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Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween 2016!

Happy Halloween Lovelies!

I'm pretty sure most of you had your celebration on the weekend like I did for yourself and tonight is the night for the kids.

Now thank goodness my kids are all grown and I won't have to go out in the miserable weather to take them trick or treating but at the same time I miss those moments, like when B was 2 her first trek around the neighbourhood dressed as a cute lil pumpkin and we got to a house and she was being potty trained at the time ( no Pull Ups in those days ) and when they opened the door instead of Trick or Treat she simply said "I peed..." they laughed, we laughed and she scored. Or Sese getting many purple balloons pinned to her to make her a bunch of grapes when she was 5, unfortunately we couldn't fit her in a jacket so keeping her warm was our main concern but she was a champ and getting candy so she felt nothing except for an intense need for sugar. Or once having a neighbour wearing a scream mask and literally having to drag my kid to the door she was so scared one year. He apologized to her profusely and filled her bag because she was crying...ok not crying pleading for her life.

That same year though there were a large group of us about 7 or 8 adults and 11 children going out together. We planned it nicely while we had our thermoses of coffee and cocoa ( it was cold that year but dry ) and we were a trick or treat mob. I miss those days...

Now they are adult women and their costumes reflect that...where have my babies gone..

That being said with them being adults we have now just had our 4th annual Halloween party and it was a success. I get them to play a game every year and this year I thought I was prepared but they were quick! Petrified Pyramid was the game and fast on their feet were they. So fast I had to stop and add things. Next years game will be much more difficult.

Prizes were given for Best Costume and Best Couple Costume and a dance party came to life.

I asked them all a question about their happiest Halloween memory and I still have to put the video together because I've never had to deal with so many clips before but it will be done by the end of the day because upload times vary so it will be up at some point and well video is not my strong suit especially since I had to put them together first. Fingers crossed.

Some of them weren't happy though, they were sad but I guess a memory never the less right?

Check out my Instagram ( tab at the top ) for photos. Those of you on my FB have probably already seen most them because of my frantic uploading on Sat night. but there are some that were not sent there just for this reason!

Now with Halloween almost behind us and November set to start it's 2 months today until New Years Eve. My second favourite non holiday of the year!

Have a great week!

See ya

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Finding My Flow

I just realized that I haven't blogged this week yet!

That's ok because I've been able to focus on writing, which I stopped doing for a few minutes so that I could let you know that.

It's funny when characters in your story that are secondary become something you are almost more interested in and their growth and journey is so much more than the lead characters. So this next post of CF will be elegantly brutal if that's possible and a test of writing it that way too.

For me this is a very long journey but the process needs to flow and not be forced so I write when the flow is there. Every time I try to sit myself down with the mindset have my fingers rush over the keys I just can't.

I have found though that I prefer to write by hand and then enter my words to computer effectively editing as I go...and then again before I post and it makes me feel special for those of you that are looking for new entries. I try to stay ahead of it but it's hard to keep up sometimes. I had said I was going to pull back a bit to lessen the pressure of everything I've put on myself and it's helped because the story came back to me.

So just a brief hello and back I go as something terrible is about to happen to someone who deserves it.

Have a great week!

See Ya

Monday, October 17, 2016

A Helping Hand and Geek Girl Issues...

Hello Lovelies!

It's a nightmare outside right now. Rain that goes right through you and yet it's still warm out for the most part.

How was your weekend? I got 2 days with my little Peanut and he is growing so fast and talking a mile a minute. Sometimes he reminded me of Stuart from Mad TV except instead of "Look what I can do!" it's "Hey watch this!!" and I've realized that I may have had my kids young but I'm glad I did because keeping up with his energy level is effort to say the least. And no matter how much energy you think you have, the energy you need to spend chasing a 3 1/2 year old around is tremendous. He talks super fast just like his mom and his Auntie B so it's not only a physical energy but a mental one too and for all of his hyper activity and energetic stories when that kid wants to be a lovable cuddle monster that's exactly what he is.

I suck that up.

So besides the oodles of cuddles, on Friday I helped make sandwiches for a Charity function Lo and Choo were doing on Saturday night and that went well and I was glad I could help.

Then decided well Craig decided that he had to show me his Apple TV and make me watch things, now that being said we have Netflix and Crave so between all three it's either there's too much to watch and we can't decide or we just can't find anything. We had Shomi was useless (and apparently going out of business ) so switching to Crave was a much easier choice. Now since then I have binge watched Kingdom, Orphan Black and now watching 19-2 but the comic book Geek Girl in me really wanted it for the Agents of Shield. The remote for the Apple TV is so sensitive that if you breathe on it you either fast forward or rewind about 10 mins that was a pain.

Wait I drifted away from where I was going though...

Apple TV...Craig got me to watch X-Men - Apocalypse. I've always been an X-Men lover be it comics or movies and unfortunately this one fell flat for me but I have to say that when it comes to the Marvel Universes I wish they would stay in just 1 maybe 2 semi-rational worlds. For instance and I'll only give 1 example or we'll be here all day.
Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are twins, Magneto's children ( first thought ) but in the last 2 X-men movies Quicksilver ( love him ) seems to be an only child. Never mentions a sister, while over in the Avengers movies they are together and Quicksilver dies. I know the two franchises are completely separate from each other, separate worlds, separate chaos but they are family and you would figure that the X-Men franchise would have had that continuity and not so much the Avengers even though but I am aware of the problems with parentage that happened between the 2. Magnetos children and then it turned out they weren't mutants ect, ect. The one thing that remains though is that they are twins in one franchise but not the other.

Ok GG is back in the box and kicking because I've muzzled her for now.

I spoke to a friend that in passing said she was going to drop off some old towels at the SPCA which made me think of how humans are so much the issue of charity and how the animals in there need help too. A few years ago I applied to volunteer my time there and actually never received anything communication back from them but oh well I can help in other ways right? My only problem would be wanting to bring some of them home but I couldn't I'm not quite over Cali yet. Dogs are so close to my heart the pull to find ways to help them is strong at this time of year when it's dark and dreary.

Anyway our monsoon season has definitely begun, we were in line for 3 storms this weekend each one to be nastier than the last. There were power outages and thank goodness they weren't in my neighbourhood but the wind did quite the number leaving 75,000 without power and it didn't even kick off the way everyone had feared. I'm not sure if it can get any wetter out there but it sure is trying.

Have a great week!

See Ya

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Comfort, Coziness and Craziness!

Well hello October!

    I must say that October is probably my favourite month of the year even though I can see my breath now and there's is frost in the morning before the sun comes out and melts it away but the colours and the need to be cozy makes it worth it. What sucks is the second season of blackouts we'll probably have.

    We just had Thanksgiving on Monday and this year it was a small affair but the first of many seasonal events. Yes it gets dark earlier and the official time change doesn't happen until November like it really matters because it will get dark naturally anyway but I'll gladly take the extra hour of sleep. Even then though my body wakes up after a certain amount of sleep so I guess I'll be up earlier? Whatever, it doesn't matter Fall is here and comfort foods, prime-time viewing, and the Fall purge. Unfortunately the riding season is over for me as I whisper promises of time together next season to my bike.

Yes I know and I don't care.

    Seeing as Choo has been riding her for the past month because his bike needs to be fixed I felt the need to reassure her that it was temporary. Little alarm bells went off when he told me how much he likes riding her though but I figured that at least she was getting run though before she gets put away this weekend. Over the Fall and Winter months I get to decide and budget for the things I need for my other girl and she's a project alright and I have time to get her right.

    Enough of that! Halloween is coming and my excitement grows with every passing day so the decorations will be crafted and put up around the house to pull the magic of it together which will be posted on my Instagram @stephwell or Tumblr at the link above in the pages.

Ok I'm gone, lots to do!

See ya!