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Monday, April 27, 2015


Hello Lovelies!

It's a craptacular Monday! Full of rain and wet socks in squishy shoes and not my idea of a good time as the wind tries to blow my umbrella inside out and the rain is sideways, I have to say but it's nothing outside of what we're used to here.

So how was your week? I'm hoping full of stuff that you got done and at least a few you didn't! Mine consisted of a few people thinking they were being smart but really they weren't and showing their immaturity in the process. Another few the opposite way that didn't think what they were doing was smart and it turned out working in their favour. It just goes to show how different people are and how they perceive things in day to day life.

This morning on the news they were talking about Happiness and what it takes ( money or otherwise ) to hit that happiness peak. Some say happiness is a state of mind and I agree! You can't stay happy all the time right? Sometimes such simple things make us happy, like a friend of mine that gets supper happy if you bring her disinfecting wipes...I know she's kind of OCD and a bit crazy at times but that's what floats her boat. Another friend that would only need a... this time anyway...for example Venti Decaf Soya Caramel Machiato extra hot ( who I owe a movie to, I remember! ) and others that get giddy from getting presented with Brownies to obtaining WOW time or growing an avocado tree.

Sometimes it's easy to achieve but the feeling doesn't last very long does it?

If we could only find that happy balance. What do you do when your happy? Try to spread it around? Dance? Annoy the not happy people with your overwhelming happiness? Sometimes happy is watching your favourite classic horror movie while eating popcorn your kid put skittles in.


I just saw way too many people this morning that were rude and dismissive when they didn't need to be, but hey who knows what they have going on right? Besides you can't make everyone happy but you can make at least one person smile.
Like the train station this morning. Packed full of people getting tickets...I didn't need to get on so I sidled along behind them trying to get to the platform when my bag hooked a big garbage can and t came crashing to the ground. The guy behind me bent down to pick it up as I turned around and asked if it was me that knocked it over. He was laughing when he said "yes it was." and me being me says  "of course it was...because it's Monday and it's me."

To my surprise a few others in the 4 lines for tickets started laughing too so at least they started their day off with with a giggle.

On those days though where you can't find the happy or the laughter just remember that it'll get better...eventually...but it will because everything is changeable, whether you know it or not.

With that said I'm going to consume even more coffee and try to make this day go as quickly as possible.

Have a great week!

See Ya

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ripped From The Pages of...

The Huffington Post...I love the Huffington Post!

Should The 'Land Of Rape And Honey' Change Its Town Slogan?

This is a Canadian story this time about a town called Tisdale in Saskatchewan...The Land of Rape and Honey!

What's that you say? 

Alas yes that is the slogan for the sleepy town where there are only 3200 residents. Now the town and slogan were created in 1958 due to the cultivation of Rapeseed ( Canola ) and Honey. They are just now thinking of changing the slogan of the town. So they should because I would not see that as an appealing tourist destination!

What caught my interest besides the name of this article was the comments that were posted by readers like this one for instance...

Tisdale: Come for the rape, stay for the honey.
Maybe that's not the change they were looking for.

I agree probably not the best change and just a disturbing sentence in general.

Or this...

Why not the land of oil and honey if the rapeseed makes oil?! Duh

I like you! You make sense and alot of these comment threads didn't and as well took a disastrous turn. 

and this one...

Bear in mind that people also named RAPESEED

Yes they did! Maybe it meant something different back then? I have no idea!

It seems that some residents have taken to defending the slogan of the town but my question is why would you want to be known for that, in that fashion anyway and have to constantly explain and defend your little town? When you go on vacation and someone asks you where your from do you say Tisdale, Sask The land of Rape and Honey? HELL NO! 

If I came from there I would never tell anybody that ever and then I'd move away.

OMG and I just noticed if you click the link and look at the town sign, in the bottom left corner...there's a Crime Stoppers sign.


What slogan would you use?

So if you want to read the whole story click the link below!

See Ya!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

As Days Go By...

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend! The weather was awesome for once and as much as I told myself that yard work would really didn' all, the thought was whisked away as soon as it entered my mind so I could just sit and soak up the sun.

Have you ever been sitting quietly and relaxing in the sun and then you notice your dog panting, then you notice it's not just one dog panting but all 3 of them. All of a sudden your temp spikes up 10 degrees because the sound of them makes you notice how hot they really are! Then your kid comes up and pours them a nice fresh bowl of water and even puts ice in it and then...none of them will drink it, they just watch the ice swirl around and melt. They prefer to lay in the sun on the hot deck and die of thirst just to soak up the rays they've been lacking and they're too happy to be outside, not cooped up in the house.

 Spring has truly sprung and any lack of rain right now is welcomed.

 I realized today that because I actually started this post yesterday, Monday seemed to fly by and with the increase of nice weather the days seem to move faster but at the same time moves the work week along so we can get to the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend I finally had the chance to try Angry Orchard Hard Cider and's all because of the advertising, the grumpy old guy and...well...I like Cider. Now because if this I feel the need this spring and summer because you know...tis the season for deck parties, that I'll have to try new things especially with so many micro breweries pumping out new products. Taste Testing is mandatory.

Ok now it's Wednesday! Um...Happy hump day? Now me being me I didn't want to have to restart my post each day so this is what you get a continuation! I don't even remember where I was going with my post on Monday but the days have progressed and here we are HUMP DAY!

Ok I'm going to cut this one short just because next thing you know it will be Thurs or Fri so I'll leave you with a random photo of...


because... it was a random pic and I've been taking alot of them lately.

Ok Guys have a great rest of the week!

See Ya

Friday, April 17, 2015

It's Smutty Time!

Before you go any further I just want to say that for the more conservative of you I will try to tone it down to workable parameters within the realm of between discrete and just down right porny. I will try...So it's here that you should chose to turn back or move full steam ahead.

 Ok just so you know...THIS IS NOT A REVIEW just a look into how Romance novels have changed since I was a kid.

My smut is usually more visual and no... not porn because frankly, it makes me laugh but I can handle alot of sex portrayed because really as a whole we are pretty desensitized to the whole aspect of sex and nudity on TV and in movies.

Now, most of the books I read do contain some aspect of sex that is pretty...let's say tame or quiet and it's been a really long time since I read any of it to this extent. Just think that with Fan Fiction ( that my oldest has expressed I should never read but she apparently has ) hitting the hard core readers I guess book reading it just seems to slid by unnoticed by me.

Until now...

I had said previously that I accidentally found this smutty book series and I use the word smutty with love. I had finished 3 running series of books that I had been reading over the years and once that happens I will look for a new author to check out. Now I don't remember how I came across Keri Arthur but I did. I love reading Fantasy/Horror and found her Dark Angel Series about a woman that is half Werewolf and half Adeh ( something like an angel ) that was the product of a mother created in a lab, so I ordered it online...anyway I'm reading along and liking the set up for the series and the first sex scene comes into view. Literally in my brain view,nowhere to hide view. When I went to buy the second book I looked where I usually do, you know where Stephen King, Deborah Harkness and Kim Harrison would be and couldn't find it. When I asked book store guy at Coles he said oh ya that's in the romance section...


I have to say that long ago are the days of the Harlequin Romance full of swollen members and heaving bosoms with flowing pirate shirts Those terms are replaced by words like engorged, thickness and slippery when wet and this branch of the story was only the beginning. If this girl ( Risa ) was to have any luck in love it was only between being kidnapped, tortured, thrown between worlds and just plain being fucked senseless. She doesn't sleep as a result and as the story goes on can't even find time to eat a steak sandwich which is all she wants as well as being stuck between 2 non human lovers.

Throughout this story there are characters that are introduced that are actually part of a series that predated the one I was reading so I figured that I should read more about them.

And I thought she was a machine.

Oh the Riley Jenson Guardian Series ...oh Riley now SHE'S THE MACHINE.

She is a half Werewolf and half Vampire but ALL hormones and I mean like ALL the time. In this series they explain more about the werewolves obsession with sex because it's part of them and how it coincides to the full moon. In Risa's story I think she had a couple at once and on a dance floor that appeared like it would be awkward. Apparently it was not.

7 days before the full moon rises they go through what they call the moon heat and heated it is. They have clubs where clothing is almost frowned upon and the dance floor is full of umm...full'd she put it?  Flesh on flesh slapping? Ya that's it.

As descriptive as it is I can't get over the stamina and recovery time these girls have. Almost the same deal as in the other series Riley gets kidnapped constantly and beaten up while the whole time several different men are trying to...impregnate her...willing or not and a couple of them don't even care if she's conscience. What fun is that? At one point she's breaking out of a facility that she's trapped in and finds a horse shifter guy that is just as hung as his horse self, something that made me a little scared for her really but she took it...all of it. They for a bit...and somehow find a way to have sex in the middle of the the street...up against a car.  In I think a 10 hour period she had 4 different lovers...4! All the while even when her brain says no her hormones form a tiny cheer squad that ignores and overrides her logic skills. Thank god that werewolves heal so quickly.

These stories are set in Australia and it's funny because when I read them now as silly as it seems the words have an accent. I do like the stories though and all the smut is a bonus but how is this a romance novel? There is no romance, romance contains sweet caresses, soft kisses and words like making love.

This... is... not romantic but part of you starts thinking hey...I need to go to Australia.

Overall I really like the series and if that's what you're into Felicia Day has a You Tube channel called Vaginal Fantasy that does book reviews on just this sort of stuff. I'm not sure where these books will take me but I have Blondunicorn hooked now and the road is wide Riley's legs.

OK guys! Have a good weekend!

See Ya.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Animal House Buffet...I Think Not!

Welcome back Lovelies!

So just when I thought that this years Spring run of weird animal stories in my zoo was going to be a bust I woke up this morning to an interesting story.

Now it used to be that I would let Cali my Aussie Cattle dog roam the house at night because she is always on patrol. She likes to pace the house at night and I like to think she's checking all the doors and you know... protecting us. On more than one occasion she has caught raccoon's, stray cats and birds coming in the windows which would then result in the whole upstairs portion of the house being scared awake as her high pitched shrill barking would have us shooting out of bed running into walls with weapons because we weren't fully awake yet. So... for that alone we stopped letting her roam at night.

A few years back my cat Oz had been attacked by Coyotes which I wouldn't have known except for Cali the super dog jumping on the bed and barking. Yup she had Oz's back that day and I woke up chased them off twice and then my injured cat hid under the couch for 3 days, well this morning Choo woke up, does his regular thing in the morning, made coffee getting ready for the day and then heard a noise. When a streak of fur running at 100 mph that turns out to be one of our cats came barreling in the house ( And she's girthy so her barreling is something to see ), he thought she was bringing a rat in the house because they do that and kitties...mama doesn't want your presents. Then a second cat came screaming in the window and he knew something was off.

Unfortunately a dead rat was not the case this time as he went to investigate and there...with it's head in the kitchen window...was a coyote. Ballsy lil things they are.

Our back porch is gated off but more often than not the gate is left open because it never stops the raccoons anyway who just think it's party time on our back deck at 3 in the morning raiding the green waste. We even have a Squirrel ( Spider squirrel I call him ) that scales the walls of our house for...wait for it...bananas! Have you ever seen one carrying off a banana the size of itself? It's pretty funny.

This Coyote though was unfazed at a human man frozen in shock staring at him. As Choo tries to shoo the skinny furry beast off the deck, it doesn't seem to care much about the man yelling at him to go away and decides as it's going that it's going to drag one of my plant pots that I am trying to grow herbs in, off with it. It's not a small pot and Choo who knows me well enough to know that when it comes to my plants and destroying them...well...your death will be swift.

 So with that urgency riding on the back of the shock of having A COYOTE IN THE WINDOW...he shooed it away and then as he was doing so noticed the other one standing guard. I wish I saw them so I could tell if they were the same ones that attacked my cat and at the same time I know they are looking for food and there is nowhere for them to go but don't come to my house! We have enough! I'm so glad Cali wasn't out roaming for that, I mean what if she was and either it jumped in or she jumped out? Something very bad would have happened!

Note to self...install a video camera on the deck just so I can watch what happens at night.

I get up hear this story and warily let the dogs out this morning and as usual the 2 male terriers ( Jack Russell & Pitbull ) go out, do their thing and come inside in a timely manner not caring about the air around them but oh no...not California...she's tracking them and sniffing every corner they touched and checking every cat. She's aware now and that's trouble.

So!...that is the first event of animal behaviour this season and I'm sure not the last.

Have a great week!

See Ya!

P.S. I didn't forget about the smutty book thing and yes there will be a deep discussion about that next time!

Feel free to comment or Subscribe!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ripped From The Pages Of

The Metro UK!

Anyone that knows me knows how I feel about Zombies, and no not our beloved Walkers but just plain undead ickers. It's bad enough when the Zombie Walk hits Vancouver streets and I just pray that I don't run into one because I might have a panic episode and attack the poor sap.

Yes...I know...they're not real. They still look gross and creepy and gross. I think I mentioned some time ago too about a documentary I watched where it said that they are playing with the concept of a zombie virus using rabies as a's like just watching that documentary was foreshadowing.

Now...the reason for this Zombie rant is this -

The Generation of Z is the latest zombie scare attraction to hit London, and it’s terrifying


Ok I know they have attractions like this in other places and this is not here, near me, in any way but how long before it is! Ugh...they creep me out almost as much as clowns but you know...clowns exist and totally could slip out from under your bed and brutally murder you, but I digress!

So it seems that the scene is set in an old disused department store in East London and already I don't want to even think about going in. The article itself is talking about the transformation of one of the actors portraying the  flesh eating beasts as he gets ready to scare the crap out of people. 

Nope nope nope never in a million years would you catch me in there. Ever. For those people though that like that sort of scare tactic then by all means have at it and I'll be home checking under my bed.

To read the full article click the link below!

Have a great Hump Day!

Monday, April 6, 2015

We Went, We Saw, We Bought Stuff!

Hello Lovelies!

I hope your Easter weekend was as good as mine was because Fan Expo was were I was! You know this already because my countdown started about 3 weeks before.

There was a constant buzz of energy on the way downtown. Me and the girls B, Sese and Blondunicorn hopped on the bus and took off to the city for a day of fun. The ride was almost torture getting there though, it's a ride I take everyday to work so I'm used to it. Lo on the other hand hasn't been on public transit for hmmm...I don't know over 20 years and she asked for a barf bag at one point. We get off the bus and I show them the Trump Tower that is causing all the problems they see in the news and really because there is no way to not see the looming building, it's massive! We split off from Sese and hit the first Starbucks we see because the wind coming off of the water is freezing.

After Latte's and a White Chocolate Mocha are in hand we brave the wind and head to the Convention Center. We get our tickets and on the way to the coat check we see Captain Jack and Loki having a wonderful conversation that made absolutely no sense because they were both in character. I have to say it definitely felt bigger than it was last year. So many more people to push yourself through and that brings me to ways to prepare for that kind of an outing.

First...take your 19 year old daughter with you.

Second...feed that kid while she has a meltdown about a $9 hot dog and swear to take snacks next year.

Third...follow said 19 yr old as she gets your pedestrian rage about 10x worse than you do.

Fourth...take your time as she elbows people out of the way creating a path for you and the newbie ( Blondunicorn ) to wade through.

Fifth...let that girl find all the shortcuts to get back into the convention so she doesn't have to walk all the way around the building to get back in after she's had enough people and wants to go outside in the first place.

She was funny to watch because she was so excited the whole time but needed to keep moving. We took in many sights and sounds, checked out celebrity panels I SAW WILLIAM SHATNER! Tyrese, Lori and Hershel from The Walking Dead, Stephen Amell and JOHN BARROWMAN and Carrie Fisher! Just to be that close to them was amazing for me!

There was a trio dressed as Loki, Thor and Heimdall as as they progressed around the room and they got separated all you would hear was "Loki! My brother!" and you would see 2 set of horns move with great speed through the crowd for a photo op like this!

And with that, this year I asked people to pose for pics and that wasn't something I would normally do. It's expected here though and highly encouraged.

I've wanted a Wonder Woman t-shirt since I was 9 and now I have one plus a Batman T along with a few prints from artists that I'll follow the progress of like Hugh Rookwood from Chozen Studios and Mervyn Mckoy from Paper Lab Studios.

You can check the Scenic tab above for more pics! Overall I had a great day and although I'm still learning about the Convention workings I have another goal next year to see more Q&A's and workshops. This was only the fourth year for Fan Expo and every year it should get bigger and bigger with help from those of us that have now committed to the yearly event.

Until next year FEV!

Have a great week!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ripped From The Weird Pages of...

This week it's the Huffington Post again!

Now I did scan several other weird pages and sometimes a story just jumps out at you and it brings back memories.

 Well this one did because...

Snow Kone Joe vs. Mr. Ding-A-Ling Ice Cream Truck Battle Brought To A Halt By Judge

I remember being a kid and when the Ice Cream truck tunes were heard we all lost our ever-loving minds! Where I grew up was a giant cul-de-sac, simply massive with a row of houses in the middle of it so the Dickie Dee truck had a large circuit to drive really slow and make us chase him for Rocket Pops and Pac Man and Ghost sorbet like things with a gumball eye and giant freezies! 

He would have to drive slow because the 10 or so of us would have to sprint to our houses to get the money first and then go find the truck! Oh that brings back sticky memories, we were too little to eat it all before it would end up running down our arms and dying us lovely streaked colours that our parents would have to soak us for an hour to get rid of.

And who could forget Eddie Murphy with  his Ice Cream bit that we could ALL relate to back then and even now as it goes through my head I can see him in my head in his leather outfit or was it vinyl? Who cares it was CLASSIC!

OK enough of memory lane and on to the weird!

So basically 2 Ice Cream Trucks ( Snow Kone Joe & Mr. Ding_A_Ling ) were in a bit of a Turf war in Gloversville, New York involving one stalking and harassing the other. Really? Does this involve driving realllly slowly behind the other one in a slow paced menacing manner? Low balling each others prices to steal consumers? Is there not enough children for the both of you? This sounds like a bad B-Rated horror movie with a body in the ice cream freezer or a really funny low grade comedy which I think both have actually been done already.

Now I'll be looking for movies involving ice cream trucks...great.

I've noticed over the many years that you barely even see an Ice  Cream truck anymore, at least not here where I live in BC. Here on the very rare occasion that you do see one they crawl even more  slowly just hoping that someone will turn up to buy a $6 frozen treat and in this day and age unless they take debit or credit who's got the change to give their kid? 

Do we even trust the ice cream man? Person? Whichever?

After being charged in 2013 Snow Kone Joe says he was humiliated because the case went Worldwide and after the charges now being dismissed will he still have the business? Will he have to retire a failed Ice Cream Man?

As odd and as  short this story was it just reminded me of being that carefree kid who had to spend the time outside because there was nothing worth staying inside for...until Atari and other game systems started to emerge that stole my tween years and part of my adulthood. My teen years were all trouble... I should have stuck to video games and other mind occupying things, like now.

Ok guys have a great Easter weekend! I know I will!

See Ya!