say is that an entire 2litre of A&W Rootbeer was the base of this recipe and we were concerned at first with what we put together but it was the best Pulled Pork I have EVER made!

I've only made it twice! I made sure to canvass the entire house for feedback and it was all good!

Note to self though...never put potatoes somewhere you don't usually put them won't see them for a few months. Sese and Lo got quite the kick out of Bean and I trying to handle that messy problem.

Thank god they didn't have a camera recording...

So after the food buzz and the house quiet Lo and I are outside talking about the day when in the sky I saw something wink into existence that was ON FIRE! Blue ball, red flaming tail is streaking across the dusky sky. I snapped out of it with enough time to frantically get Lo to turn around and she saw the big blue ball with a golden tail of sparks right before it winked out. All of that in maybe...10 seconds! I was shocked because where we live you just don't see that and for me to catch it was AWESOME! It reminded me of how small we are though and that space FREAKS ME OUT!

In all of the excitement though, it was the cherry on my Sundae of the day.

You guys rock!

See Ya

Monday, September 8, 2014

It's A Musical Monday Embrace The Rhythm!

Hi Lovelies!

Have you ever been so obsessed with a song and you just HAD to find it? What did we do without the Internet back then?

I don't even listen to the radio anymore. Sometimes it's Internet radio but mostly it's stuff that's sent to me or songs I hear in movies or TV shows. I was explaining to a friend that I listen to music in 3 different ways.

1. The rhythm -- When I'm not paying attention,  just listening when the rhythm and beat trickle in but I don't pay much attention until  I get this feeling in my chest that grabs hold and pulls me towards the sound.

2. The chorus -- Once I tune in on that part of the song I feel more connected to it and I can determine whether I want to listen to the whole song because they never play the whole thing or they mix it up a bit and put verses in other places for the effect of what your watching.

3. The lyrics --  This is always the last thing I listen to the chorus will generally give me something to relate to but the lyrics make up my mind. You can have a song wait and amazing beat but if the lyrics are uncalled for I'll say then it doesn't matter how good the rest of it is then I won't want to listen to it.

Then after all of that there's the chase...the hunting down of that song that generated FEELS (as Sese would say) and I mean a hunt sometimes it takes hours even days to find that song because you don't know the name of the song or the name of the artist in order to track it down. Now there are probably much simpler ways to find this stuff out and I'm almost positive that I do it the hard way but more often than not I'll find it...except that one song from a SKINS trailer that for the life of me I can't find ANYWHERE!

I brought this up because on for me it's Music Monday for my Twitter feed and on the weekend I re-watched Hollowman. Lo and behold there was a song in the movie that I fell for right away Sunna-Power Struggle and I found it rather easily ( thank you Youtube ) now...I'm obsessed with the song.

You wouldn't know it but I like most of my music on the heavier side, thanks to being a metal head 80's teen. I appreciate and love all forms of music though and listen to pretty much everything...

Because of this I end up exposed to music that isn't main stream or I'll listen to it before it becomes that way. I love Underground radio and music by some Celebs that you wouldn't even know had a band like Jada Pinkette-Smith and her band Wicked Wisdom or Juliette Lewis - Juliette and the Licks.

And with all of that this music creates Soundtracks for my life on a day by day basis and because I love to my kitchen...pretty much anywhere. I have to control myself when commuting sometimes because I would be full on dancing on my way to work some days. Even if I'm in a horrible mood my music pulls me though it which is a good thing for everyone in the long run.

There is a song for everything and every mood so I urge you to embrace it full and completely and if you ever have music that I might like let me know!

Have a great week!

See Ya

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How Can You Go Wrong With Velvet???

Hello Lovelies!

Did you miss me? Just a little? I hope so!

I was off for a week and I mean off of EVERYTHING Social Media related...except Facebook which I think is almost impossible to ignore for that long. So instead of it being my least used media this week it was my most used.

So sad that the end of Summer is coming but I love the Fall and the cooler weather. Last week was awesome temperature wise so Lo and I baked and slow cooked ourselves and the family to comfy food coma happiness for a few days. Peanut ( grandbaby boy ) kept me entertained and we discussed the upcoming seasonal events with tons of excitement until Lo and her...

Lo- Guess what Steph!
Me- What Lo! (smiles)
Lo - Only 18 more weeks until Christmas!
Me - (smile fades) I hate you.

 Helped my other Bestie on Friday move some things into her beautiful new Townhouse.

HEY! not sure if any of you remember the age of Velvet Paintings but she has one that she got from her parents when she moved out and it brought back the weirdest memories of my childhood!

It looks like this...

Is that not the coolest looking thing??? So She loves it, I do too...various random people like the carpet guy putting in her new carpet loved it! The only one who doesn't like it... is her husband so he put it in the basement...that she is scared to go into because it creeps her out...which is funny and mean at the same time if you saw how much she dislikes the basement. Still the painting is so cool and it's sad that it's stuck in the dark. I'm sure it will see the light soon enough though.

Well I hope so anyway!

Besides all of that I had fun hanging out with my girls having strange conversations that make me wonder where they come up with some stuff and as weird as it gets they have perfectly legitimate reasons for thinking the way they do. I miss T though, I don't see her much and wish I saw her more but what can you do right?

So now I'm back in the real world again, behind a desk, tapping a keyboard and really hating every minute of it...

time for something new...

Have a great week!
See Ya