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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Still Kickin'!

I'm here! Where have I been? I couldn't even tell you but I'm still kickin'

At least there has been progress! I got to go for a short ride last week and since I'm still a bit of a gong show I was apprehensive but as it turned out I wasn't the issue! My bike which sat all Winter with no stabilizer in the tank had a lot of stuttering issues that at first I thought was me.

Chugging, black exhaust so I went home and had the hubby take a ride and assess the situation for me. When he came home he said that I would need to get my Carb cleaned. The thought of taking her to a shop when I was just getting back into the swing of her (too much time in between rides) did not sit well but better to have her happy and healthy right and then I would be safer.

Thank goodness our shop guy is a good friend and said he could do it for me in a couple of hours. Choo took her in and Jon took her for a ride confirming that the Carb should be cleaned but before that Choo decided to switch out the old gas and what do you know! She runs like a dream now.

Ok that was like a week ago. I show up here in spurts these days. I did take her in on Sunday though to have the Carb done and it took most of the day but that part of her tune up is complete and she's super happy. Still doesn't like slow speeds but very smooth out of first. That means for me that she is not into city riding or stop and go traffic.

So I've decided nice days are for riding and gross rainy days are for building. I'm trying to track down a different tank and fenders so that they can be painted Cobalt Blue and continue the process of making the Sporty truly mine but at the same time I want to keep her original know...original. Besides that my Sexy Bitch ( BSA ) is lacking in love and attention so I need to pull that together too.

Most days I feel like I have nothing to do when there is so much to do and I have to create the routine but yes...we'll see... how routine I can make it because there are so many things that are rolled up in what I have to do!

Ok enough of that! You know how to find me. Questions...Answers...all are welcome!

See Ya
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