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Monday, February 15, 2016

Life Happens In Between

Morning Lovelies!

Another weekend gone in a flash and being busy this weekend made it go by even faster.

Friday night was Deadpool night and it was one of the funniest movies I've seen since...I don't even know when. Ryan Reynolds was perfect for the role and everything from the opening credits to the end cut scene had the theater rolling in laughter. Except for the four guys in our row that fell asleep, including one of my own but it was well worth it. Some say it was lacking action but as far as I'm concerned it really wasn't. The action scenes that were there were spectacular so I have no complaints. It definitely deserved the R rating and anyone that has seen it will look at holidays in a whole new way.

A WHOLE NEW WAY! Especially International Woman's Day.

The entire cast and the jokes at Marvels expense as well as Hugh Jackman were perfect and understood by any loyal Marvel fan.

I loved seeing Colossus but I have to say that one character they haven't shown enough is Gambit. Growing up with the comics he was one of my fav's and we got a brief glimpse of him in Wolverine but not enough of the Cajun.

Next up Batman vs. Superman next month and movies lined up until August so far.

And Ummmm...The Walking Dead??? There are no words for the episode except for FAN-TASTIC. Again I was screaming at my TV in shock and awe and the constant need to put Glenn in danger! Stop that we can't take it!

The thought that goes into the making of that show for our entertainment and seriously making us find the hidden meanings and treasures within each episode is mind boggling but so appreciated for all of the work the creators, cast and crew that bring it to us.

Changing directions now.

T is coming home this week so we've been getting ready for her homecoming. By getting ready I mean cleaning out the crap in her room that we dumped there because we didn't actually think she was coming home after she moved out, so boxes were packed and will be heading out to storage, cobwebs dusted...who am I kidding we don't dust the cobwebs. I'll Swiffer vac the ceiling every once in a while because everyone else is creeped out by them. It is really crazy though at how many cobweb spiders we have. I sucked up 23 one day from just the upstairs dark corners and yet there are always at least 2 I leave alone in the kitchen so they can eat the fruit flies because fruit flies are the most annoying tiny creatures next to ants, and they will attack...I've seen it.

It's pretty much been Spring cleaning around the house the past few weeks or... really all of this year so far with progress being made in slow strides because life happens in between it all. With so much to do and motivation being drained at every turn. There are not enough days in the week to get it all done, at least not in the Winter. The daylight is starting to grow longer now and the rain is ever prominent yet it's all a sign of better and brighter days ahead.

Once the RRSP season is over I can begin the Freelance Friday project that I've been working on and get back to writing since my characters have been on the back burner for the past little while as I work on some of my own issues. family, trusting things in front of me and being able say how I feel, fight and retain enough of myself to look past my own flaws without having a large impact on the people around me.

Anyway that last little blurb was unexpected but I told myself a long time ago that here I can say anything and if I wrote it felt it was relevant then I would keep it. My thoughts flow through my fingers as I type, I rarely backtrack or second guess what I write.

Still though I try to keep it light!

Well it's time to start this week and the next 2 weeks are going to be a stressful mess full people who I'm sure will annoy me at work and that could either lead to tears or a bath full of bubbles and a bottle of wine that I might not come out of.

So to all of the people in my life that I love so very prepared it's going to be rough.

Have a great week!

See Ya

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up

Hello Lovelies!

We are almost in the middle of Feb now and it's moving really fast. I'm thank full for that in some ways but not in others.

Thankful because it brings RRSP season to an end and brings T home with us next week, hopefully for good and in a much better place than she was. Bean is taking a shot at Carpentry ( oh god ) by building a rack for all of her snakes. Let's hope there are no hospital visits. Don't get me wrong I'm sure she'll manage after she loses her mind in frustration about 1000 times before she slips into that gear where is should all make sense. Her losing her mind is dangerous for those around her though so I hope she gets through a most of that before I get home from work.

My weekend was pretty good weather wise and on the home front. Friday I let loose a little...or a lot, entertained the household and felt it the next day. Sat there was some spring cleaning done outside and you don't realize how big things are ( yard and deck ) until all of the junk is gone, and a friend came in from Calgary for the shortest visit ever, 45 mins after driving all that way through snowy mountain passes to drop of a Harley for Choo. Sunday well...the Superbowl. Enough said.

Monday was Family Day here and it was B-E-A-uitful! Uncharacteristically warm, like t-shirt warm and even my roses are starting to grow new leaves. today it's supposed to hit 15 degrees downtown but it was pretty frosty this morning. Almost lost the little dog as he slide across the deck towards the stairs but he recovered.

My girl came home yesterday a 2001 Sportster and would you believe the men in my life gave me flack about not cleaning her right away? Look boys I will devote a day to cleaning and polishing her, I will be so meticulous that you'll want me to polish yours too so don't you worry your pretty little heads about it.

So that was my weekend and this coming weekend all I can think about is Deadpool and The Walking Dead. I'm so glad they are both almost here!

Alright gotta go!

Have a good week.

See Ya

Monday, February 1, 2016

Yes, I Can Be A Girly Girl.

Hellos Lovelies!

Another quick in and out for me here today!  Last week went by in a haze as business picks up. January has come to a close already and the next month begins mildly stressful and yet carefree at the same time. Trying to keep it together is always at the forefront though. More like trying to stay in control. January was full of overwhelming emotions and lots of thoughts of improvement but as this week starts again all of my thoughts are on dragging my ass out of bed to head into the pit of numbers and money. Will I let it get to me? No, but it if does I already  know that once I get home it will all melt away.

I took a stab at online shopping recently! Ok something besides books because that's all I every trust to buy but I went for it and bought shoes! My other obsession. Firts I went to just FAB because hey they looked like they had really good deals. I was pretty sure the site was Canadian but they wanted payment in USD. Have you seen our dollar???

So the shoes I would buy, not trusting that the size would be correct ( only because I had never done it before ) would cost much more in the long run so I went on the hunt. PayLess... you can't order them online here. They will tell you what store they are in but having them shipped to my house? Nope. In my growing frustration I asked Bean for advice and she told me to look at the Spring website, now I wasn't sure about that because usually when i walk into Spring I see a price tag and turn around and walk back out but I looked and right away on page 2 of the boots section were a pair that screamed at me. "You want me." was what they said and they spoke the truth. Then I saw the price - 1/2 off.

HALF OFF???? OK I'm in because you know what that means... If I find another pair that are half price I have created a 2 for 1 sale! I did have to have Bean with me when I hit the confirm payment button and I got a solid "Good job Mom!"

Oh the hunt was completed and I succeeded.

I went through the process on the Call it Spring website. I found 2 pairs that called out to me did the size thing found a pair of Khaki ankle boots little shit kickers in leather and black knee high boots. I don't care if I'm 5'11" I can add another 2-3 inches and be all leg because they are damn cute shoes! I tracked them obsessively and once I had them there was that moment of oh god what if they don't fit? What if they don't look as good as the pic? Questions, questions that all disappeared when I opened the boxes, I was in love. Yes with my shoes, in some ways I am a girly girl. After those shoes I'm a 6'2" girly girl.

I would have attached a pic but I didn't think about that until just now.

Would I go back to Spring? Yes

Would I recommend Spring? Yes

Besides that I got my reserve tickets for DEADPOOL (11 days can't wait, CAN'T WAIT!) and every time I see a Suicide Squad trailer I squeal with glee. It's going to be a huge movie year and it all begins with Deadpool. Not a bad way to start it off. My Scene card is going to get a lot of action. Even my LootCrate this month is Deadpool and the Walking Dead. I split the crate with Sese every month and even she was like "I'm not getting anything from that crate am I mom." A statement not a question.

I guess that makes me a girly girl that likes Comic books, movies, shoes and other random things.

Alright guys time to get my head in the Monday game.

Have a great week!

See Ya.