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Monday, September 28, 2015

Just A Little Road Trip

Hello Lovelies,

It's one of those days where things feel a bit... off. I have to say that the week was productive and I'm glad that it was. Still working on the first Freelance Friday post along with moving forward consistently when it comes to writing and many other things that are on the go but it almost feels like I've made no headway.

You know me by now and most of the time there is always something I'm excited to say especially at this time of year but I feel heavy in the head today. There is so much going on destructively around me and that is the heavy part, it's not that the weight of it is directed at me but I feel it none the less in the people around me going through tough things... sort of out of balance. 

Where things that end will bring about new beginnings, the ending parts are like they've been put in bold print on neon signs, advertising the end is coming. So big that no one sees any chance of inner mental survival. Now again this isn't me... at least this time and it that I'm feeling it from others in my life right now, though for many different reasons. Their sadness is loud as much as their anger ever was. The ones that don't get angry outwardly hold it in and it sits like a black cloud over head while they smile and try to make you think everything is ok. 

Kind of like with the eclipse last night, the shadow that passes over you is only temporary and I want so much for them to see that, unfortunately just like with everything else they will see it in their own time. I say what I can and do what I can but whatever is in their hearts and their minds is all that matters because sometimes as much as you want your words to help someone along, the only thing they can do is sort it out for themselves even if in some cases they go through it over and over again expecting different results, praying that things will work out and go back to how they used to be before the damage, having to get rid of things that you love because you have no other choice, being stuck inside your own head fighting with your emotions and the whole time feeling alone in it all. I have been guilty of that, no surprise there.

I'm not so cliche to say something like 'Time heals all wounds' because personally I can't stand the phrase. Most of the time it doesn't feel like it will ever get better and I've had more than one of those moments many, many times. 

It never really goes away it just sits in the backseat staring at you ominously through the rear view mirror just letting you know it's still there. For myself I can shift that focus when it happens to me and kick my own ass into gear because I refuse to look into the rear view anymore. I know it's not perfect but I pull over and kick whatever it is out on the side of the road and drive away. I had to learn that nothing can be done about the past, it can't be re-written, it can be grieved though and little by little you need to get back to who you are and who you can be. 

I feel it and hope that there is something that can make you feel better. 

Something that makes you remember that there is a reason why your still important at least to me and this is the only time I'm saying it because what I think doesn't really matter, what you think does and it's your peace of mind that needs to be addressed and handled by you.

I'm just going to keep driving just let me know when you want in on the road trip.

Have a good week.

See Ya

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

In Weird News Sex and the Paranormal

Happy Weird News Wednesday!

As I used to post WN on this day weekly and it has taken a back seat as I post chapters on CFA for Writer Wednesday instead. Now since this week I posted to CFA on Monday so that left today open for some weird news and really I've missed checking out the strange stories of the world and sharing the craziness and in honour of Halloween coming I'm going to see how weird we can get up until then.

So far this morning I have seen a story about this 

Teacher Allegedly Suggests Kid Is 'Evil, Sinister' For Being Left-Handed

Hail Satan?

Now if lefties are evil well what a way to weed them out right? Although I'd have to say that of all the people that I know that are lefties sure they can have an evil side but it being the hand that Satan uses? Would it matter to Satan if we were left or right handed? I know a hell of a lot of right handed people that could be classified as evil but to tell a 4 year old boy shit like that is ridiculous! 

Now playing along if that were true then my roomie who I'm certain should have been a lefty but was corrected at a young age for exactly the same reason to use her right hand should then in my mind have Schizophrenia or at least a multiple personality as her evil side tries to break through right? Although in her case it makes things a whole lot clearer if I go with that logic.

Hmmm Grand baby boy and his father are lefties too I guess we could be in serious trouble.

Up next...Ghost Hookers...

Ghosts in haunted building turn out to be prostitutes


Neighbors living next door to a haunted building learn that the ghosts are actually prostitutes and that the abandoned warehouse is being used as a brothel. People that live near the building reported bizarre noises (ooooh like what? moaning? grunting?), strange shadows (were they on their own? against each other?), and weird lights emanating from it (it? the building? The ghosts? the naughty bits?). These are details we need to know to prove that there is sex in the afterlife! Imaging that endless loop,  stuck in a haunting to complete over and over. I guess they wouldn't be hostile ghosts now would they? The thing is that they don't say how exactly they died. Curious...

There is too much running through my head for that one, too many questions on top of that...and this is in China now if you do click the link and read the short article I urge you to read the link in blue just underneath it about the man that convinced a woman that her vagina was haunted and that she needed a sexorcism...also in China that particular article is from a couple of years ago but the laugh factor is still least for me because who in their right mind would believe that! That there are ghosts up there?  After that whole Queefing thing that horrified me (and still does), she should have just learned how to do that and evac those ghosts herself.

Screw it here's the link to that story.

Ok that is it for the Weird News

Have a good day guys!

See Ya

Monday, September 21, 2015

Motivation Was Mine Until Today.

Good Monday Morning!

    Well we can pretend it's far!  I was really hard to wake up this morning I have to say. The getting out of bed part was decent and of the I'm up! I'm up! variety but the commute was almost tragic to my sleepy brain but I made it and stayed have dozed but no drooling because that would be awful and probably one of the main reasons I don't nap while commuting. the day is brighter now though 2 coffee's in.

How was your weekend?

Mine consisted of the movies with Bean, Allan and BU to see Ant-Man and I have to say that it wasn't bad! I had my doubts but it turned out be pretty comical. The only thing that creeped me out was all the ants ( I can't believe I just said that ) as some of them were I still have trouble looking at all of them and in 3D no less. In the ongoing ant battle we have every year not only did the movie make me feel bad for killing the little bastards it reminded me that I can handle any insect except when they are in large numbers or in the case of one ant from the movie, just large period. Now the 4 of us have a spoken rule when it comes to comic book movies and that's that we go together and this time we dressed for it regardless of whether it was a Marvel or DC movie. Me and my Batman shirt, BU with her Superman, Bean went with Deadpool and Allan with Daredevil.

Yes we like our comic book characters.

Yesterday it was the beginning of my Wall of Souls Halloween project and I wish I had special powers to speed things up but I'm going to have to take my time with this one because of the varying components and I'm hoping that it will be finished and on display in the house by Oct 1 along with all of the other decorations. Now Bean pointed out to me that lately, each year I seem to leave up one decoration and she seems to be right. A witches hat behind the TV, a spider that was hanging on a glass ball from the ceiling, a grim reaper outside the front door, there was a ghost somewhere too and of course Pirate Pete the dead pirate wall art decal that I absolutely love who welcomes anyone that comes in with his skeletal frame and toothy smile. I'm figuring that the WOS might be a permanent  addition to my defiance of Winter and X-mas by leaving up something of Halloween. Now we wanted to go simple ( and cheap ) so out popped a bag of flour and water and the makings for paper mache, strips of newspaper, a couple of skulls to start off with and my girl Buffy the rat who watched with excitement from her cage. Bean is on the sign making trail with her Bewares and hopefully a headstone or 10.

This is what watching shows like Face Off, Heroes of Cosplay and Hot Set do to a person. Eventually though I want to make stuff like this...

While I was letting the goopy strips of paper dry I caught part of the Streamy Awards and that was a first for me.

I had heard of them but never actually watched them so while I watched the show being hosted by Grace Helbig and Tyler Oakley as I ate a bag of White Cheddar popcorn, I realized that I know very little about that streaming world. I mean sure I watch My Drunk Kitchen and Good Mythical Morning, Beth in Show, Jenna Marbles, Prank vs Prank and IISuperwomanII and even iJustine once in a while but HOLY CRAP we're talking way beyond anything my limited brain would comprehend showing me yet again just how big and yet small our world really is.

I even got some gaming time in as well as writing time. I was just a little Tasmanian Devil of time management and seeing as he was and still is my fav Looney Tunes Character I'll go with that.

Oh and they are bringing the Muppets back???? To Prime time too???? It's like parts of my childhood usually left forgotten have been given new life. I don't even think my kids grew up with the Muppets...nope thinking back there was no Muppet Show for them. So that's where I'm at right now or was at.

I'm off to start this week guys! Stay creative, all tips are welcome and encouraged!

 Have a great week!

See Ya!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Moon Rising and Freelance Friday

Hello Lovelies!

Well it's Sept 14th already and time keeps on moving on. Only 3 1/2 more months of this year left and I find that the last quarter of the year moves by really quickly but I'd appreciate those of you that are already Christmas shopping and caroling to stop until after Halloween! No countdowns yet and stop asking me what I want! I have no idea and never really do.

As Fall rolls in with it's promise of comfort and coziness, energy seems to be running full tilt getting ready to cocoon ourselves. With the Autumn Equinox on the 23rd the days are still very-warm but the nights are getting cooler. Darkness comes sooner and lasts longer but that's never bothered me. I'm ok with waking up and staring at the moon while she's still high in the sky looking down as she begins her rule for the next 6 or so months. Then again I'm a moon baby and even named my oldest after a Goddess of the moon.

The leaves are beginning to turn already and aside from them filling my gutters and creating problems with the water flow, the cooler outside just makes me happy for the warmer inside, I did what I'm hoping was the last cut of the year on my lawn which didn't take much because of the dry Summer. After a week of rain we had those green blades came back with a vengeance but were easily taken care of.

Now don't get me wrong...I like Summer, I do like the bright days and the sun shining and everything in bloom repeatedly but I hate being to hot to sleep and not being able to efficiently cool down and the bugs... I hate the bugs not all of them just the pain in the ass ones you know bees, flies, spiders actually the spiders don't bug me at all. No See Um's  and fruit flies are the devil.

With all that's been going on I typically have to pile more stuff on top of it all.What I had wanted to say on Friday but tripped down memory lane instead was this.

I have met over the years several local people with talents I would love to share with you from Artists and Photographers along with Musicians, Chef's and people that put their faith into their own ideas and make it work and other creative people that have the drive . People that are passionate about what they do and want some more exposure and that's when I came up with Freelance Friday. Each week I'd like to showcase someone and their work and conduct an interview...the only problem is that I don't know anything about interviewing except that when I've been interviewed, for me it was an awkward experience but that's ok! I have a plan for that.

I know how I want everything else to go though so I figured I would try a trial run using volunteers and I know who those people are even if they don't know yet! I am also determined for it to be a fun experience I can add to my list of things I have attempted. And I have not forgotten about those of you that have asked me to read, listen to or check out your passions it's just all a matter of getting it all organized and I'll be in touch with you guys too and might have some questions for you even though you're not local. Local is relative now though isn't it because it's so easy to reach out on a global level.

I should make a spreadsheet for all of that because there is so much to do and part of it is trying to get my office space sorted out and the space being a spare bedroom that has been used for storage and a crash space for visitors. It just needs to be set up right and once it is...well we'll see what happens.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Memories 14 yrs Strong 9/11

Happy Friday...

Now usually I don't have multiple posts in a week but I've been batting this concept around for a long time and as of yesterday decided to give it some wings and see what happens, you know roll with it and why not but first...

Although hearts are heavy today with remembering what happened 14 years ago. I'm sure that everyone remembers where they were at that point in time. For me I was sleeping and woken up by a call from a friend telling me to wake up Choo and have him turn on CNN. Well for him who at that time fell asleep and woke up to CNN anyway was already awake and staring at the screen. I was 1 week into a new job after not working  and had the day off but what time it was and how long we sat with our mouths open I couldn't tell you. Time was irrelevant, it was a bad time...just a bad time in general. The only time frame I can remember without the factual prompts of the time was that it was after 8 am on the East coast and after 5 am here on the West coast so very early. I'm pretty sure my girlfriend woke me around 6.

Choo didn't speak, his eyes glued to the TV. My friend was talking in my ear but I didn't hear anything she was saying, all I could see were the images as my brain tried to process what was happening so far away but still so close to home. Everything was eerily quiet as we watched and my ears kicked back in. He had been watching for awhile and filled me in on what happened. I don't even remember hanging up the phone but I'm sure I said goodbye to her but like I said time was irrelevant. I don't remember when my girls woke up or feeding them breakfast but I know I did, everything was consumed by coverage and needing to know more. The girls were 6 & 9 then and had no idea of the impact.

The devastation was more than obvious and the pain very real even if we had no physical connection to the events, we were a part of it. A part of that awful history. Year after year I think back to that time and how much has changed since. I watch old movies that have each of the landmarks that were destroyed in them and others where they are gone forever and it's always one of the first things that is noticed and yet I can't watch movies based on the stories of those who survived or didn't in some cases because even though I'm not an overly emotional person it's too hard to take and I wouldn't see anything through the tears anyway and even though I wasn't a flier then I sure as hell am not one now with no desire to.

Now that I have tripped down that particular memory lane as I'm sure so many of you are doing today That memory is no place for me to stay in but I do remember and always will.

With that being acknowledged and being put back in the mental memory box what I was originally going to talk about got away from me and feels like something that can wait for my normal Monday blog to talk about it just doesn't feel right now.

Have a good weekend

See Ya

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

You Know What Time It Is!

Happy day after Labour Day!

( Yes there is a u in there. )

So all the wee children are back to school today and doesn't that mess up things for everyone! Traffic and schedules being changed. On Sunday I went through Walmart with Blondunicorn and it was anarchy but I knew this before I went there and boy didn't a tiny part of me got all nostalgic about the first days of school for my kids and picking out books and pens and pretty girly stuff all pink and sparkly! Until your jammed up cart to cart with screaming 5-12 yr olds and then you think "Thank god that is over!"

I was all over it like most parents, cheering along side them happy for the "mom I'm bored" and "I don't want to go to bed at 8" arguments to be put in the suck it up category because I'm free of you now for a few hours! I feel for you guys but doesn't it screw up everything else? Buses that ran at certain times over the Spring and Summer have been shifted or completely removed from service, traffic crawls, and all the TV stations change their Logos. On the side though snack foods are much cheaper during the school year and that's right up my alley. I thought Sunday was bad well she had to go back there yesterday and 2 hrs of torture later she came home frazzled and in complete disarray wide eyed and in "I'm never doing that again mode."

With everything back to normal, the power grid back up and running and BC's Monsoon season coming up as Fall know what this means...

My absolute FAVOURITE time of year is coming, I can feel the changes and that makes me very...very...excited. Now I'm not big on craft blogging but Bean has a rather large project or 10 she wants to do involving making a large mess on the Prop/Halloween side in the form of a 6 foot tall Reaper and comfort things on fall foods side so I'm thinking of running video for those projects instead so we'll see what happens. Bean and BU are Pintrest junkies so I'm sure they will have stuff on Anyway The 3rd Annual Halloween Party, Fall returns and new shows... I love new shows!

Mr Robot
The Bastard Executioner

Can you tell the ones I'm excited to see?

On the writing front...I'm still progressing (ya me) and have made quite a few new friends along the way ( Thank you Twitter! ) I guess I should thank G+ as well although I find that it reminds me of Tumblr but more interactive if you choose to be in turn it's making me more comfortable in my writing skin even though I still have about 5 chapters of Revisions to go through and have been slacking on but I'm determined to get those done this week and as usual on Wednesdays I post the story progression on CF

Anyway guys it's a short one today lots to do lots to plan.

Video...oh boy

Have a great week!
See Ya