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Monday, October 23, 2017

One Step At A Time

Hey! How was your week?

We've had a bit of depressing bipolar weather this week but during it all I think I have achieved that clarity that I've been looking for. I decreased the amount of stuff I had on my plate to much more manageable levels and decided to keep it simple to the things that are important to me. I have so many interests and trying to keep up with them all was tiring. I don't like them any less but some of them don't need to be front and center as I was trying to keep everything.

I don't need to do it all nor was I meant to so I'm sticking to the simple things that make me happy in this life.

That being said, on one of the beautiful days I left and took a walk to the shop to see what the guys were doing/building. I showed up and Choo was there poking at his Shovelhead and by the look on his face he was deep in thought. Once he saw me though he smiled and led me straight to a couple of Sportsters that were there. Obviously he had thought about my troubles and now that I have stepped over the customizing line he had an idea. I couldn't tell you the years of the bikes off hand because even if he told me I wasn't listening as I took them in.

He told me to sit on both of them and see what was comfortable for me. I'm 5'11" so comfortable is a must at this point. On mine the way she sits now with me having Forwards makes me hunched over a bit with the stock Risers. At first I wanted to change the bars completely but have decided now that mine are fine they just need to be raised and pulled back a bit more and I'll be adding thicker grips for my apparently long piano fingers to be more comfortable. I sit my butt onto the first bike, looks a bit older, beaten up and although it's a tad lower than mine the solo seat and 6 1/2" raised (dare I say it ) drag bars (could be wrong still learning all of this) she has felt comfortable and this is where I decided that thicker grips felt better.

I moved over to the other Sportster  at Choo's urging the one that looked much sleeker and bigger?taller than the rough around the edges one I had just been on. This one has the same stock bars as mine but for some reason even though they are a 1/2 inch shorter on 6" risers than the other ones it felt wider somehow and I didn't like that so much so I got off and walked back over to the other one and threw a leg over and sat back on it. Everything about it felt comfortable but I'm still not sure about the bars. I'd like to keep mine and that's how I've finally decided I'm going with the risers. So I start the search and the research into what I need and how to install them.

I have guys in my life that like to make it difficult sometimes and particularly a Smartass friend that likes to give me a hard time but if I do ask a question he'll generally give me the straight shot answer leaving room for me to figure stuff out without solving the problem for me.

Choo likes to point out the things I never thought of in a way that... sometimes makes me want to push him down the stairs but that's ok...for the most part. I guess...

Little things like I finally find a pair of Risers to order and then...

Choo: I found you some but they're Aluminum
Me: Really? Cool!
Choo: We can powder-coat them.
Me: Wait...why?
Choo: Because they're aluminum...
Me: *blink*...and?
Choo: Yours are black and they need to match your bike.

Now that conversation could have gone much better if he just said something like this...

Choo: I found you some but they're aluminum, if you want them to match what you have now then we can get them powder-coated black.

Well then...I know that I need help but really?

Oh well whatever it takes, I'm hands on learning just the way I like it and in the end it's my decision right??? Even if I make colossal mistakes, I'll learn and at least I have many avenues I can travel down for help and advice.

Now as much as it pretty much tears my heart out that my baby girl is leaving home at least I'll be able to bring in the 2 bike frames from the shop into the basement for our build bikes giving us room to work in the shop over the Fall and Winter customizing the other 2. Around here there just aren't other girls that build bikes that I have found yet.

So far I'm learning that there is a lot to learn and I'm invested.

Back to the search for parts.

Have a great week
See Ya

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Holiday Excitement!

Ok we know it's October and we know how much I LOVE this month!

This weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada and the holiday might be Monday but the food and comfort we seek happens on Sunday.

The smell of Turkey in the air and pumpkin spiced stuff even though I hate pumpkin still rocks my world! My baby girl is moving out at the end of the month with her boyfriend of 6 years and I'm sure I'll go through empty nesting syndrome even though I'll still have 1 daughter left at home ( she's leaving me too in the new year I hear...possibly ) so this will be the last time we do this as a household unit.

We've lost so much in the past year that I'll be glad to have them with me before it gets to the point where we're cooking a tiny chicken for Thanksgiving in a tiny apartment somewhere. I hope that doesn't happen. As I struggle with the thoughts of the girls leaving I also look forward to less expenses and having the house to myself...who am I kidding I am NOT looking forward to that.

Wait I lost my way here...

Thanksgiving! I'm looking for something new I can make this year. I'm not sure if I want it to be a dessert or a side dish but the search is on!

Our Halloween party is coming up soon too. This is year 5 and they keep getting better so this long weekend will be completing the planning stages for prizes and games. Last year we gave away movie passes and a $25 gift card for the best costumes and everyone stayed safe. The prizes must be bigger and better this year! I know that Lo has already chosen what she wants to be but me??? I have no idea? I wasn't feeling it last year but after the loses I feel like I should take the time to enjoy the holidays and seasons as much as possible.

So what can I do? What should I be? I have a bit of time for that and since Turkey day comes first then that will be my focus. As you may have noticed I think I'll be blogging more frequently and randomly from now on. It always makes me feel better when I do my therapy here and even know I feel more clarity than I've had in a while.

Stick with what works!

I'm trying to post a Pic a day of whatever I can to re-engage with what I've lost touch with so check out my Instagram and I'll try to keep you posted!

See Ya

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Memories Are Sweet.

Well a lot has happened since I was last here.

The death of a loved one has consumed my brain and actions of late and as senseless and tragic as it was and has been, losing him...the son I had always envisioned and always wanted has showed me how short life is.

How short his was...

With that though, recently I think I have had a sense of clarity when it comes to what I want out of life. The things that I've always wanted but shied away from for fear of rejection or the inability to complete my tasks. To enjoy life he did. Everything was beautiful and even at 25 years old everything was worth something. He wrapped himself around my heart and told me I could do the things I had started and finished. He was one of my biggest supporters in such a short period of time and from the day he took his last breath I swore I would live my life in a way that he would make him smile that mischievous smile he had.

The day of the accident he was helping me with my bike and I'm hard pressed to even wash her because his prints are still all over it. Now though it's off the road.

 My riding season was a bust this year. Ongoing problems with my Carb and others made it frustrating to say the least and then after changing the carb twice and the spark plugs, I am still having issues. Now moving on to the plug wires by process of elimination and besides what a better way to learn how things work. Ok here's the thing, even tough I will take instruction and absorb knowledge from the riders in my life let's face it...they're too busy riding!

Jealous... of course I am!

Thanks to technology and you know...You Tube I started to research the possibilities and trust me I know my limits so when I read about testing the plug wires with a screwdriver it gave me pause because well come on... I'm still new here.

With that being said I have the off season now to begin the customization and learning process. So even though I have balked at changing my Sportster and trying to keep it as stock as possible it's time now to really make her mine and even though it's been tough to think about changing her because of those prints I know that he would want me to make her the best I wanted her to be and if he was here he'd be helping me do just that.

Now the bike projects are mounting as we have 4 bikes now in total to build and one of them was supposed to be his.

It still will be.

So no more fucking around and stop and go shit. Things have to be done so here's to being more outgoing and taking risks. I have 2 things that are important to me that fear has stopped. Riding and Writing where both a part of me, both need to be addressed and move forward while I am determined to enjoy the little things at the same time.

I'm not gone yet and will have to make the most of what I have.

Life is short, Live it.
Love is rare, grab it.
Anger is bad, dump it.
Fear is awful, face it.
Memories are sweet,
cherish it...

With so much that is happening in our world, the little things matter so much more now.


See Ya,

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Aug Update!

Hello Lovelies!!

It's been awhile as the Summer rolls on in full swing.

We had a few life changing moments that prevented thinking clearly enough for me to be here but they have settled now.

At the beginning of the year Choo found his son that had been given up for adoption 25 years ago and they had been in constant contact since. 2 weeks ago that son came to BC and moved in with us from Ontario. Quite the change but he fits right in and despite my ongoing anxiety about hoping we don't disappointment he's just adorable and pretty much a carbon copy of his dad. The girls have adjusted rather quickly and that's awesome especially since they are all adults. The extra weird part is seeing how much he's like his sisters for not having grown up with them and he's already got a job thanks to the spectacular people in our life.

The acceptance from the family and friends of him has warmed my heart and hopefully his!

The same day that he came in I received a call that one of my brothers passed away. Mine is a large family and even though there are many of my brothers I have yet to meet he was one of the few that I had met, so as exciting as it was to have the new addition another was lost that day.

The year anniversary of losing California also passed it the last month as well as losing Boscoe ( our tiny talkative cat ) somehow possibly Coyotes or another animal since he never strayed far from home we can only think he was taken by something.

Still having a carb issue on the Sportster to the point where I'm going to rebuild it myself because the one that was put on is worse than my original one and my mechanic is just too backed up to do it. I might as well learn since I would prefer to learn to do the maintenance myself and not only ride my own but take care of my own. I haven't ridden since I don't even remember when and I'm getting a bit stir crazy while I sit and stare longingly at her.

That being said I have been making slow progress on the BSA by learning and cleaning the Amal Carb on that one.

Thanks to this little baby I got all of the sediment out of the float bowl...which was caked.

I can take apart and put that one back together in my sleep now. She's a 5 year project that I'm 2 years into and besides stripping her down not much has happened there but this long weekend I'll be cutting out the old wiring harness and getting the frame ready to be stripped and painted. I finally found a place in Canada that I can get parts from at decent prices and I need alot of parts! So heading into the mid-summer I plan to get right up close and personal and make sure everything is ready and in motion for when I get the motor rebuilt.

I'm going to try and document as much as I can between Instagram and You Tube because even though I want to prove to the men in my life that I can do this...I want to prove it to myself more.

Emotionally though July was a rough month, I have an outlet now and here's hoping Aug holds more promise!

Alright guys have a great week!

See Ya

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Accepting Myself

I'm one of those people that never settles.

Not in a my way or the highway type of way but in the way where I'm content, yet not content, passive yet impassive if that makes any sense at all. I continually work in a frazzled capacity not so much that I'm stressed out ( that's where the passive comes in ), sometimes I'm mildly anxious but always multi-tasking in some way, shape or form. Yet everything is set up into separate compartments based on a commonality and then I task myself with something out of each one.

Just reading that made me confused.

There are things I want at the top of my list! Others can wait until I deem them necessary, some drive me nuts that I can't get them completed faster but there is something missing so that task is sidelined.

Why can't things be easy? Simply because it wouldn't be worth it if it was right?

The struggle it seems is prioritizing but how do you prioritize when things have no rhyme or reason most days? Besides going to work there is no routine in my day to day life and most definitely not in my thought patterns. I can't seem to put things straight and as you guys have heard from me before, this is an ongoing thing so I should just accept the chaos right? Why over think it, I am who I am and do things the way I do!

Acceptance is the key so how can I go wrong?

I mean I'm never one to think I should be a certain way. I entertain thoughts of being you know the soccer mom or the party girl or a kick ass, gun toting mystery woman ( avid reader here ). In the end though I could never be the soccer mom (tried but Sese didn't last), the party girl ( I would much rather do something else ), the KAGTMW ( well she exists in whatever book I'm reading ). When someone says "You need to love yourself for who you are." Well...who am I? I know who other people think I am but who am I to me?

A question I don't even think about most days. I don't dwell on it when I do, sometimes it just creeps in there, I acknowledge it and send it away with a "Ya does it matter?" and the question goes away for a while like a change in the seasons.

For the most part I'm happy, I love my family, have great friends, a life that's been a struggle mainly because I made it that way in some areas but I'm here alive and well. I mean sure life could be more exciting, it's up to me to make that happen though. This years theme has been to Focus and for my brain focusing is HARD! Unless I set my sights on something and I'm obsessed for a while... I have a couple of those something's right now.

All in all life is good even amid the chaos of my mind. Yet I'm still the quiet one...

Not much longer before my vacation starts and we're off to our haunted destination. I reminded BU that the Blonde with matching underwear always dies first but right now her hair is red and as long as she mis-matches her undergarments we're good. She said she won't question my logic though and if I say it's time to leave then we'll set the road on fire to get out of there.

I'm so glad she understands me!

Vacation Countdown has begun...

See Ya.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Emotion vs Logic and Food

Hello Lovelies,

Alright 2 weeks to go before I'm on vacation and give or take a day until me and Blondunicorn ( who is a redhead right now ) are off to...I don't even know where yet but we will figure it out, more than likely just mere days before we go.

I would love to ride but I am consistently being told that there are things wrong with my girl. Carburetor first which still seems to be a problem so I'm told. Didn't feel like it to me but what do I know and now the Primary chain so it's killing me so I'm told only short rides no long ones and even then with our weather lately being really crappy...I feel stuck...and sad...and depressed...and then you get jerks that you call your friends giving you a hard time for not being out there when that's the only place I want to be is, out there, somewhere, getting lost.

I'm pretty sure that Choo is paranoid and just plain scared to death of me being out riding without him there to watch over me...not that he did really in the first place because he was gone all of the time out riding himself and then taking my bike and leaving.

Do I sound bitter?

Maybe a little...maybe I haven't quite gotten past that yet.

It's being held back that makes me bitter. I recently told BU that her bike had no reverse so why should she. Sure look in the rear-view and reflect but the only place you can go is forward. Bikes don't have a reverse and you have to force them to go backwards. Forward isn't always smooth either though but at least your moving, taking those ruts and bumps in the road where some of them slam your teeth together but you keep on moving.

I also read a phrase in a book recently "Hope strengthens, Fear kills" and that seems to resonate for me because to fear it locks you up. I don't even think it's a conscious think for him, I think he fears for me and considering he put it in front of me in the first place and fueled my obsession that's just too bad. Although it's pretty tough to stomp my feet and preach unfairness when I'm told things are wrong and don't have the experience to know how bad it it or be able to fix it myself so... I kind of have to trust those of knowledge even if it drives me nuts.

So that being said I torture myself daily with logic and emotion.

Emotion: "I'm going to ride whether he likes it or not!"
Logic: "What if I make the issues at hand worse?"

I daydream about being out there and I can't be until she runs right so until them I live vicariously through others which makes me sad again but at least I have other things to occupy my time until then like baking ( my how domestic ) or reading ( which I do a lot of anyway ) or just living other moments.

Like going to visit something haunted and just getting away in general because it's never me that gets away. The kids, Choo, they get to get away when ever they want to and now it's my turn!!! This does a lot to help my mood. 2 more weeks I have to get through at work and then there is Canada Day our 150th so Bean is calling for Epicness and the house will try to provide that. She already has a Canadian menu happening including Poutine, Maple Leaf cookies, Naniamo bars and Smoked Salmon. She'll probably want pancakes for breakfast just so we can use syrup but that's my girl, she goes all out. Ketchup and All Dressed Chips

Check our some Foods Invented in Canada I was surprised by a couple actually!

Anyway guys, have a great week and I'll see you...somewhere. Instagram, Twitter you know, the usual!

See Ya

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Haunted Places A Trip For Two

Hello Lovelies!

Trying to get back into making sure I'm here and present. It's tough sometimes trying to keep all of my Social Media updated and every now and then I just have to check out. I think part of it is because I haven't been using my blog journal that I just now remembered I haven't been using! I got so used to having it with me all the time so I could jot down notes for content and I really haven't had it for about 6 weeks now???

Holy crap where has my life gone???

So in a couple of weeks me and Blondunicorn are going to take an overnight trip to a Haunted place here in BC. We haven't locked down which one it will be yet but it's a plan in the works and I'm super stoked about it. So excited that I seriously just texted her to make sure we're still a go for that while I'm writing this.

Her response?? ABSOLUTELY!

Once I figure out where we're going I'll let you know. I'm pretty sure it will be towards the Okanagan because I don't want to go the other way. the Haunted Vancouver Island spots can wait for now.

So here are some of the most famous Haunted Places in BC 

I'm thinking that the Tranquille Sanitorium might be the go to place to truly creep her out. We'll see how that goes. she wants to camp wherever we go for the night...I don't think she'll want to stay there but if we do...

So excited! I'll keep you up to date.

K Have a great week!

See Ya

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Still Kickin'!

I'm here! Where have I been? I couldn't even tell you but I'm still kickin'

At least there has been progress! I got to go for a short ride last week and since I'm still a bit of a gong show I was apprehensive but as it turned out I wasn't the issue! My bike which sat all Winter with no stabilizer in the tank had a lot of stuttering issues that at first I thought was me.

Chugging, black exhaust so I went home and had the hubby take a ride and assess the situation for me. When he came home he said that I would need to get my Carb cleaned. The thought of taking her to a shop when I was just getting back into the swing of her (too much time in between rides) did not sit well but better to have her happy and healthy right and then I would be safer.

Thank goodness our shop guy is a good friend and said he could do it for me in a couple of hours. Choo took her in and Jon took her for a ride confirming that the Carb should be cleaned but before that Choo decided to switch out the old gas and what do you know! She runs like a dream now.

Ok that was like a week ago. I show up here in spurts these days. I did take her in on Sunday though to have the Carb done and it took most of the day but that part of her tune up is complete and she's super happy. Still doesn't like slow speeds but very smooth out of first. That means for me that she is not into city riding or stop and go traffic.

So I've decided nice days are for riding and gross rainy days are for building. I'm trying to track down a different tank and fenders so that they can be painted Cobalt Blue and continue the process of making the Sporty truly mine but at the same time I want to keep her original know...original. Besides that my Sexy Bitch ( BSA ) is lacking in love and attention so I need to pull that together too.

Most days I feel like I have nothing to do when there is so much to do and I have to create the routine but yes...we'll see... how routine I can make it because there are so many things that are rolled up in what I have to do!

Ok enough of that! You know how to find me. Questions...Answers...all are welcome!

See Ya

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Cracking The Shell All The Way Through

Hi guys,

I hadn't realized it had been so long since my last post! Things have been in a bit of a whirlwind lately on a personal level even though they are still up in the air a bit I figured I should check in.

Riding has been slow in coming for me because of the weather. It seems that during the week the weather will be nice while I'm at work and by the time I get home, make dinner and wind down the time is gone while the weekends piss rain and I am no experienced rider in the rain. I have friends that are enjoying what riding they can get in and I'm completely jealous!

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago and I asked the kids to pitch in for a new riding jacket that I want. I have a leather riding jacket already and a vest but I wanted something that was a bit more protection and weather ready so once it's ordered I'll give you some feedback on that once I get it.

It's been hard to shake the anxiety I feel when I look my Sportster. I've been pussyfooting around it and been taking the time to re-familiarize myself with her as I wait for my dare I say it "Squad" to get on insuring their rides. I told Choo that I don't even know how I rode the monster last year because when I get back on the seat I feel at ease at the same time as mildly terrified but that being said the terror has subsided and I've embraced the anxiety of it. So many of my girlfriends even Lo whose ridden for about 9 years have had the same issue every year so I'm told it's normal. I still have the back tire issue that needs to be fixed once I get my rear tire changed over.

Not only have I looked at riding with anxiety but I've been thinking of my build bike a lot and need to get moving on that too so on the sunny days I plan to be out and on the rainy ones I'll have to be in the shop because the BSA has to happen and progress needs to be made but I am so new to all of it. I understand so much more now about the way they work than I know about cars and there is so much more to learn.

This makes me giggle hysterically every time I walk into the shop and see it.

Like I said though I'll be documenting this journey the whole way. The other fear I have of putting myself out there will also be conquered in the process. I have always said that my blogging is very personal for me. I'm not selling a product, I care less about views as all I want to do is be present and share my experiences of my normal (semi-normal) life and with that said I intend to embrace the lighter side of life and take it less seriously.

I don't have time for that anymore. It's held me back as I'm sure it holds a lot of people back and with the technology we have today and the many platforms there is no time to be shy...anymore. I will be posting videos on my You Tube channel again a completely personal thing so that they are all in one place. The space has been there for years and I have posted maybe one or two videos like a year and I'm not big on the whole video thing. I've tried and sucked or been too shy either way whatever...I'm done and it's time to have some fun!

I've met so many different people and been far more at ease with engaging with them. The Motorcycle community has been soooo welcoming and and answering any questions I have no matter how ridiculous I think they are. People planning to ride out from other places and actually interested in meeting me as I am them!

So excited about that.

So here's to cracking the shell all the way through!

I'm still working on the book too. In my editing I created a whole world of trouble for myself as I found something important missing and had to write it in to complete it so there is a lot I have on my plate and I refuse to stress out about any of it.

Life is shorter than you think.

See Ya

Monday, April 10, 2017

All About The Gear.

Hey guys!

So on this Monday I actually have very little for you aside from being very over anxious to get out there and being told to wait or deal with crappy weather...all the time.

I think I'm might have to fight Choo for my bike because I don't think he wants me riding while he can't but that's kind of too bad considering that he would ride without me all the time last year as well as take my bike whenever he felt like it so I was left at home not being able to ride.

Not this year...

Don't get me wrong I'm ok with him riding it, just not taking it whenever he feels like it because she's mine not his.

Does that sound wrong?

It is what it is I guess but since I haven't been able to ride yet and I have my new Outlaw helmet  in bright pink with a skull and crossbones on the side that I'm absolutely dying to wear. Most of my gear I've gotten through and On Line site called Leather.Up In the beginning I wasn't sure where to go for the stuff I needed or wanted. All of the stores were a bit of a drive or they were Sport bike based and I most definitely did not have a Sport bike. So as I was trying to get enough stuff together to be safe on my ride I came across the site and the prices were decent so I started there.

I already had a Jacket gifted to my by Lo and a vest from Choo so I still needed the rest from my feet to my head. So I started with my head of course and from Outlaw first off was my Outlaw T-70 Purple Butterfly Glossy Motorcycle Half Helmet.

Still love it but wanted the more Retro style this year with my Open face helmet which is no longer available and I suddenly feel lucky that I got this one when I did!
Next was my boots. I didn't need everything all at once because I still had to write my learners so I tried to order what appealed to me like my Xelement 2469 Women's Black Advanced Lace up Motorcycle Boots.

I love them they are the most comfortable boots ever! Not like I tried many others but they're awesome.

Last but not least my gloves. They're fingerless because it's easier for me if I can feel the controls. It may not be safer but compared to what I see a lot of people ride lacking gear wise I think fingerless gloves are the least of my troubles so my also Xelement XG461 'Idol' Women's Black Fingerless Leather Gloves with Gel Padded Palms hug, cushion my hands and barely feel there.
I also got eye wear and another Vest there as well that are well enough but I would like to change out my glasses, they might work better with the Open-Faced helmet because they were a bit loose with my half helmet but you can never have too many pairs of those.

All photos are from the Leathup site except for my pretty pink helmet (obviously) and links are included as well. I hope that all came out ok but I was excited to share!

Now as the sun comes out to tease my while I'm on my lunch break before it pours again I wish you a good week and a great ride!

See Ya

Thursday, April 6, 2017

It's Not Monday But Lets Motor Anyway.


Well I've been out sick now for... this is day...6.

The first day I knew it was coming on and the second day I was in full blown sinus hell. I assume it's what hell is like because I have never had a sinus cold before and it's still kicking my ass.. I went home early last Thursday and ended up having to take Friday and the following Monday off.

Another thing I've never had before was an earache. I woke up Sat morning and thought I was going to die. Right ear plugged and every time it popped there was staggering pain so I WebMD'd myself, something I always say not to do and after seeing that it was in fact due to this sinus punishment I headed straight for the Advil and it helped. Unfortunately although I have most of my energy level back I still have the head pressure and plugged ear. No pain though...unless I tilt my head forward and it's not pain just intense pressure at the back of my head.

It makes it very hard to concentrate and I've been popping pain meds since Saturday but decided today of all days that I would suffer and haven't taken anything mostly to gauge the severity of it. I would love to know when it's going to go away though so I can feel normal.

The 2 nicest sunniest days of the weekend were Sunday and Monday and I was still sicker than a dog.

Now that I've ranted that out though in my impatience I was looking at places to get my BSA frame sandblasted. My mechanic can get it done but he's usually so backlogged and I'm patient, yet impatient when it comes to me getting something done. I know this build is going to take a while as I scrap together the money to get her built but I need to see and feel like progress is being made.

So Choo seeing my lack of patience ensured me that when I take in my frame to our guy that it will get done in a timely fashion and he even consulted another friend of ours about painting it gloss black for me. In the mean time I'm going to have to find Pistons and get my Carb cleaned and rebuilt. Whether or not I can do it remains to be seen but I'll give it a shot because I want to have the hands on experience for this project.

As for my Sportster I think a change of colour is in order. She's silver and black right now as I got her and everything black will stay so all I have to do is change my tank and fenders and I think Cobalt Blue is the colour I'm going to go with.

Will I get airbrushing done?

I don't know? I'm thinking about it as I take this journey to find the me in it all. The only thing I've changed on her are the foot pegs and that was because I dropped her and one broke and the Guardian Bell because my other half stole the one that came with her but he replaced it with a new one for me. Besides those nothing else has been changed on my bike and now that I got my new Outlaw Helmet and I'm heading into my second season of riding I'm feeling those parts of me emerge and I love every second of it.

Now only if it would stop raining so I can pull Sweetness (as I call her because she's a sweet girl for a 1200) out and work on Sexy Bitch (BSA) that would be great but until I get rid of this infuriating head sickness I can't do much of anything.

So...that's my brief rant and update and like I said I'm taking video of the trips, build and the bikes progress and uploading them.

Click here

See ya on two wheels.

Monday, March 27, 2017

First Ride of the Season Disappointment.

Well Happy Motor Monday!

So this Monday Segment seems to be going well!

 It amazes me how welcoming the Motorcycle community is overall. I have met and made many new contacts and hopefully friends in the process. Where I would usually be quiet and watchful, I have engaged with people from all over. It's funny that when it comes to Motorcycles and Books I have met the most interesting people from all over.

Last Wednesday I went out and got Insurance for my bike. Now I second guessed myself at every turn there. "Should I get it now?", "Should I wait?", "Maybe it's not the right time?" I took the day off of work specifically for this reason and I knew that it was more my fear riding me than anything else because if I was Insured then I would have no excuse not to ride. Now don't get me wrong, I am so stoked and excited to ride that I vibrate but that nagging voice in the back of my head says things like. "You've forgotten what you've learned.", "It was a one off season.", "You didn't ride enough."

True did I ride as much as I wanted to? No Partially because by other half would take my bike out more than I could once his broke down. This made me angry on so many levels but I didn't feel like I had the right to say no since he gave me the bike in the first place. It wasn't even him riding it that was my issue it was the free for all he took with her. If I had the opportunity to ride, i couldn't. I'd come home from work and my bike would be gone. this also made me hesitant to insure it because he's in the process of building his Trike and with me having insurance he'll figure he can have his way.


Does me saying no make me a bitch?

I mean I hope not but at the same time I don't care. It's my bike right?

Anyway, I trucked off to my Autoplan office with my papers. Never told Choo where I was going, I just decided that you know what? I was going to do it...and I did. My Insurance guy was happy to see me when we went into his office to start the paperwork. He looked at me and said "You're going to's March!"

I said "Uh huh.." and got back a hefty "Good for you!" he doesn't insure his until June but I figured if I'm insuring for a year then it doesn't matter when it starts. By the end of it I left with my plates, my current discount and being informed that next month I qualify for Road Star. The highest discount offered with a handshake and a bold "Have a good day Road Warrior." ( Ya...I beamed at that)

I made my way home with a bounce in my step in the rain and when I got in Choo asked me how my walk was so I tossed my plate in his lap and his eyes lit up. Right then I told him not to get that look in his eyes.

The rest of the week was plagued by rain so on Sat morning I went out to fire up my girl and do a pre-trip check before I go through the motions of dusting off my young skills. when I sat on her, I kid you not it felt like home and like she was happy I was there. I stroked her tank and asked myself why I was so terrified, I mean I'm still super nervous to get back out on the road but the memory of how she felt under me knocked some of the edge off. So I put the key in and...nothing.

My heart would have sunk but I was aware that it was possible the battery would be dead. this winter it was left outside temporarily when the temp dropped and we got snow. Choo had told me when he put her away that the battery was dead and he would attempt to charge it. Apparently that didn't happen, I also noticed that my rear tire was flat. Not completely but enough to cause me worry about a hole in which case I'll blame him because he rode the shit out of her. ( I think I'm bitter.)

He did come out and helped me change the battery, giving me his battery and making the hair stand on the back of my neck because I know what this will mean, so on my list is to buy a new one myself. After we tested and replaced the battery I gave it another shot, Fuel on, Choke out, made sure she was in neutral and started her up.

I love that sound...

We inflated the tire and I noticed what looked like a track line of where the rubber has worn away also causing me concern and this time my heart did start to sink until Choo produced another tire the same size and barely worn. Unfortunately I'll have to take it in to get put on but I'd rather be safe than sorry right?

I took video of it so to watch click the link below. Beware I am not good at that!

First ride of the season disappointment.

So this is all a part of the process right?

See ya next week!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Motor Monday - Spring is Here!


Well Spring is finally here and even though it's still below zero here I feel like things are looking up! I have anticipatory anxiety about getting back on my bike and getting my bearings again. I can also thank You Tube for showing me endless videos from Motorcycle Vloggers who most of I noticed just like to put GoPros on themselves and talk about useless stuff while they're riding around and there are very, very few women Motorcycle Vloggers! That needs to change.

I'm addicted to Kickstands up and Scootin America with Adam Sandoval. I love Ride with Norman Readus and Babes Ride them too. I can't wait to be a proficient enough rider to make the trek to California to be a part of that. Let me know if the Links don't work, I'm never sure if I do that right.

So that being said, this week I will insure my baby and get back on her. I've told myself that I will be on her everyday I can. Last year there were so many times when I wanted to give up and almost did. I even cried about it one night in frustration of a day of stalling in traffic so much I wanted to die, but I didn't give up. Up until that point I hadn't transferred her over yet because I needed my learners. Once I got that it was off to the Autoplan office nearest me!


My bike came from Alberta and the guy who sold it to us had given us the wrong portion of papers necessary to complete the transfer into my name. Thank goodness he was a friend of our mechanic because we had to get Jon down to the Insurance place and give us the info on the previous owner. After we got that they plugged the info into the computer and it told them that the bike was registered in BC...well...what? They had already gone to my house to check the numbers on my bike and confirmed they matched the papers.

Me: No the papers say Alberta
Ins: The computer says BC
Me: So now what?
Ins: The previous owner needs to come in and straighten it out.
Ins: *blink*

After some minor raging where Choo just sat there quietly and smiled they told us that the previous owner could fax in a specific document to them and we could go from there. We went back home and Choo was about to leave to fax the paper to Alberta. The town only has 1 fax machine at the Post Office and Greg ( previous owner ) was ok with hanging out there until everything was sorted. He gets them, signs and faxes directly to the Autoplan outlet. We go back to the Insurance place and they received the document. Woo Hoo!


Ins: That will be (a stupid amount) per mo. (grabs the debit machine)
Me: Whoa...I have a 40% discount.
Ins: The computer says no you don't.
Me: (lean on the counter) The computer is wrong...

But now my rage is apparent because it's taken us almost 4 hours to get this done and frustration is nipping at me. Choo still sits there quietly smiling away which is really annoying. Finally she finds that I do have a discount and we finish up the paperwork I get my sticker and plates and get to go home and put them on her.

On the way home. I asked Choo why he was smiling.

Choo: Because you were a true biker mama in there ready to lose it if you couldn't get your bike.
Me: Ah...Oh...

Guys are weird.

After practicing all that time in my driveway. Working the clutch, running through how things were going to work without actually being on the bike. The day Choo pulled my bike around front and tossed me the keys was the most exciting and yet most terrifying day of my life. Maybe if the bike was smaller and not a 1200 but I am almost 6 feet tall. Every awful thought went through my head. "What if I can't do this?", "What if I can't balance?", "What if I can't get my feet up?", "OMG is anyone watching me?", well when I turned around my whole family was on the street watching me.

Great...No pressure there.

Choo came up beside me and reminded me of what I needed to do while he made sure my helmet was strapped on tight ( too tight I couldn't open my mouth ) and then stepped back. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears so loud it was like everything else faded away. My bike rumbled underneath me and I thought right at that moment that this machine might be too much, that I'd tip over but I eased on the throttle and slowly let the clutch out. She started to roll, I realized I didn't stall it and so I gave her more gas and got my feet up on the pegs. When I reached the end of the street I had to turn her around and I was not there yet to do it smoothly so I had pretty much mastered the 3 point turn... on a slight incline. Thigh pain...hell ya.

Once I had gotten her straight again I took a deep breath, shook out my shaking right hand ( the other one was still holding the clutch in ) and rolled on the throttle, let the clutch out and off I went back towards my love and support system as they cheered me on. Apparently I had the biggest smile on my face and I hadn't even noticed as I came towards them and stopped. Choo asked me if I was going to keep going when I put the bike back into neutral. I said yes but that my heart was pounding so hard I could feel it in my chest and I just needed a minute to calm down in my excitement.

Best day ever was that first ride for me even though I only went up and down my street about 20 times and only stalled her 3 times (that time just wait).

My family was proud of me, I was proud of myself and the dreams began big and hard just like my bike.

The journey continues...

Monday, March 13, 2017

Motor Monday Journal Of A New Rider #1

Something new but yet not new.

I've been having a lot of anxiety or just plain terror at getting back on my bike. I hear this is normal but that doesn't help the feelings. What do I do when I have feelings to sort through??
I write them down so what better way than to write them here and work out my issues in my usual public way on a weekly basis.

Don't worry my ridiculousness will still follow between Wed and Fri.

As most of you know I started riding a motorcycle last April. In the beginning I was pretty apprehensive about it. 2 years ago my other half brought me home...for my birthday an 1971 BSA Thunderbolt. This was to be a build bike and I was pissed. He had asked me about the bike before hand and I told him no...emphatically. Not even an hour later a truck pulled up with the bike. I got over my anger pretty quickly though once I sat on it.

Build bike I could handle and she needs a lot of work. I figured I could take my time. Get to know how I felt about riding.

I stripped her down...yes her. Sexy Bitch is what I call her because that's what she'll be one day.

Last April just before my birthday Choo once again came home with a bike...for me...2001 HD Sportster 1200 all silver and black.

Again I was pissed. For me it was an unnecessary purchase. I didn't know how to ride, no interest. Yet anyway, I had committed to the BSA in you know like 5 years or something dumb like that but here in front of me was a fully functional motorcycle...oh...god. So with that came a sudden pressure as my bestie has her 91' Sportster and another close friend was in the process of building his. Choo was waiting for his Softtail to be delivered from Alberta, so here stood... mine.

And did she intimidate the hell out of me. I stood there for I don't even know how long trying to process that I now had a motorcycle and not just a motorcycle but a Harley Davidson bike, me who doesn't even own a car. I know that I put the pressure on myself every second I stood there looking at her.

"Well then..." I said. "It looks like it's you and me."

The second I said it I felt like the air had been sucked out of me. I had been around bikes, ridden on the back but never on my own so for me to even think about being in control of one, and a big one was terrifying but I accepted that I was just going to have to learn sooner than I had planned. Once that acceptance settled in the whispers started. I like to think it was the bike telling me that it was going to be ok, that we'd work together and get to know each other and build our relationship.

I probably just needed meds.

After that day all I thought about was riding but I had time because I couldn't transfer her over into my name until I had a license so with that I hit the books and studied. I looked over her backwards and forwards until I could identify all of the controls and the parts I needed to and what they did. I would imagine myself going through the motions that would be needed to operate the bike. My brother in law would give me tips and talk to me about tipping points, friction zones and pointers on what I might expect. He'd make me straddle the bike and gently sway her back and forth so I could accustom myself to her weight and balance. Things I could investigate and research before I even turned the key because that's what I do.

Just a brother helping a sister out and he never did it in an overbearing way. Sure he'd pick on me and ask me to get on it so we could go to Tim Horton's but he took all of my questions seriously and all of the riders I knew did the same but I wouldn't start the bike until I had my learners license and that was my own choice.

I finally went to go write the test and here you have to have a drivers license in order to get your motorcycle license so I had to write 2 tests one after the other and passed them both after serious anxiety over the motorcycle test. You had never seen a happier girl.

Taking a course had been thrown at me on more than one occasion in conversation even now but I'm one of those people that lives pay cheque to pay cheque and I simply can't afford to take it having a family of 6. I've been self taught my whole life. I taught myself how to ride a bicycle, skateboard, ice skate I'm not dumb enough to think I could do this without instruction, that I had from multiple sources and the Internet is wonderful on the theory aspect. Don't get me wrong though, I could have taken the course which I should have back then but in all honesty I was scared to be put in a situation with other people that could observe my possible failure because my brain went there telling me I couldn't do it.

Stupid I know so if you ever have the option...Take the course.

Over the past year so much has changed in the way I see riding and how I'm finding the "Me" in it all and wanting to be around other women riders and submerged in the culture.

As I go along I will include Information sources on all sorts of stuff including my completions and failures. Is that pessimistic or realistic?

I guess we'll find out because this is a life altering journey for me and I'm more than happy to share the experience.

So concludes this Motor Monday.

See Ya!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My Sammydress Experience

So, you know those ads on Facebook for clothing super cheap?

I always scrolled past them even if I liked the page because of what I saw on it the first time. I liked a cute shirt or dress ( not that I wear dresses ) but never actually thought about buying anything...until now.

I finally decided to check out Sammydress especially since I've been doing more online shopping of late and I've been comparing service and site navigation so let's start there.

Site navigation: I sucked for me.

When I chose an item that I wanted to buy and added it to my bag, actually even before that when just choosing an item to look at the specifics for, it wasn't so simple to go back to shopping maybe for the lack of a Continue Shopping button. Using the back button isn't that bad except once you have added it to the bag because then you have to cycle through what you have already seen you know if you look at the item from different angles and so forth.

The first time I went through the payment options that are only available through PayPal I had backed out of the purchase thinking I needed a PayPal account in order to complete it. Yes online shopping is still a relatively new thing for me aside from buying books so I was not used to this.

I told a girlfriend of mine about it and she informed me that I could pay by credit card but had to go through the PayPal system to do it so that night I went back in and purchased. I chose things that I liked but that were also deliberately cheap just in case I had issues or was disappointed by the items. Then again seeing as I went cheap there was a high possibility that I would be disappointed.

I chose what they called a Cold Shoulder Empire Waist Babydoll Blouse and the Split-Neck Plaid T-Shirt both in blue.

After ordering they sent me a notification email with a order number and nothing else. Ok...I can handle that I figured I would get a tracking number once the items were shipped. 2 weeks later I received notice that my stuff was shipped but there was no tracking number.

Now I start to feel some shipping anxiety. Maybe I didn't get one because of how much I spent, seeing as it wasn't much. It cost me just over $20 USD for the shirts. I ordered from Amazon last November and it took me 2 months to get what I ordered so I get nervous. Then I saw that it was going to take another 15-30 days to get them because they were coming from the Orient.

The Orient? Where in the Orient? There are so many places that could be. That kicked in another anxiety about the sizing. Great, that's what I needed but that's also why I chose simple items you know, just in case. If I had an issue I have so many girls they could go to.

I go about my weeks since it was crazy at work and I had other things going on and in just over a week my Sammydress items arrived!

Pleased as punch was!

I tore open the package and was super excited to see my new items. At first when I held them up to myself they looked really big for mediums but once I tried them on I saw that they fit comfortably for the most part.

So the Plaid Split-Neck T

Had a few bunching issues in the back but that could just be because of my butt and the shelf it creates. The fabric hangs about mid thigh and I have long legs. I am thinking though that I can slim it down and eliminate the bunching by adding a belt to it and it's good to go.

The Cold Shoulder Empire Waist Baby-Doll Blouse.

I love this one even though I'm not used to showing that much cleavage but I think I can adapt and it will show off my shoulder tattoo that I got last year which is part of the reason I chose this one.

Overall the experience with Sammydress wasn't too bad aside from the website issues I had. We'll see how these hold up after the first wash though. I feel like I should hang dry them to be safe.

Would I order from them again?


See Ya!

Monday, March 6, 2017

A Sunday At Trev Deeley

Hi Guys!

Well it's been a little bit.

Last week was the end of RRSP season so there was not much time for anything besides trying to stay sane during the end of the season rush. And it's over now!

On Feb 26 though I went to Trev Deeley Motorcycles for the Red's Indoor Garage Sale and Swap Meet.

Our bike mechanic had 2 tables there so we helped him out for the day. At first it was a little nerve wracking as the ball got rolling, so many people, so many MC's and RC's and women riders. I almost feel like you could tell the women that ride on the back of bikes vs the women that ride their own and in that as well I've found that not only am I becoming a Motorcycle enthusiast I have been actively seeking women riders here where there are few that make themselves known.

I'm gearing up to not only insure my own Harley but continue to build my BSA so the Swap Meet was a chance to meet people that can help me with that. I saw some faces I knew and some I had seen before and couldn't remember without prompting but we were well met once again. It was strange being on the other side of the table though.

Choo took me for a walk around the dealership we ran into the AIM ( Association for Injured Motorcyclists ) lady who is at every function where we bought 50/50 tickets and didn't win but hey it's a good cause.

He took me into the showroom where I could see bikes that I would never least not currently maybe I can get a 2017 in 2027 but wow were they gorgeous. While we cruised through Choo ran into someone he hasn't seen since before we got together so we're talking 24 - 25 years checking out a new bike. We went up into the Motorcycle Museum and looked at some amazing bikes including the bikes from the movie Easyrider. I was so excited for that and the photos up top on my page.

After the tour we went back to the table and I watched the guys chat and haggle with all sorts. When the time was up we stripped down the table and packed up. I'm thinking next year I'm going to have to help with the organizational parts because he needs that! We loaded the rest of the gear into our truck and I heard someone call my name. When I turned around it was someone I hadn't seen in many years. She was one of my best friends in Jr. High and she was standing in front of me more beautiful than ever and actually asked me if I knew who she was.


She said that she had been watching me from afar all day not sure if it was me, so after hugs and giggles she told me that she had just bought a new bike that day and what a sexy bike it is. Very fitting for her and for as much as I love her I kind of hate her a lil bit right now but she has motivated me. Her sheer excitement made me smile. We are complete opposites who went in separate ways so drastically that I'm truly surprised we found each other again on this level. She even had boys to my having girls! We weren't in contact, not even on Facebook and not only does she ride but her youngest sister does too.

She started riding last year like me but she has definitely had more solid road time that I have. That will change this season especially because we want to ride together at some point too. So in that respect she has motivated me to up my game. At first I felt like I was competing with her in my head but then I realized that we're too different for that and it was motivation not competition and whatever motivation I have to get this journey on it's way...I will embrace. I am currently also a member of a women's riding group called Wind Sisters since the beginning of January so my search for women riders is a constant an I'm hoping to ride with each and every one I find here so I will tell you more about them in another post.

This is going to be an interesting season, can't wait to get it started.

See Ya!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Girls Day With 50 Shades Darker

    Sunday is mostly a lazy, puttering day getting things together for the coming week, running errands, tending to the house and finding a few hours to indulge in game play is the standard Sunday in our house. Today though there was a change in the household routine household routine.

    I had plans! I had a part of a life outside my home! I'm a homebody so being at home isn't a bad thing but after raising the kids it's been an objective of mine to go out and experience more. Enjoy life with people that I care about and respect. My plan this year has been to Focus and that includes Focusing on new experiences. Now I know that lunch and a movie are not outside of most peoples normal range but I went out with ladies that I see if only once a year.

My day out was spent out with one of my besties Steph ( awesome name right! ), Lisa and Jenna. Steph I see every day because we work together but Jenna and Lisa our contact is usually social media based but hey we got together and decided to go watch some over the top housewife porn.

We figured we would go to a Matinee out in Pitt Meadows with lunch beforehand at Boston Pizza so at 11:30 am Steph picked me up along with the 13 Keri Arthur books for Jenna that I told her I would give her after I cleaned out my bookshelf. We headed out on our journey to meet the other two ladies at the restaurant for a catch up that consisted of the four of us talking over each other nattering about our favourite books, TV shows and memories.

Steph was my date and she had movie passes for Cineplex so our movie was free. Thank goodness because paying for this movie after seeing the first one was grating on me a bit. After going through the munchie grab we found our seats in the practically empty theater with maybe 10-15 people in it including one man with his wife...girlfriend...prospect who knows.

Now I won't spoil it for you in case you haven't seen it or even care to but compared to the first movie they stepped it up at least in the sexual content category. We had to educate Lisa on a few things and she made me laugh as she leaned over and asked Jenna to start a list for her. Lisa never saw the first movie and neither of us read the books. Steph and Jenna both read the books so they had their own comparisons.

The thing I noticed about the lead characters Anastasia and Christian was that whenever she asked him to give her some part of him, emotionally or personal history she would ask but not push and when he did decide to tell her things she repay that trust ( consciously or subconsciously ) by giving him hers and leaning into his devices a little bit after wanting nothing to do with them. So I found a balance there. There was cute humour that had us laughing by how easily it flowed through but personally I found the plot points really weak as well as a couple of avenues that needed more time.

I've heard people try to compare Ana and what's her pickle from Twilight as far as the female aspect of being weak women and I have to say that I didn't see that similarity at all. Kristen Stewart's character made me want to throw things at my screen and sigh loudly while shaking my head...a lot and seemed to paint women in a bad light. Ana however as naive as she was with some things she had the value of give and take unlike Christian but he'll learn.

As much as he wants control, she has the power.

Kim Basinger being in the movie made me feel like it was giving a nod to 9 1/2 Weeks which was controversial for it's time and in all honesty, just as scattered but yet I'll watch it every time if only for the "you can leave your hat on." scene.

Love that song!

If you do venture out to see this movie it has good moments.
Take notes...

See Ya

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ways To Stay Sane As A Commuter.

Sometimes you can't stay sane as a commuter when it comes to issues you can't control.

First off when your day starts out with your fancy commuter train being stuck at a station nowhere near you and you're standing on a freezing cold platform surrounded by a few feet of snow and no one is telling you why your train is late you get agitated.

I used to take the bus and sometimes it wouldn't show up or it would be late but I would have my music and my book to still my mind while I waited. now though I travel with a friend since they switched my route so although I still read in the morning, I don't want to be rude and have my headphones on.

So after the train is about 20 mins late we finally hear that it's having mechanical issues and they suggest that we hop n one of the buses that will take us to a skytrain station. Well ok off we go, now the normal one we should have taken was packed so we took another one that would take us to the same point but apparently took 25 mins opposed to the 10 that the packed bus would have taken leading us to a lot of  "Where the hell are we going?" comments. All is quiet until two girls that know each other realize they're on the bus together but as they started to chatter, the bus stopped and they got off.

Finally we get to our station and head up to the platform where a train is waiting with the doors open so we rush on and after a few minutes we're wondering why the doors aren't closing because you know we're cold and need to get to work along with the other people thrown off by the first incident and what do you know those same two girls are on the skytrain and it's like they were the only two on it. The doors finally close and an announcement comes on saying that there's a medical emergency at another stop and that we'll be delayed.

Well at least we were warm but what we thought was quiet...they started, and were loud about it. The two girls standing right behind me and my friend were like squirrels on a mission. I heard so much about Nadia, Callum and Emily that I felt sorry for them. Except Emily because apparently no one should mess with her which the other two topics of conversation apparently did. Really it might not have been so bad except for all of the "DUDE!...Seriously!" and "Oh My God's" throw in a few "Likes" and they were chattering cliches.

It's bad enough that I have issues with space and really bad issues with rudeness that I wanted to slam their heads together but I could tell as I looked around the train that I was most definitely not the only one, so when they finally got off the train there was an audible sigh of relief from the car we were in.

Already a half hour late for work and getting closer to the city core our train comes to a HARD emergency stop throwing everyone forward. Concerned commuters were checking to make sure others are ok when we hear yet another announcement and they tell us that an Intrusion alarm was set off and that we would be moving shortly so we had 3 delays on the 3rd day of the week.


Strolling into work an hour late threw off my whole day. I was in a rush and couldn't think straight for pretty much the whole day but I got my work done as I counted down the minutes until I could just go home, put on my jammies and write this as I went over my day. The trip home was easy breezy until we were walking past 711 and there was a guy yelling at people that wouldn't give him change but whatever, I was home.

Sometimes I'll think to myself that you can look at someone and have no idea what's going on in there world so it's always best to be courteous no matter what and at the same time they have no idea what's going on in mine and should think the same way but that isn't how things work when you're a commuter do you stay sane as a commuter?

1. If you can, tune them out.
2. If you can't, breathe.
3. If you breathe and you still can't tune them out, pray they leave soon.
4. If they don't, pray that you don't go to jail because you lost your mind at their stupidity.

Now I'm going to go attempt to make something I saw on Pintrest that I will probably fail miserably at but at least I tried!

Happy Hump Day!

See Ya

Monday, February 6, 2017

Just Another Snow Day...Or 2

As we head into the first week of February here in BC we are covered in the white stuff yet again. Now I'm not one of those people that is going to complain about it except for the shoveling part because I'm not used to that, but after the December snowfall we were much more on top of it and diligent in our snow removal process so that resulted in my 3 shifts and Lo's 2 so far since Friday night. in some ways I'm even cheering on the snow as it decimates the incessant Blackberry bush that has taken over my backyard.

Another thing I'm going to have to stay on top of this spring but also there will be Blackberry wine that comes of the crop this year. I'm going to attempt it anyway because I have never made wine before so why not give it a try!

So after shoveling on Saturday morning I ran out to the only place I knew in my area that would have salt because people assume a store so small wouldn't have it so in turn they have lots! Which is awesome for us and by the time I got back everything I had shoveled was covered again. I am not salt savvy so I didn't want to just throw it on top of the snow so I shoveled it again before I did so. After two hours of being out in the fluffy white hell I was pleased with myself and when inside to where coffee was calling my name. As soon as I got inside the door I stopped and looked down. My boots were covered with snow and salt, my hands were red and my jacket and toque started dripping as soon as the warm air hit them and I have hardwood floors. I was much more worried about the effects of the salt on it than anything else so I willed my fingers to work so I could untie the double knots in my boots and that isn't easy when you have a 50-60 lb pit bull that's happy to see you came back because you know...I was gone forever.

Sunday was much of the same except that after shoveling there would be the Superbowl and wouldn't you know it...The Simpsons were right again. Probably the best game in many years and I'm not a Patriots fan but good job guys!

Warm comfort food being made early in the hustle and bustle of the house and I'm thankful. I still have 2 girls in the house and thoughts of them not being here after they go about their own lives makes my heart hurt a little but that's what we do as parents, give them life and raise them to live their lives.

I remember being a kid and being s happy when it snowed and all of us in the neighbourhood would go out in our snowsuits ( if our parents caught us in time ) and having a blast! Now as I watch the coverage of probably the biggest snowfall Vancouver has had in I don't remember when that unless you're on a mountain with a purpose in the snow, having it in the Lower Mainland sucks. No one can drive in it, no one can walk in it and I swear that the sales of snow boots hit an all time high this winter as people swapped out their rain boots for ones that would keep them on their feet. Then there's the freeze when everything turns to ice and you're lucky if you don't slip and slide one your way to do everyday things, after that there's the warm up and it all turns to water and the drains are covered as the young ones driving down the road go out of their way to make sure you get hit with a wall of water on your way to work.

That being said it's still pretty to watch fall from the comfort of a comfy chair with something warm in your hands and a good book in your lap. It's serene as the white blocks out the sounds of cars on the road and makes everything seem infinitely quiet while the big dog lays curled up at your feet happy that you're there for him to warm your toes.

Over all I may not like the Winter here but it's a nice change from the wet, damp darkness that takes over here until Spring and even though I want it gone, it's nice to see that instead of a rainy season we have an actual Winter to painstakingly get through until brighter, warmer days take over. So my feelings are mixed but memories are made and I'll always be thankful I have that.

I'll be over here with my dog and my book.

See Ya!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Party with Sweetlegs.

Out of my ordinary, last night I went to a leggings party and seriously I haven't worn leggings since they came with stirrups.

My girls thought that it was a party where you wear leggings and... I don't know what. What would you do at something like that. Sport leg warmers and drink coolers? Ahhh but their cute.

Any way I was asked to go by someone in the neighbourhood that I know but not well so me and one of my besties went together. The party is being hosted by Sweetlegs and my girlfriend told me to check the website and see if there was anything that I saw that I might like. The leggings are reasonably priced but when I looked at the size chart it said that the longest leggings they had go to 27.5 " well...I have a 35" inseam.

At first I thought well there's no point in me going to the party if they didn't even have my size but my girlfriend said to come and try them on and see but I was still iffy so I looked harder on the site itself and according to the frequently asked questions they said they they have sizes that fit women from 5'1"-6' so my question was if they fit women that are 6' tall then they must have some really short legs for their size.

I think the 2 hours I spend will be least I hope that it is because this is something that I never even knew existed even though I'm not surprised that it does.

I got myself together and threw on some jeans and a turtleneck made sure there was nothing on my face and headed out to meet up with my gf before we headed to the party. I left 15 mins early and it only took me 6 mins to get there ( Yay upbeat walking tunes!) Since I got to her house early we decided to head over to the party early too. As we waited for the guests to arrive I noticed as each one walked in that low and behold...they were all wearing leggings after all except for me and another woman. Awkwardly I commented on the fact that my girls thought it was that kind of party and hey look except for the coolers ( Wine instead ) and lack of leg warmers( thank goodness ) they were pretty much right.

As the sales woman began to tell us about how the company started out in Lake country from the basement of  woman's house only 2 years ago and has blown up so much that they have some limited prints I was inwardly worried about the length issue. I listened and waited until she was done and then no one spoke. All the pretty loud and proud prints were laid out on the table and everyone seemed to freeze so leave it to me to break the silence I just asked outright about the lengths. It turned out that Pipen ( Saleslady ) has a 32" inseam herself so she had me pick a couple out and try them on. They looked like they would fit a 10 year old but when I put them on ( cue the heavenly lights ) not only did they stretch considerably, they even bunched at the bottom.


With a smile on my face I went back down to the party and promptly bought the 2 pairs that I had taken to try on. The time I had spent in the bathroom had gotten all of the other women to mill about and pick out their own.

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a comfort zone that I rarely leave...especially with clothes but this time I was all about doing something out of my ordinary. So if your into leggings I would click the Sweetlegs link above and check them out. They are reasonably priced and sell out quickly.

And just to jump out of the zone even more...

BAM! Leggings!

Next up...dresses...oy...

See Ya!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Occupying My Time

Well Hello!

   I didn't even realize that I missed some time here but that only means that I've been occupied so now I'm here with everything and yet nothing to say at the same time. The week has been spent trying to figure out how to get my existing projects done. I have a bookshelf in my living room that needs some serious love and attention. I don't even know what's in there anymore except to say...a lot. Closets, storage items.

   I'm trying to stay on top of grasping some organization skills. My scattered head though has created writers block when I'm at the last 15,000 words so I'm trying not to think about it too much hoping that it flows back in. Really though it's probably because of work seeing that it's RRSP season and there is always a lull from me at this time of year.

   Saturday night we went for dinner with T and the Peanut. after dropping Lo off her spare keys as she locked hers in her car...yet again...

   Today is his 4th birthday and I can't even believe that the time has gone by so fast. I have to say though that White Spot...where you used to be "the place to be" things have gone downhill since then. The only good point was the waiter ( poor guy). We got there and they had our reservation wrong even though it was confirmed that same day, I ordered a Teriyaki Chicken Rice bowl that showed up with no chicken in it. Someone else ordered ribs and mashed potatoes and got uncooked fat and lumps but the waiter tried and it wasn't his fault.

   So in a couple of days the little man goes for surgery. He has what they consider a birthmark on his shoulder but instead of it going away as he's grown it's gotten bigger. A pale white fleshy lump the size of a golf ball now with veins that seem like they are trying to take over his tiny shoulder. He can never play sports with it because as his father says...

 "If it gets hit and bursts, it will be a scene from The Shining."


   So he's going to get it removed. It's day surgery so he'll leave the Children's Hospital the same day and as much as we worry about him afterwards his mother's worry turned so...dark I sat there and just shook my head and told her to think positive thoughts but that's T for you. Her brain always shifts sideways on my girl but only good thoughts remained for the little man.

   So while I stress out about that...and my cluttered home and mind...and work...and my writers block good grief at least it's not overwhelming stress to me it's the normal everyday kind. If I could I would just go for a ride and wash it all away, but alas it's Winter so I think that I will just try to clear out the things I need to do and go from there.

Have a great week!

See Ya

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Costco The Hell with Concrete Walls

Hello Lovelies!

It's the almost halfway through Jan. already and I've felt really good about the year so far. I feel like I'm taking this year to prepare for the next one if that makes any sense? Like everything I do this year will be for the benefit of having an Epic 2018 and even though I know that it's so far away 2017 feels like a preparation year.

I've been trying to get things in order on all levels and now that I have the work space it's seems to have fallen into organization. Last year I took up Planning. Not as a hobby as some I know do but to hopefully keep my crap in order. So far it's working but I'm torn. Last year I had one for SM work and another for all things personal but I don't think I need that. I think one should be good for me at least for now but anyway. That led me to looking around my house and noting that it can use some organization too. I have a storage unit I barely use and I really, really should.

Unfortunately that led me to home improvement projects, mostly storage solutions go figure!

Now I've have found out that my company is changing our paydays effectively reducing how much we get per paycheque completely throwing off the payment schedules I've had for years and having to re-organize the direction of my money, now I have to add budgeting to the list of things to Focus on this year.

I was not anticipating that...and I suck at it...

So that being said I've had to crunch numbers and realize that I have to be more responsible with that now too. Like instead of buying food stuff on a daily basis I have to go shopping, grocery shopping and make a list that I will hopefully remember to bring with me when I go because I never remember it...ever. I will never say that I have to try and save money but I will try to spend less and that means getting this budget thing done.

If you've been with me for a while then you know I have a small case of consumer rage. I don't shop in store at Christmas or Boxing day or in stores that are highly chaotic. With that being said I never go to Costco...if I do I will wait in the car while Lo goes in and does her thing. I can't handle the fact that the aisles are wide enough to accommodate the amount of traffic in there but yet you have 3 carts going in the same direction and they're all at a standstill, completely blocking the people behind them as they try to get around their slow asses.

 In this case though I will have to bite the bullet and I told Lo to her surprise because if anyone knows how much I don't want to be in a Costco it's her.

Me: If you can swing it I will need you and your Costco card on Sat. This is a big thing. I'm asking for Costco exposure so you know how serious I am about my budget.

Lo: I got you. Let's do it!

Me: I might have to bring a weapon...

Lo: I'm your weapon...

Me: Don't worry about that I can defend myself, You will need to find me a way out so that I don't go to jail.

Lo: I've always said I'm your sword and shield. I'll put my blade away and pull out my shield.

Me: Keep in mind you're not protecting me but protecting others from me...

Lo: Better leave the sword at home then.

I wish she could leave me at home but that wouldn't help now would it? So I'll brave it and probably swear like a trucker the whole way through and be super frustrated but as long as I accomplish my goal it will be worth it.

Now I'll find a place of serenity as I peruse my beloved book blogs and not think about the hell I will be entering in a few days just to make sure my completely fully grown family doesn't starve to death because only I will provide them with sustenance.

See Ya!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Nothing In Them Bird Boobs...

    I got this bright idea that this being a new year that I would try something new. Although I get that idea every year, I consciously set out to change at least one thing this month. You know baby steps.

    When it comes to cooking I love it but by the time I get home from work I usually just try to do something quick and easy that will comfort the masses in my household. The problem with trying to do that though is that living with so many people makes for finicky eaters. This time I decided to hell with that and that I was going to make not only something different but something that I have never made before.


    Since I'm the only one upstairs that cooks it was up to me to amaze the shit out of them. After getting this bright idea being inspired from watching Jamie Oliver for an hour as he made amazing things that made my mouth water, I apparently fancied myself a chef and thought I could make something that I had never cooked before. I scoured All Recipes for something that I could make relatively quickly but that would be pleasing to my family and there it was...Chicken Parmesan.

    "Woo Hoo!" I found what I wanted and the ingredients were really simple so I counted down the minutes until I could go shopping on my lunch break. That being said the closest grocery store to my office downtown is Urban Fare which is a higher end Save-On-Foods. You can feel the money slipping away from you as soon as you walk in the doors and hit the Produce Dept. Right away you know that they get the cream of the crop stuff before it goes to Save-On, Overwaite or Coopers Foods ( all subsidiaries of of the same company ) at least they used to be. The only part of the store that I'm familiar with are the hot counters, so venturing around the store is an adventure! I was almost intimidated walking around as I looked at all of the trendy city folk walking around in their designer clothes. This might not always be true but at 1 in the afternoon, that's what I saw. I even looked down at myself in my Pacific Trail winter jacket that I've had about 10 years and just shook my head.

    I spot the meat counter near the back and my excitement spikes as I rush over to go pick out my chicken breasts. I wasn't clueless, I knew I was going to have to pay more for them considering where I was buying them and you know I figured my family was worth the extra couple a bucks. I look at the price tag and see $9.99 lbs. I hesitated but thought 'Ok I only need 4'. The clerk comes over who looks like she hates her life and asks me if I need help.

    "Sure!" I said. "Can I have 4 of your boneless skinless chicken breasts please?" Without a word she goes into the counter and fishes them out. There were a couple other people in line and I took my eyes off of her while I lightly browsed the other items in the counter. When she was done wrapping and pricing the chicken and she handed it to me it looked like one of those fire logs that you light the paper on and they burn for a few hours. When I took it from her, my hand hit the counter with the weight, she had walked away to help another customer and that's when I looked down at the tag. $28.25 it said.

I thought my heart stopped.

    I waited patiently thinking that she gave me much more than 4, there was no way there were 4 in the package so when another clerk came along I asked her to check. "No problem!" she said. after she opened it and counted them in front of me I saw how massive they were. she says, "Yes there's only 4, they're just really big."

    I don't know what they fed these birds being that they are grain fed, no other crap injected into those bird boobs. Well now I'm committed to the project and I wander the store for the rest of the stuff I need. I get back to work and tell a few of my co-workers about my ordeal and they were right with me on the price of the breasts. I get over my shock and get my excitement back for cooking for the family and I head straight to FB to let them know...

    Long story short I came home put everything together in record time and within an hour I had come out with this...

I seriously punched myself in the shoulder like Anthony Michael Hall in the Breakfast Club. I was proud of myself and the family loved it!

See ya soon!