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Monday, February 20, 2017

Girls Day With 50 Shades Darker

    Sunday is mostly a lazy, puttering day getting things together for the coming week, running errands, tending to the house and finding a few hours to indulge in game play is the standard Sunday in our house. Today though there was a change in the household routine household routine.

    I had plans! I had a part of a life outside my home! I'm a homebody so being at home isn't a bad thing but after raising the kids it's been an objective of mine to go out and experience more. Enjoy life with people that I care about and respect. My plan this year has been to Focus and that includes Focusing on new experiences. Now I know that lunch and a movie are not outside of most peoples normal range but I went out with ladies that I see if only once a year.

My day out was spent out with one of my besties Steph ( awesome name right! ), Lisa and Jenna. Steph I see every day because we work together but Jenna and Lisa our contact is usually social media based but hey we got together and decided to go watch some over the top housewife porn.

We figured we would go to a Matinee out in Pitt Meadows with lunch beforehand at Boston Pizza so at 11:30 am Steph picked me up along with the 13 Keri Arthur books for Jenna that I told her I would give her after I cleaned out my bookshelf. We headed out on our journey to meet the other two ladies at the restaurant for a catch up that consisted of the four of us talking over each other nattering about our favourite books, TV shows and memories.

Steph was my date and she had movie passes for Cineplex so our movie was free. Thank goodness because paying for this movie after seeing the first one was grating on me a bit. After going through the munchie grab we found our seats in the practically empty theater with maybe 10-15 people in it including one man with his wife...girlfriend...prospect who knows.

Now I won't spoil it for you in case you haven't seen it or even care to but compared to the first movie they stepped it up at least in the sexual content category. We had to educate Lisa on a few things and she made me laugh as she leaned over and asked Jenna to start a list for her. Lisa never saw the first movie and neither of us read the books. Steph and Jenna both read the books so they had their own comparisons.

The thing I noticed about the lead characters Anastasia and Christian was that whenever she asked him to give her some part of him, emotionally or personal history she would ask but not push and when he did decide to tell her things she repay that trust ( consciously or subconsciously ) by giving him hers and leaning into his devices a little bit after wanting nothing to do with them. So I found a balance there. There was cute humour that had us laughing by how easily it flowed through but personally I found the plot points really weak as well as a couple of avenues that needed more time.

I've heard people try to compare Ana and what's her pickle from Twilight as far as the female aspect of being weak women and I have to say that I didn't see that similarity at all. Kristen Stewart's character made me want to throw things at my screen and sigh loudly while shaking my head...a lot and seemed to paint women in a bad light. Ana however as naive as she was with some things she had the value of give and take unlike Christian but he'll learn.

As much as he wants control, she has the power.

Kim Basinger being in the movie made me feel like it was giving a nod to 9 1/2 Weeks which was controversial for it's time and in all honesty, just as scattered but yet I'll watch it every time if only for the "you can leave your hat on." scene.

Love that song!

If you do venture out to see this movie it has good moments.
Take notes...

See Ya

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ways To Stay Sane As A Commuter.

Sometimes you can't stay sane as a commuter when it comes to issues you can't control.

First off when your day starts out with your fancy commuter train being stuck at a station nowhere near you and you're standing on a freezing cold platform surrounded by a few feet of snow and no one is telling you why your train is late you get agitated.

I used to take the bus and sometimes it wouldn't show up or it would be late but I would have my music and my book to still my mind while I waited. now though I travel with a friend since they switched my route so although I still read in the morning, I don't want to be rude and have my headphones on.

So after the train is about 20 mins late we finally hear that it's having mechanical issues and they suggest that we hop n one of the buses that will take us to a skytrain station. Well ok off we go, now the normal one we should have taken was packed so we took another one that would take us to the same point but apparently took 25 mins opposed to the 10 that the packed bus would have taken leading us to a lot of  "Where the hell are we going?" comments. All is quiet until two girls that know each other realize they're on the bus together but as they started to chatter, the bus stopped and they got off.

Finally we get to our station and head up to the platform where a train is waiting with the doors open so we rush on and after a few minutes we're wondering why the doors aren't closing because you know we're cold and need to get to work along with the other people thrown off by the first incident and what do you know those same two girls are on the skytrain and it's like they were the only two on it. The doors finally close and an announcement comes on saying that there's a medical emergency at another stop and that we'll be delayed.

Well at least we were warm but what we thought was quiet...they started, and were loud about it. The two girls standing right behind me and my friend were like squirrels on a mission. I heard so much about Nadia, Callum and Emily that I felt sorry for them. Except Emily because apparently no one should mess with her which the other two topics of conversation apparently did. Really it might not have been so bad except for all of the "DUDE!...Seriously!" and "Oh My God's" throw in a few "Likes" and they were chattering cliches.

It's bad enough that I have issues with space and really bad issues with rudeness that I wanted to slam their heads together but I could tell as I looked around the train that I was most definitely not the only one, so when they finally got off the train there was an audible sigh of relief from the car we were in.

Already a half hour late for work and getting closer to the city core our train comes to a HARD emergency stop throwing everyone forward. Concerned commuters were checking to make sure others are ok when we hear yet another announcement and they tell us that an Intrusion alarm was set off and that we would be moving shortly so we had 3 delays on the 3rd day of the week.


Strolling into work an hour late threw off my whole day. I was in a rush and couldn't think straight for pretty much the whole day but I got my work done as I counted down the minutes until I could just go home, put on my jammies and write this as I went over my day. The trip home was easy breezy until we were walking past 711 and there was a guy yelling at people that wouldn't give him change but whatever, I was home.

Sometimes I'll think to myself that you can look at someone and have no idea what's going on in there world so it's always best to be courteous no matter what and at the same time they have no idea what's going on in mine and should think the same way but that isn't how things work when you're a commuter do you stay sane as a commuter?

1. If you can, tune them out.
2. If you can't, breathe.
3. If you breathe and you still can't tune them out, pray they leave soon.
4. If they don't, pray that you don't go to jail because you lost your mind at their stupidity.

Now I'm going to go attempt to make something I saw on Pintrest that I will probably fail miserably at but at least I tried!

Happy Hump Day!

See Ya

Monday, February 6, 2017

Just Another Snow Day...Or 2

As we head into the first week of February here in BC we are covered in the white stuff yet again. Now I'm not one of those people that is going to complain about it except for the shoveling part because I'm not used to that, but after the December snowfall we were much more on top of it and diligent in our snow removal process so that resulted in my 3 shifts and Lo's 2 so far since Friday night. in some ways I'm even cheering on the snow as it decimates the incessant Blackberry bush that has taken over my backyard.

Another thing I'm going to have to stay on top of this spring but also there will be Blackberry wine that comes of the crop this year. I'm going to attempt it anyway because I have never made wine before so why not give it a try!

So after shoveling on Saturday morning I ran out to the only place I knew in my area that would have salt because people assume a store so small wouldn't have it so in turn they have lots! Which is awesome for us and by the time I got back everything I had shoveled was covered again. I am not salt savvy so I didn't want to just throw it on top of the snow so I shoveled it again before I did so. After two hours of being out in the fluffy white hell I was pleased with myself and when inside to where coffee was calling my name. As soon as I got inside the door I stopped and looked down. My boots were covered with snow and salt, my hands were red and my jacket and toque started dripping as soon as the warm air hit them and I have hardwood floors. I was much more worried about the effects of the salt on it than anything else so I willed my fingers to work so I could untie the double knots in my boots and that isn't easy when you have a 50-60 lb pit bull that's happy to see you came back because you know...I was gone forever.

Sunday was much of the same except that after shoveling there would be the Superbowl and wouldn't you know it...The Simpsons were right again. Probably the best game in many years and I'm not a Patriots fan but good job guys!

Warm comfort food being made early in the hustle and bustle of the house and I'm thankful. I still have 2 girls in the house and thoughts of them not being here after they go about their own lives makes my heart hurt a little but that's what we do as parents, give them life and raise them to live their lives.

I remember being a kid and being s happy when it snowed and all of us in the neighbourhood would go out in our snowsuits ( if our parents caught us in time ) and having a blast! Now as I watch the coverage of probably the biggest snowfall Vancouver has had in I don't remember when that unless you're on a mountain with a purpose in the snow, having it in the Lower Mainland sucks. No one can drive in it, no one can walk in it and I swear that the sales of snow boots hit an all time high this winter as people swapped out their rain boots for ones that would keep them on their feet. Then there's the freeze when everything turns to ice and you're lucky if you don't slip and slide one your way to do everyday things, after that there's the warm up and it all turns to water and the drains are covered as the young ones driving down the road go out of their way to make sure you get hit with a wall of water on your way to work.

That being said it's still pretty to watch fall from the comfort of a comfy chair with something warm in your hands and a good book in your lap. It's serene as the white blocks out the sounds of cars on the road and makes everything seem infinitely quiet while the big dog lays curled up at your feet happy that you're there for him to warm your toes.

Over all I may not like the Winter here but it's a nice change from the wet, damp darkness that takes over here until Spring and even though I want it gone, it's nice to see that instead of a rainy season we have an actual Winter to painstakingly get through until brighter, warmer days take over. So my feelings are mixed but memories are made and I'll always be thankful I have that.

I'll be over here with my dog and my book.

See Ya!