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Monday, October 26, 2015

Heart-wrenching and Heart Warming

Happy Monday!

Who am I kidding? I just can't get it together today but it is Monday so I'll conveniently blame that.

Warning...if you watch The Walking Dead and have not seen last night's episode there are spoilers below.

If you don't watch it...what is wrong with you!

Tough thing the Heart.

It takes so much abuse and is still the thing we have to contend with the most unless you have no conscience. Let's start with Heart-wrenching.

Well after having me scream at my TV last night while watching The Walking Dead I had to sit back down and say hmm... and then get told by Sese and Allan that read the comic books at 2 separate times that this had to happen. I don't know how many of you watch the show and have from the beginning but it is one of the most emotionally intense shows pretty much ever. I know there have been others but very few have that fully engaging aura that in a lot of cases makes you feel like you are actually there with them. I thought that when Hershel died it was tough and even Lori because it was such a sad sequence of events, Beth...ruined me too but Glenn... completely devastated me and felt so senseless at the same time! Nicholas really just finally succeeded in killing Glenn  (maybe) by snapping and turning a gun on himself just to have his dead weight body fall on Glenn and tip him over the edge and even though in my heart of hearts I am still hoping that those intestines were not Glenn's being consumed... he would not have made it out of that horde.

As The Talking Dead pointed out something I would not have noticed until I re-watched all of the seasons was when Glenn was telling Rick his plan he called him "Dumbass" which was what he called him the first time he spoke to him in Season 1 when Rick was trapped in the tank.

Full circle? I hope not but none the less it could be.

I do have to say I'm glad it wasn't comic book Glen's death because I might have broken something. Now Glen wasn't the only thing about the episode that had me on the edge of my seat. Rick running for the RV and what happened in the RV was crazy and you could see crazy on Rick's face. Is it time for his hand? Is it? We'll see after he makes it out of the horde he's surrounded by because after Glen...Rick will make it. Now with that being said we have no concrete evidence that Glenn is dead and every part of me hopes he can miraculously make it out and back t a waiting Maggie who has had her father and her sister taken from her. Hmm...both of them were taken from her by people not Walkers when you think about it.

 Can I say that I feel like Darryl is underused right now and at what point did Morgan break off from them and go back to Alexandria during the Wolves attack? Next weeks episode is 90 mins and we'll finally get to see what Morgan has been through.

I can only hope to be able to write things as powerful as some of the things I have seen in the past and  now. That is a goal I strive to someday achieve.

Heart Warming time!

Ok so besides the shock of the week this past Sat we had Parker help out for his first Pumpkin Carving session or more for him his pumpkin colouring session. After I made sure his father stripped him down out of his brand new Spiderman PJ's, Peanut took a seat at the big table in the kitchen and eyed the 5 pumpkins in front of his big brown eyes he picked his pumpkin out and while Craig started the process of carving his pumpkin for him, P choose to colour mine instead and that was ok he's 2 1/2 so his way works and also funny as he tried to eat pumpkin guts and then put them back into my pumpkin while we were trying to get them out. Bean and Allan worked meticulously on theirs and Bean's turned out to be the most vicious looking one out of all of them. He was gross and sticky and it was awesome! Blondunicron held the speed record for carving as she was in, out and done in no time at all. So fun I was pleasantly tired afterwards!

Photo courtesy of Blondunicorn 

Since mine was covered in Crayon it was carved later and placed with the rest but the gang did a good job!

 I swear I'm going to get my costume post out before Halloween!

Have a great week!

See Ya

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Distracted, Derailed and Chaotic.

Ok so this week has been... I don't even know what it's been because there are no words. Nothing deep or devastating that you need to know about yet just this overwhelming need to put everything in it's place. Like everywhere...

I have 3 blog posts started all about completely different things because I figured that I would plan them out and you know be prepared, think ahead and be organized. Not only here but with all of my Social Media and Writing.


My first post was just titled Here.

That's it, just Here. There was no body to the post at all just a title and do you think I can remember why I had it titled that way or what I was going to write? Hell no...nothing, so ya that was the beginning of the end of organizing my thoughts.

The next post, I was all happy to share Bean's rite of passage as a young adult and voting for the first time, which still could happen only not in the full picture that I wanted to paint for you. I was a proud Mama though as I watched my girls do their duty. Oh but wait, technically I didn't watch either of them because Bean had to register to vote first and Sese was next in line behind me to vote so when I was done I scooted ( many excuse me's later ) over to where Bean was signing up to relieve Choo who was standing with her so that he could go vote and then Sese and I stood outside because there were so many people packed in the Elementary School gym where as it was Sese's education began at 5 years old and here she is almost 23 and in my eyes seeing the chubby cheeked little girl that never wanted to go back to kindergarten walking towards me smiling after she cast her vote only to have Bean come out when she was done and ask it we were supposed to mark an X or a check mark. Then we were all struck dumb for a second as you could see us all mentally sift through what we had done.

And breathe...

All in all though it was a memory I'm very glad to have.

So the next post I tried to line up? My Awful Halloween costumes! Which I left the photos of on my other computer and can't even give you a sneak peek but I'll finish that post this some point....ugh. What was nice though was that last night Bean and I went over her Pinterest Halloween board to pick out special drinks and food stuffs for the 3rd Annual Halloween Party. It's a thing! We made it a thing! Happy dance!

After that is when I noticed that I had started 3 different posts with no endings.

There is so much to do on many different levels don't even get me started on Chapter 17 of CF because I may die right now if I even think about it, and I tried, I really tried to put it into some form of order and take the advice of so many that I've spoken to about this ( All Hail Twitter! )  but except for my desk at work that has to be in order, I seem to work best in the midst of chaos so why fix what ain't broke right? I'm just going to embrace it and continue to roll with it, letting it all play out. Hopefully taming my inner frustrations at things around me and working with everything I can to make even the little things happen.

If it kills me...

 I'm like a squirrel right now and it's like my fingers are on speed just to try and get this out before it disappears in the wasteland of the day and my brain.

The fact that I'm just going to post this as is, in a rush to make sure I get at least one post out this week of  is a good thing maybe not for you because it's all going to sound like a distracted mind but for me at least considering the derailments and distractions I've had going on it's amazing and yet I love it all so I'm not complaining because life would be boring otherwise.

Ok, get back to work or play or however you chose to spend your day.

Soundtrack for the day?  Punk Rock

Have a great week
See Ya

PS episode ever!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen

Hello Lovelies!

I'm back after a nice long weekend, that I had forgotten was a long weekend and then was very happy it was one wishing it was much longer. I really have to win the lottery.

So let's get to it.

There are a couple of things up for today, the first of course being the Premiers of 3 of my favourite shows Supernatural, American Horror Story and come on now The Walking Dead.

Let's start with SN because the boys are back and although I had trouble tracking it a bit I was so happy they're back for another season and for something like the Mark of Cain to be such an important factor last season, how come everyone and has one now? It's one of those things that will obviously play out over the course of the season along with what I'm suspecting is going to be an unwanted attraction but really...who cares it's Sam and Dean. Crowley in a woman's body was very entertaining and Cas...poor Cas...someone just needs to save Cas.

AHS-Hotel I'm just going to say this...WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? Within the first 15 mins of the show  I had to read subtitles which I only like to do watching old kung fu movies, saw scenes that reminded me of The Shining, Seven, Saw and Tarantino's 4 Rooms except that wasn't a "whore under the bed" and it wasn't as funny, realized that Lady Gaga was not awful and all I can say is Drill Dick.

Now Bean and I were speculating a bit at who the wrapped up guy with the killer extremities could be and she's betting it's Evan Peters because in every season he has something to do with a scene where someone is being violated but we'll have to wait and see. Wes Bentley is creeping me out more than the creepy people in the show are and as all of the previous seasons are linked together somehow, this one will be linked to season 1's Murder House.

I had even posted on Facebook that the FX warning for this show should simply say..

"The following contains ANYTHING YOUR SICK MIND CAN THINK OF" Viewer discretion is advised because you can not unsee what happens next. 

Because there is no way to unsee that! Any of it really because those were only the shocking moments. there are layers of insanity here and I along with others will watch it unravel.

TWD What...a...rush! The scale was so large you couldn't help but feel it looking over the expanse of Walkers which gave me goose bumps and I even uttered an "Oh hell no!" then and as Daryl emerged over the ridge with the herd behind him. Now was that a herd or a horde? Is there a difference?  How happy was I to have that bone deep anxiety for the group back?  I was so happy I watched it twice. Carol and Morgan will be fun to watch and every year Carl is like 6 inches taller kind of like the kid that plays Bruce Wayne in Gotham. That kid must have grown at least a foot in 3-4 months or just it looks that way. Glen being forgiving and Eugene kept the hair.

Fall has truly begun now Thanksgiving has passed for us here and I was just thinking that there is only about 2 1/2 months left until it's a new year again scares me a little.

Time flies right? Yes, yes when you're having fun blah blah because when you're not having fun time takes forever to go by doesn't it?

One the writing front I have a problem...I have a character that is quickly becoming more than the lead is herself and  I still want to tell the story but it seems that one story line is almost effortless to write where the other is a constant struggle. Although one has many more working parts than the other one does so, is it just the simplicity of it?

I don't know but it's doing my head in. Not like that means I'm changing anything.

Ok guys, thanks for the read and have a good week!

See Ya

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I Almost Can't Control Myself!

courtesy of

Hello Lovelies,

After my Just A Little Road Trip post I was surprised to have the "Are you OK?" questions considering it wasn't really about me but people I know that are going through tough times right now and I wish I could help them more. So far so good and I think they're turning a corner!

Well one of them is sure to be a corner that turns into a brick wall but sometimes you just can't fight that fucked up logic.

I'll have the band-aids ready though so I can rip them all off at the same time when they need to be.

So with that out of the way. How ya been? Did you have a good week? Awesome because it's October now officially and the parade of costumes and scary movies and days of celebration are headed our way. Bean is in super decorator mode...although she keeps talking about Christmas thus making me want to lock her in the closet with the Xmas decorations until Dec, because I know her and Nov 1 she'll have all things Halloween stripped and all the greens and reds and other holiday things will make it look like not only Santa threw up in our house but all the elves and reindeer too. not to the world. Stop that train right there!

First up! Events I'm going to force my family to check out over the next few weeks!

Gravecouver Haunted House
Your worst fears, phobias and nightmares will be experienced at this indoor haunted house. Features 13 individual scary rooms with rides, zombies and more. • Metropolis at Metrotown, Burnaby • Oct. 3 until Nov. 1, opens at 7 p.m. • $13, VIP/$20,

this one I'm sooooo not doing but I would like to hear from anyone that does!

On Death’s Door: Plague of the Zombie Syndrome
The Virtual Stage presents Andy Thompson’s all-new interactive, roving theatre adventure. Armed only with their wits and a smartphone, teams of audience members race against the clock and elude the undead while unraveling a nefarious plot to flood Vancouver’s streets with zombies. • Top secret location • Oct. 7 until Nov. 2, Tuesdays-Sundays, performances begin every 30 minutes, 6:30-8:30 p.m. • $12.50-$50,

OH Blondunicorn this is right up your alley!

An Evening with the Paranormal Society
Join the Vancouver Paranormal Society as they share their discoveries from investigations at the Historic Stewart Farm and elsewhere. • Historic Stewart Farm, 13723 Crescent Rd., Surrey • Oct. 9 or Oct. 16, 6-8 p.m. • $15, registration required, 604-592-6956,

There are so many more to come and return like Fright Night @ Playland and the Ghost Train as usual every year. Next week begins my parade of awful costumes and the prep for our 3rd Annual Halloween Party and many days of AMC's Fearfest, AHS, Supernatural and THE WALKING DEAD!

Ya I'm a tad excited.

OK off with you and have a great week and remember that if you have any suggestions or ideas to offer contact me and put me to work!

See Ya!