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Monday, April 25, 2016

Dreams and Intuition: I Should Listen.

I don't even know where to start or how much to really say except that I need to read into and trust myself more.

This weekend I went through the process of transferring my Sportster into my name...finally. I couldn't do it before because ICBC had taken the only picture ID I had away from me when I passed my Learners tests.

Now let's scoot ahead and at the same time back up a bit.

A couple of weeks ago I had a really strange but really vivid dream. I can't go into all of it because it was way to weird even for me. At the beginning of the dream there were 2 tigers in my house, friendly and hanging out, one on the couch and one lounging on a lawn chair. No aggression from them just giant cats having a snooze. In the dream I noted that as a bizarre thing from the get go and was confused within it. Somehow we ended up at a pet store, I'm not sure if it was for the tigers but that doesn't matter. As I passed by a snake tank there was a snake wrapping itself around a black cat, again with the confusion in dream but we kept going. Once we get home I find a safe in my bedroom wall, that seemed normal until I opened it and inside there were 3 black kittens. Here's when I panicked in my dream and wanted to know where all of these cats were coming from. There were more things about the dream, people and things going all that all seem random but my focus seemed to be on the cats and the numbers associated with them.

Do you ever have a dream that leaves residual feelings behind when you wake up? I woke up confused and when Lo woke up I told her about my dream. She was pointing out things about it but both us us seemed fixated on the numbers 2 tigers, 1 black cat, 3 kittens. so after attempting to dissect the dream nothing made sense and we moved on with the days ahead.

A few days later I had another strange dream, vivid as well but this one had 3 Wyvren's basically trying to kill me but I was safe inside my mother's house. Every time I tried to step outside they would try and take a chunk out of me until finally I got fed up, went out side and yelled at them to stop. The three landed in front of me and lowered their heads.

No this was not anticipation of Game of Thrones starting either. Again I told Lo about this dream and we noted the number 3 again.

Now we move to this past Saturday. Getting this motorcycle registered and insured was a complete gong show. First I go in with all of the paperwork given to me from the previous owner who had the bike registered in Alberta. The rep takes out a license plate for me and puts it on the counter.

On the computer at the Insurance place though it said that the bike was registered in BC and they couldn't find it registered in Alberta but yet I had the paperwork showing that it was. After a call to ICBC they said I had to prove continuation of ownership among a few other things that popped up as we went along. I got as much as I could together and it still wasn't enough. We had to track down the owner who went back to High River and pretty much have him locate a fax machine, fax him a bill of sale ( that I already had but wasn't good enough ), have him fax it directly to the Insurance office and go from there.

While Choo was out running to fax machines around our town I was more than frustrated and slightly depressed about the 3 hours we had already spent trying to get this done. I told Lo that it was like the universe was trying to tell me I'm not ready. To that I said "Screw you universe" not in those words but I'm sure you get it. After Lo arms in the air " That's my girl! " and applauded that Choo came back and told me to check with the Insurance people to see if that fax came through as the guy in High River was waiting at a drugstore for confirmation that it went through ok. That was pretty awesome!

They confirmed and it was back out to go get this done. After checking that I had everything I would need for this we had to start over and when she put the license plate up on the desk was not the same as the one I was going to get before. Alarm bells went off in my head, not in a bad way but in a "HOLY CRAP YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME" way. After another near scare when they told me the computer was calling for an inspection. I damn near died as she made yet another call to ICBC and I turned to Choo and told him that one way or another I was walking out of there with that bike in my name. We didn't need the inspection so thank goodness!

Finally we progressed and I got my paperwork, built a relationship with my Insurance people through stress and frustration and got to go home and put her plate on. Which I did!

When Lo came out to look, I told her to take a good look at it. Of the 6 numbers on it there was 1233 not in that order but she instantly saw the same thing I did.

1 black cat, 2 tigers, 3 kittens and 3 Wyvren's

The plate before that had 2 two's and 1 three. When something smacks you that hard you pay attention. I loosely checked a dream dictionary and the cat thing was pretty simple. I'd always known that cats represent the feminine and all other things pointed to Independence and that I need to trust my Intuition more and the Wyvren's I had to look under Dragons for that but something about a fiery spirit and facing my fears.

So after all of that I had the distinct feeling that the universe wasn't really trying to screw me over, apparently it was trying to point something out. Now the other elements of the dreams are still vivid and in my brain so should I investigate more and figure it out?
The 2 seem to go together and there is so much more especially in the first dream that could be read into.

Everyone has some form of Intuition and most of the time, for me anyway they are simple feelings my gut tells me that I'm used to but when something sticks like that and holds on to my thoughts I look for signs and I'll find them.

So with all of that said I posted this picture yesterday because I thought it was also weird but seemed so fitting.

 My boy Oz next to her.

Strange occurrence...True.

Have a great week!

See Ya

Monday, April 18, 2016

No Regrets.

Hello Lovelies!

 Do you ever have those moments where you think back to things you've done in your life and wonder if it was the right road? Most times I think it depends on where your life is now to answer that question.

 After my post on Friday I had someone as me if I had any regrets in my life. I'm not sure if it's because I had waited so long to hit this new stage. My first reaction was of course I have! Many, but at the same time what happened then made whats happening today some ways. It wasn't possible back then to do what I am now.

It's been a tough road, the people in my life made it easier to survive and made me smile through it but it was still tough. I am an extremely patient person though at least with the people around me and I've made a lot of mistakes. Some I regret and some I never will.

 When asked what my regrets are...I couldn't think of anything beyond I wish I studied harder, or leaving home when I was 16, I shouldn't have let the person get to me, Being afraid of some things and not being afraid of others, or how I should NOT have had that last shot of Tequila, stuff like that. Although since I can't remember what happened after that last shot of Tequila then I can't really regret it now can I? Oh wait yes I can because the hangover after that was about 2 days long and a complete blur so I do regret that last shot of Tequila.

 Things would have changed though and I probably wouldn't have the kids or people in my life that I have now, or would I? If you think along the lines of how it's said that some things are destined to happen, then wouldn't I have been put in the situation to have the people with me that I have anyway? Crossed paths with particular people at a certain time in my life to ensure that it happened? To build the bonds that I have? I am a believer in the saying that "Everything happens for a reason." Most of the time I'm pretty sure the reason is just to drive me crazy.


Some regrets I have are just to have spent more time with someone or things I should have said and when I should have said them. Wishing some knew how I really felt about how some things played out. Hindsight is always 20/20 though right?

I'm not really sure if I answered her question because there are so many things to think about and think back on.  In the end you learn from everything you go through, would it change the decisions ahead. I think in some cases, yes and in others your brain freezes and emotion takes over and you can not control emotion. You can try to put a leash on it temporarily as logic takes hold but deep down there is always a tidal wave of emotion waiting to break free and either break you down or lift you up above it.

It's true though, never regret what made you smile, it made you happy once and it was what you wanted.

Have a great week!

See Ya

Friday, April 15, 2016

I Did It! I Did It! I Did It!

Well It's Friday and I couldn't resist!

This week was big for me because after all of the book learning and stress and pressure, on a completely peer pressured leap that I said I wouldn't take thanks to Choo and Lo actually earned me my Motorcycle Learners License!

I know! I was just as surprised but the one thing I can say is that regardless of reading the material from ICBC or doing the online practice tests there were questions on there that were not in anything I read. That freaked me out and I had to take 2 tests because I couldn't get my M license without my D license which I let expire many many....many moons ago. Every lady I handed it to ( because there were 3 ) looked at it and said "Wow I haven't seen one of these in a really long time!"

Really...I get it ok let's move on now.

So the drivers test was easy and considering that I've had that one so long and done it so many times I felt like I had better pass it, especially since in 1 week...7 days not only did one of my best friends get his, Choo got his and both my girls got theirs so ya no pressure people! T is the only one in our house now that doesn't have a license of some kind and now she's raring to go.

The only drawback was that they took the only picture ID I had so I couldn't go transfer my bike over and insure it. Now I have to wait for snail mail to deliver it and it could take up to 30 days but I know it won't. Still though I hate waiting, until then I'll keep asking my riding friends questions and trying to get used to her weight and wrap my head around the fact that I'm doing something that I never thought I would.

Never...thought...I would.

The long and short of it is that I did it and I'm proud of myself and my family for their support and efforts of their own to make each of their dreams manifest. I know it's still a long road but another step has been taken and I had to share that with you!

Have a fabulous weekend!

See you Monday

Monday, April 11, 2016

Totally Worth It...

Hello Lovelies!

Well I missed last weeks post as you know...or don't but it was a long week at work being on my own for the past 2 and as usual trying to get everything I NEED to do done but only seeming to complete the things I WANT to do. What I wanted to do was apparently study for my learners tests and sit in the sun.

Not a bad thing! There were 3 of us that had to get our Learners licenses for riding and two of them have gone and done it. Spur of the moment, out the door and gone one after the other, it must be because they're guys. Me being me though has this little voice in my head telling me not to go just because they did and not to go just because everyone else wants me to ride.

"Take your time..." it says, "Be confident with your own knowledge..." it whispers and so I listen.

I have decided not to tell anyone when I'm going so I don't feel that pressure that I'm apparently putting on myself but I'd much rather come home and say "Hey! Look what I got!" if it happens that way. Everyone has been so supportive, others even dare I say "pushy" about me riding because they want me to do it just as much as I want to. Part of me wonders why they even care but I'm constantly reminded of how big a thing this is. I told Lo that by not telling anyone when I'm going to take my tests then I won't feel like I let anyone down. She told me that the only way I would let anyone down is if I gave up and quit if I failed.

 OK... you made sense, it was like a mental slap but I'm still not saying when.

So I figured I would start out my Saturday seeing my niece turn 17...geez 17! Then drag out my bike that's been all cozy and dry in the Bike shed over the tail end of Winter, semi custom built by 4 guys with A LOT of patience and give her a wash while learning my controls and where things sit on the bike. I thought that was proactive and even found things on mine that Choo told me I didn't have. Ya take that smart guy! Lo pulled out her Sportser to see the sun too and the next thing I knew it was 4 hours from wash to polish and I realized that I will be a tad obsessive with detailing I can see that coming. Now that I have the Sportster I'm a bit eager to build the BSA because most of all I want to learn what goes into building a bike and be able to take care of mine without having to call the men in my life for aid or not being able to maintain my own toys. Plus how cool would it be to build the British bike? Very cool for me, she was my first, even in pieces and nothing needs to be done to the Sportster.

OK I'm off track or rather on track with where my mind set is these days. After the day in the sun it was off to the fair in Coquitlam to see lil man Parker while he hit the rides with his parents. Although once the we got there we were on PK duty while T and Craig got to hit up the big rides fro some fun of their own with Sese. Why is it that when you go to something like this the guys always take off, saying they were doing one thing or not saying at all when we know they were just somewhere watching girls? We know this, we know who you are. We made a point of going just before dark because we wanted to see everything lit up and as much as I wanted to go on the rides I was beat from the sun already and had no problems hanging out with PK. Except for my arms, they hurt, he's 3 and heavy after a while, can't complain though I got lots of love for it and tears when he had to go home.

The next day was like a bad hangover without the booze sickness. Sore arms from carrying a 3 year old, sore thighs from trying to get used to the weight of the bike by rocking her back and forth, sore back from waxing and polishing and a mild case of sun stroke! All in all a fabulous weekend, a very very good weekend. Totally Worth It.

Back to clouds and rain and

Have a great week!

See Ya