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Monday, November 30, 2015

Heavy Monday...

Good Morning! (Really...really fake enthusiasm)

I hope your weekend went well. Mine was awesome simply because we were warm dare I say hot even.

I can't believe it's the last day of November already, I swear that was the fastest month of the year so far. Maybe it's because I've done about half of my dreaded Xmas shopping already and it's the Nov. for me this is so far beyond abnormal. Most of the time I'm using that last pay cheque before Christmas to venture off into consumer hell but not this year! Also the day when many many men while shave their faces and look 10 years younger for it as Movember comes to a close for another year.

I have to touch base on this because I held the cutest, fattest, blue nosed pit bull puppy yesterday that also brought up this conversation about Katie Brown taping her dogs mouth shut. Another friend had added me to a Facebook group called Katie Brown is a Douche, about it and there was no need for me to comment as I read the posts from outraged people that for the most part was what I was thinking. For me as a dog owner and avid lover of them with 3 of my own that are all rescues, 2 of which bark if someone so much as sneezes, know how annoying a barking dog can be but...taping a dogs mouth shut eve for a minute as this woman claims is beyond my realm of comprehension. a dogs nasal passages run along the top of it's nose and you've completely restricted their mouth and in that case even for a 60 SECONDS you're suffocating the dog, that beautiful dog who I hope gets taken somewhere else and appreciated.

Like I say at home, they're dogs...they bark, they lick, they chew shit but regardless you took responsibility for that animal whether it's a dog, a cat or anything else. If you can't tolerate it then don't own it, give it to someone who can. The fact that she back pedaled claiming it wasn't for that long makes no difference and she obviously knew that it was wrong because she felt the need to explain further and yet...

She also wrote, “Really people… Some dogs need a muzzle so they dont bite someones child!!!”

I'm pretty sure that when a dog is wearing a muzzle it can still open it's mouth and um breathe through it's nose. How in any way does this compare to what she did? That makes me not only stunned at her actions but at her sheer stupidity as well because not only did she do it and take pictures, she posted them on Facebook and now she's scared. Well she should be because she created this outrage for her BAD JOKE.

After looking into all of this further I saw article after article of people who do that kind of shit to their dogs and one pic in particular back in June...

made me raging. 15 months old, electrical tape...FOR DAYS HER TONGUE WAS TRAPPED BETWEEN HER TEETH! she found her own way to a neighbour. Caitlyn needed surgery and her owner William Leonard Dodson  was arrested and was facing possibly 5 years for animal cruelty. I don't know how it turned out... I didn't find much after July when his bail was revoked and after seeing so many instances of stupid people doing stupid things I gave up on some level of humanity and just want to hug mine. after they have a bath and smell better or maybe just cuddle the nameless puppy some more and make it all go away.

Kind of a heavy Monday and so much more to say that I might have to post again this week. Might...we'll see as I continue to work on new projects for the new year and old ones that I should just shut up and do.

Have a great week guys!

Hug your pets and love them!

See Ya

Monday, November 23, 2015

The Fun Never Stops

Hello Lovelies!

Someone told me the other day that my life certainly isn't boring and it was like watching a movie as we caught up over lunch last week.

Let's just add to that shall we?

Last week I went to pay my gas bill, BU has it in her name so I ran out on my lunch break and loaded my prepaid Visa ( because credit cards are BAD...for me ) I come rushing back to the office and get BU on the phone so that I can give her the reference number so she can report the payment. I sit down and we set up an online account for her so that I can pay by credit card. Ok. Fine. Everything is ok so far until...I go to make the payment.


Because Fortis Gas DOES NOT TAKE VISA.

Now I'm stunned blinking at the screen and that quickly turns to rage...way too fast. The string of swear words I was throwing out there probably had a few co-workers cringing but who doesn't take Visa and I'd have to pay it through a 3rd party where they can charge you $7-50 as a processing fee! I won't pay by credit card now even if I could just for that reason alone.

So I breath repeatedly as BU is on the other end of the phone, confused and probably cringing herself or possibly laughing but still having my pissed of back as I curse the gas company to hell and back for making me waste my time and I'm losing my mind because this prepaid card is type where the money is on it and it stays there. Sure I can spend it but I can't get the lump sum off the card. No cash advances, it's just stuck so I have to go and pay it through online banking and that messed up a series of other things that I had budgeted specifically for.

Seeing red now because I had a plan. I had a plan and financially and I never have a plan. I can admit that. I will rob Peter to pay Paul but the money always goes where it's needed the most. I recently got the card so that I could do things a bit differently and shop for Xmas online so that I don't have my consumer rage kick in shopping at stores. Like yesterday at Shoppers Drug Mart where I glared at a lady so hard because she was just that sort of person who purposely took longer at the cashier asking stupid questions as a long line formed behind her not caring that there were people waiting.

Cue the colourful phrases again, that though is another story.

So I pay the gas bill and we have the heat going. ( we get it shut off every May to roughly Oct ) The fan on the furnace had been running all summer blowing cool air through the duct and thus keeping us a bit cooler. The gas guy said it was good that we left it on because it would keep the dust out of the vents. Well Yay for us...until yesterday, until the sound and shaking of the house made me feel like a small plane was hurtling towards us so I actually went outside to look. planes falling from the sky so what the hell was that?

Choo came upstairs and asked me if I heard the noise. OF COURSE I HEARD IT! I thought we were all going to die! So I asked what it was the furnace fan. Wobbling. Shaking the walls. Right underneath BU who slept through it like a champ considering her room is directly above the furnace.

Well, shit that means I might have to talk to my landlord and I never want to do that but Choo and a friend looked into it and we might be able to take care of it on our own. My fingers are crossed.

So with the rat and the flooding and now the furnace I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to make an offering to some higher power or a lower one if only that things just run smoothly for once at this time of year.

Speaking of the rat it set of the trap and left teeth marks in the bait the sly lil devil. If SHE keeps this up and I'm pretty sure its a she that one will end up with a name too I'll have to go get one of those humane traps where she goes in and doesn't get out. and relocate her and her potential offspring because it's a she.

Ok guys, have a great week!

See Ya.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Friday the 13th Shenanigans

Good Morning Lovelies,

So today's post is an account of my Friday 13th.

I don't usually associate the day with bad luck but I did this time.
You guys on my Facebook got part of the story about my nightmare Friday and now you can all get the whole story.

Now lucky for me Friday the 13th I had off. On Thursday night seeing as I didn't have to work the next day I stayed up to wait for Blondunicorn to get home. She works dumb afternoon hours all the time so I don't really see her much hence the me staying up so that we can go for our typical after midnight 711 run.

We went out, chatted for a bit and around 1am I went to bed only to be woken up at 4am by Sese perched on my bed, on her knees staring at me.

Sese - Mom (Whispers)
Me - blink blink
Sese - Mom I think there's a mouse in my room.

Enter Choo who is up to go to work who is also confused as to why our 23 yr old is half in the fetal position on my bed.

Sese - I can hear rustling under the bed.

Cue me getting out of bed. on the way down to the basement I did do a quick check to make sure that Buffy my pet rat who constantly looks for a way out is still in her cage and she was. Now we're no strangers to rats but we have 3 cats that are killers when it comes to the rodents so we haven't had had to worry too much about live rats...inside...until now. At this point Sese had been up since 3 with Bast our Calico in her room stalking the rat but apparently bast got bored. We looked under the bed and didn't see anything until we pulled the bed away from the wall and there perched between the mattress and the wall, bracing itself was oh yes a rat. The funny thing was that it was directly above the cat but it wasn't until the rat dropped down and took off like a rocket that Bast became animated again.

I had no idea rats could flatten themselves like pancakes to fit under a door until I saw it as the little beast ran like it was on fire but bast followed and the chase was on...for about 6 feet when bast decided it was bath time. So we lost the critter and decided that traps were in order just as Choo came out of the laundry room with a look of utter disappointment on his face but he uttered the words we have all longed to hear.

Choo - The Laundry room is flooded ( not those words )
Me - FML
Choo - We are getting the fuck out of here. (Oh happy day!)

By now it's 4:30

I always say that Fall is BC's monsoon season and after the lake forming in that Laundry room, my point was proven. We put down towels down, Choo told me to keep an eye on it ( like I wouldn't ) and I tried to go back to bed...and tried....and tried. Finally I got up and made a pot of coffee, watched a weird movie called The Loft and set my brain on auto-pilot hoping to doze off.
Around 6 am I went back down to check the flooding and Allan was up.

Allan - Hey... the laundry room is flooding.
Me - That's why I'm 6 am on my day off.

I checked it and Allan had put down some more towels so I  went back upstairs.
Fast got up, we went shopping, figured out it was Friday the 13th, bathed the 3 dogs, I made Pulled Pork in the slow cooker, rain stopped and traps were laid down and I ordered a Lootcrate.

Well now I'm not even lifting my feet to walk anymore because I'm so tired but I couldn't sleep, couldn't form words and couldn't even eat when all was said and done but forced myself to and still didn't even get into bed until almost 11 pm and slept like the dead. That was funny because I fell asleep watching the first Evil Dead movie.

The next day all was right with the world I went to a b-day party for a little man turning 1 and on Sun went to a memorial for a matriarch that had passed away at 97. Two complete opposite ends of the spectrum.

The battle is on with the rat though, we haven't caught him yet, I actually think it's a her and that is not a good thing.

Today's soundtrack - Monday's Motivational

Someone asked me what I listen to in my soundtracks and next time I'll post a list somewhere. I listen to a lot of different kinds of music with the exception of Country and Classical. I never have a mood for either of those.

Ok guys have a great week!

See Ya

Monday, November 9, 2015

Shove It Up Your Ass...Is what I Should Have Said

Well it looks like today is a Monday mild rant day Lovelies and I apologize now.

This is a work related rant and even though I try to stay away from ranting because really...who needs to see that?

Monday's are usually slow and painfully agonizing to work through after the weekend but normally with enough coffee it putter's along at along at a steady pace.

Until this Monday.

Most of you know that my job is not something that I want to do forever and although I've been in the Investment Industry for almost 8 years, it is most definitely not where I want to stay. Even though I try to do a good job and some days are crazy busy and others are slow enough to give time to catch up on things left behind. The people I work with day in and day out are great. There are others though that just flat out bring on the rage.

Note to those people.

1) Don't talk to me like I'm stupid. I don't talk to you like you're stupid and I'm sure in this case you were.

2) When I ask for you to not speak to me in a certain tone then please refrain from using that tone because all that results is the soft click as I hang up on you.

3) When you ask me if I can read, I just pissed me off so I didn't want to.

4) Calling me every 5 minutes will not make me pick up the phone if anything it makes me want to smile fiendishly at the flashing red light on my voicemail and unplug it.

5) If you seem to have a problem with my attitude after all the professional niceness I dished out then I suggest you go fuck yourself because now it'll only get worse.

Now with all of that being said staying professional is always a goal and usually a very easy thing to do. I am happy I accomplish and it's only 1 in a few that provoke a reaction from me. My biggest issue is people trying to make me feel stupid and I don't make a habit of letting work stress me out because it's pointless to stress out over things I have no control over and really the only control I have over this situation is the fact that this can be my outlet.

Which is good, because things would just end up thrown out the window like my phone and computer ect...

I also don't usually let people get under my skin, there were a few this weekend that did a successful job at getting under it but all that is good and gone. Everything set right again.

As I write this though, I'm on my lunch break with my headphones in cranking some make me happy music, because music does make me happy on so many levels. So will continue to try and do as good a job as I can while working towards removing myself from this Industry at the same time.

Now that the calm has returned, Have a great week guys!

See Ya

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It's Over For Another Year.

Good Morning Lovelies!

Well I'm here a day or two late but still made it!

 I got distracted on Monday as Blondunicorn was pelting me with pics of Supernaturals most prized possession the Impala as they film behind us. My excitement was shown is extreme CAPS lock because you know if the car is there then one or both of the boys will be there. I guess they're not really boys right ?

Anyway I was distracted! I hope your Halloween was safe, fun and full of some kind of sugary goodness. I kind of miss that about my kids being all grown up except that I'm completely ok with not having to go trick or treating in the pouring rain so that I can raid my girls candy stash. I raided the stash at work though only to have for the first time in the 5 years we've lived where we are have more kids than we ever had show up. Usually there are none...wait last year I think we had a little princess. Every year I would buy candy and no one would come so I give it to my crew to eat but this year i bought none and had to give away my stash from work, go figure.

 Sadly you did not see my costume post because...there is no because I completely slacked letting other things get in the way but what's done is done.

Our Annual Halloween party went off without a hitch and the costumes were awesome.
You guys that already saw them on my Facebook...too bad look again!

These are the ones that won special prizes for their imagination and work that are being custom made for you.

Meet French KISS and the baguettes

photo courtesy of Megan Buzzard

From left to right meet Allan, Bean, Marvin ( whose real name is Armin but when he was introduced to us a few years ago we were drunk and Marvin he is now forever. ) and Handsome Dan. I love this photo so much it's the Wallpaper on my work computer!

A 24 hr work of art for this Naruto costume.

Good job Steven and it only took about 4 hrs and lots of ow's to get his hair to stand up like that and there are really so many uses for duct tape! You will be an awesome Cosplayer.

Blondunicorn did it with flair as a gypsy.

Now that Halloween is over, Bean is gearing up for the next holiday complete with sparkly and shiny things. After Remembrance Day I'm going to try and not hate the season so much and ease into it with preparedness and relative calm...

Who am I kidding?

If that happens someone needs to make me an award.

So have a great week!

See Ya