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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Party with Sweetlegs.

Out of my ordinary, last night I went to a leggings party and seriously I haven't worn leggings since they came with stirrups.

My girls thought that it was a party where you wear leggings and... I don't know what. What would you do at something like that. Sport leg warmers and drink coolers? Ahhh but their cute.

Any way I was asked to go by someone in the neighbourhood that I know but not well so me and one of my besties went together. The party is being hosted by Sweetlegs and my girlfriend told me to check the website and see if there was anything that I saw that I might like. The leggings are reasonably priced but when I looked at the size chart it said that the longest leggings they had go to 27.5 " well...I have a 35" inseam.

At first I thought well there's no point in me going to the party if they didn't even have my size but my girlfriend said to come and try them on and see but I was still iffy so I looked harder on the site itself and according to the frequently asked questions they said they they have sizes that fit women from 5'1"-6' so my question was if they fit women that are 6' tall then they must have some really short legs for their size.

I think the 2 hours I spend will be least I hope that it is because this is something that I never even knew existed even though I'm not surprised that it does.

I got myself together and threw on some jeans and a turtleneck made sure there was nothing on my face and headed out to meet up with my gf before we headed to the party. I left 15 mins early and it only took me 6 mins to get there ( Yay upbeat walking tunes!) Since I got to her house early we decided to head over to the party early too. As we waited for the guests to arrive I noticed as each one walked in that low and behold...they were all wearing leggings after all except for me and another woman. Awkwardly I commented on the fact that my girls thought it was that kind of party and hey look except for the coolers ( Wine instead ) and lack of leg warmers( thank goodness ) they were pretty much right.

As the sales woman began to tell us about how the company started out in Lake country from the basement of  woman's house only 2 years ago and has blown up so much that they have some limited prints I was inwardly worried about the length issue. I listened and waited until she was done and then no one spoke. All the pretty loud and proud prints were laid out on the table and everyone seemed to freeze so leave it to me to break the silence I just asked outright about the lengths. It turned out that Pipen ( Saleslady ) has a 32" inseam herself so she had me pick a couple out and try them on. They looked like they would fit a 10 year old but when I put them on ( cue the heavenly lights ) not only did they stretch considerably, they even bunched at the bottom.


With a smile on my face I went back down to the party and promptly bought the 2 pairs that I had taken to try on. The time I had spent in the bathroom had gotten all of the other women to mill about and pick out their own.

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a comfort zone that I rarely leave...especially with clothes but this time I was all about doing something out of my ordinary. So if your into leggings I would click the Sweetlegs link above and check them out. They are reasonably priced and sell out quickly.

And just to jump out of the zone even more...

BAM! Leggings!

Next up...dresses...oy...

See Ya!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Occupying My Time

Well Hello!

   I didn't even realize that I missed some time here but that only means that I've been occupied so now I'm here with everything and yet nothing to say at the same time. The week has been spent trying to figure out how to get my existing projects done. I have a bookshelf in my living room that needs some serious love and attention. I don't even know what's in there anymore except to say...a lot. Closets, storage items.

   I'm trying to stay on top of grasping some organization skills. My scattered head though has created writers block when I'm at the last 15,000 words so I'm trying not to think about it too much hoping that it flows back in. Really though it's probably because of work seeing that it's RRSP season and there is always a lull from me at this time of year.

   Saturday night we went for dinner with T and the Peanut. after dropping Lo off her spare keys as she locked hers in her car...yet again...

   Today is his 4th birthday and I can't even believe that the time has gone by so fast. I have to say though that White Spot...where you used to be "the place to be" things have gone downhill since then. The only good point was the waiter ( poor guy). We got there and they had our reservation wrong even though it was confirmed that same day, I ordered a Teriyaki Chicken Rice bowl that showed up with no chicken in it. Someone else ordered ribs and mashed potatoes and got uncooked fat and lumps but the waiter tried and it wasn't his fault.

   So in a couple of days the little man goes for surgery. He has what they consider a birthmark on his shoulder but instead of it going away as he's grown it's gotten bigger. A pale white fleshy lump the size of a golf ball now with veins that seem like they are trying to take over his tiny shoulder. He can never play sports with it because as his father says...

 "If it gets hit and bursts, it will be a scene from The Shining."


   So he's going to get it removed. It's day surgery so he'll leave the Children's Hospital the same day and as much as we worry about him afterwards his mother's worry turned so...dark I sat there and just shook my head and told her to think positive thoughts but that's T for you. Her brain always shifts sideways on my girl but only good thoughts remained for the little man.

   So while I stress out about that...and my cluttered home and mind...and work...and my writers block good grief at least it's not overwhelming stress to me it's the normal everyday kind. If I could I would just go for a ride and wash it all away, but alas it's Winter so I think that I will just try to clear out the things I need to do and go from there.

Have a great week!

See Ya

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Costco The Hell with Concrete Walls

Hello Lovelies!

It's the almost halfway through Jan. already and I've felt really good about the year so far. I feel like I'm taking this year to prepare for the next one if that makes any sense? Like everything I do this year will be for the benefit of having an Epic 2018 and even though I know that it's so far away 2017 feels like a preparation year.

I've been trying to get things in order on all levels and now that I have the work space it's seems to have fallen into organization. Last year I took up Planning. Not as a hobby as some I know do but to hopefully keep my crap in order. So far it's working but I'm torn. Last year I had one for SM work and another for all things personal but I don't think I need that. I think one should be good for me at least for now but anyway. That led me to looking around my house and noting that it can use some organization too. I have a storage unit I barely use and I really, really should.

Unfortunately that led me to home improvement projects, mostly storage solutions go figure!

Now I've have found out that my company is changing our paydays effectively reducing how much we get per paycheque completely throwing off the payment schedules I've had for years and having to re-organize the direction of my money, now I have to add budgeting to the list of things to Focus on this year.

I was not anticipating that...and I suck at it...

So that being said I've had to crunch numbers and realize that I have to be more responsible with that now too. Like instead of buying food stuff on a daily basis I have to go shopping, grocery shopping and make a list that I will hopefully remember to bring with me when I go because I never remember it...ever. I will never say that I have to try and save money but I will try to spend less and that means getting this budget thing done.

If you've been with me for a while then you know I have a small case of consumer rage. I don't shop in store at Christmas or Boxing day or in stores that are highly chaotic. With that being said I never go to Costco...if I do I will wait in the car while Lo goes in and does her thing. I can't handle the fact that the aisles are wide enough to accommodate the amount of traffic in there but yet you have 3 carts going in the same direction and they're all at a standstill, completely blocking the people behind them as they try to get around their slow asses.

 In this case though I will have to bite the bullet and I told Lo to her surprise because if anyone knows how much I don't want to be in a Costco it's her.

Me: If you can swing it I will need you and your Costco card on Sat. This is a big thing. I'm asking for Costco exposure so you know how serious I am about my budget.

Lo: I got you. Let's do it!

Me: I might have to bring a weapon...

Lo: I'm your weapon...

Me: Don't worry about that I can defend myself, You will need to find me a way out so that I don't go to jail.

Lo: I've always said I'm your sword and shield. I'll put my blade away and pull out my shield.

Me: Keep in mind you're not protecting me but protecting others from me...

Lo: Better leave the sword at home then.

I wish she could leave me at home but that wouldn't help now would it? So I'll brave it and probably swear like a trucker the whole way through and be super frustrated but as long as I accomplish my goal it will be worth it.

Now I'll find a place of serenity as I peruse my beloved book blogs and not think about the hell I will be entering in a few days just to make sure my completely fully grown family doesn't starve to death because only I will provide them with sustenance.

See Ya!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Nothing In Them Bird Boobs...

    I got this bright idea that this being a new year that I would try something new. Although I get that idea every year, I consciously set out to change at least one thing this month. You know baby steps.

    When it comes to cooking I love it but by the time I get home from work I usually just try to do something quick and easy that will comfort the masses in my household. The problem with trying to do that though is that living with so many people makes for finicky eaters. This time I decided to hell with that and that I was going to make not only something different but something that I have never made before.


    Since I'm the only one upstairs that cooks it was up to me to amaze the shit out of them. After getting this bright idea being inspired from watching Jamie Oliver for an hour as he made amazing things that made my mouth water, I apparently fancied myself a chef and thought I could make something that I had never cooked before. I scoured All Recipes for something that I could make relatively quickly but that would be pleasing to my family and there it was...Chicken Parmesan.

    "Woo Hoo!" I found what I wanted and the ingredients were really simple so I counted down the minutes until I could go shopping on my lunch break. That being said the closest grocery store to my office downtown is Urban Fare which is a higher end Save-On-Foods. You can feel the money slipping away from you as soon as you walk in the doors and hit the Produce Dept. Right away you know that they get the cream of the crop stuff before it goes to Save-On, Overwaite or Coopers Foods ( all subsidiaries of of the same company ) at least they used to be. The only part of the store that I'm familiar with are the hot counters, so venturing around the store is an adventure! I was almost intimidated walking around as I looked at all of the trendy city folk walking around in their designer clothes. This might not always be true but at 1 in the afternoon, that's what I saw. I even looked down at myself in my Pacific Trail winter jacket that I've had about 10 years and just shook my head.

    I spot the meat counter near the back and my excitement spikes as I rush over to go pick out my chicken breasts. I wasn't clueless, I knew I was going to have to pay more for them considering where I was buying them and you know I figured my family was worth the extra couple a bucks. I look at the price tag and see $9.99 lbs. I hesitated but thought 'Ok I only need 4'. The clerk comes over who looks like she hates her life and asks me if I need help.

    "Sure!" I said. "Can I have 4 of your boneless skinless chicken breasts please?" Without a word she goes into the counter and fishes them out. There were a couple other people in line and I took my eyes off of her while I lightly browsed the other items in the counter. When she was done wrapping and pricing the chicken and she handed it to me it looked like one of those fire logs that you light the paper on and they burn for a few hours. When I took it from her, my hand hit the counter with the weight, she had walked away to help another customer and that's when I looked down at the tag. $28.25 it said.

I thought my heart stopped.

    I waited patiently thinking that she gave me much more than 4, there was no way there were 4 in the package so when another clerk came along I asked her to check. "No problem!" she said. after she opened it and counted them in front of me I saw how massive they were. she says, "Yes there's only 4, they're just really big."

    I don't know what they fed these birds being that they are grain fed, no other crap injected into those bird boobs. Well now I'm committed to the project and I wander the store for the rest of the stuff I need. I get back to work and tell a few of my co-workers about my ordeal and they were right with me on the price of the breasts. I get over my shock and get my excitement back for cooking for the family and I head straight to FB to let them know...

    Long story short I came home put everything together in record time and within an hour I had come out with this...

I seriously punched myself in the shoulder like Anthony Michael Hall in the Breakfast Club. I was proud of myself and the family loved it!

See ya soon!


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Welcome To 2017

    After a holiday break I'm back for another year of who knows what and all this snow making me stuck at home made me think about years past.

    2015 was a year to Roll With It, 2016 was Go Big and for 2017 it's Focus.

    So often I half do things, I'm so gung ho to get something started and then something else takes it's place and the original idea never gets done. With that being said this year I would like to be able to see things through to their completion.

    I have endless half projects as I continually put more things on my plate. That has to change so I have had to make some big decisions in regards to that. Lots of thinking was involved ( like I don't do enough of that ) and I've decided that if I really want to be an Author I need to finish the stories. I usually post small chapters every week or so...sometimes longer...ok usually longer but I need to focus on finishing the book. I gave myself a timeline and it's something that I want to see through so with that being said I've decided to stop posting the chapters online and complete the story. Part of the reason that I wrote that way was because I didn't have the work space to organize the tasks but now I do. I won't have the pressure to put out the content on a weekly basis and can concentrate on my word count and what needs to be done.

    Putting more focus into blogging is something else I want to do. I was stretched out between 3 and now it will just be Ordinary Girl that gets my attention. I was always in it for me and it's a lot about nothing and just very well might stay that way but at this point it's all I need. I will try to blog more frequently with some kind of engaging content, just remember though that it's a bit of everything. There are places that I'm going to stop posting it though so if I do it for you then Subscribe for updates and if not, it's all good.

    All of the bad things that have happened through 2016 shows me that I need to get stuff done and conscientiously be aware of making that happen. So somethings need to change or be slightly altered, I don't want to be one of those "I should have." people, I've been one of those way too long.

    Last year wasn't that bad for me compared to some of my friends. I learned how to ride a motorcycle, hell I own 2 and although I didn't ride nearly as much as I wished I had, I still learned. The nervousness hasn't gone away yet and probably won't until I get some more years under my belt along with the confidence of controlling a machine that seems to have a mind of it's own, but that's another thing I'll need to focus on in the coming year and get my license, you know...finally. That being said I actually have 2 licenses I need to get so yay me!

    Besides that my organizational skills definitely need improvement but I did manage to create some work space because all my work was pretty much done from my couch or my bed. I decided that since I have a kitchen table that just collects junk and cats so Lo and I went to town so that we both had a place to do our thing and it's glorious! I have been thinking about switching platforms though the pros and cons of it and I'm still on the fence but I figure I'll just do my research like I always do and get the opinions of my peers in order to make my decision.

So Lovelies thanks so much for hanging in there with me!

Have a great week.

See Ya